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“A word after a word after a word is power” – Wise words said by Margaret Atwood still hold true as thousands of writers thrive to pen down simple words and frame them into meaningful sentences. As a writer, we tend to deliver high-quality content by putting our best foot forward. Numerous websites are looking for talented authors who can deliver quality content and meet deadlines effectively. If you are a writer looking for such an opportunity, you can always consider writing for several guest posting sites. Such guest post service websites allow eligible writers to submit their work which may be published on their official web pages. They set up such ‘Write for Us’ calls to invite writers from all across the globe to write for their websites on topics that fit their criteria. 

So, if you want to make a couple of bucks by working as a guest writer for such guest post websites, you can consider pondering over some of the common types of ‘write for us’ calls people usually receive. As per your interest and eligibility, you can write for any of the following types of ‘write for us’ websites. 

Technology Write For Us 

If you are a technical writer and want to pursue writing in the same field, you can look out for various technology write for us guest posts. Such tech write for us calls will ask the writer to write on topics relevant to the technology they are promoting or other types of technical write-ups such as blogs related to future technology, software installation guides, user manuals, legal documents, etc. SEO write for us calls often look for highly talented and experienced technical writers as well. So if you have decided to work as a technical writer for such guest websites, you shall follow these tips that’ll make your job easier – 

  • Use easy to understand language and avoid framing complicated sentences. 
  • User manuals and software installation guides should pan out the stepwise protocol for the users. 
  • Keep your focus on your target audience and frame such content that speaks to them directly.
  • Always validate the information you are adding. Since the guide is meant to resolve common issues for the users, you shall make sure the details you are giving them are absolutely genuine. 
  • Proofread your content thoroughly and check the flow, aim, and word limit of your write-up carefully. 

Business Write For Us

Just like technology, business-related blogs and articles are also considered to be insightful and useful. Business writing guest websites look for talented writers who have prior experience in this field and have a deep knowledge of business trends and ideas. Finance write for us is also a part of such business write-up calls. As a business writer, you can write about how a small business grew to become a large MNC, various startups that turned out to be successful, recent trends that have made a huge impact on the business market, etc. Some points to consider before going ahead with a ‘Business write for us’ call – 

  • Stay focused on your topic and do not include unnecessary information. Precision is the main driver of a successful business article/blog.
  • Validate your data. In most cases, you will be using facts and figures when talking about business trends. Hence, make sure this factual data is correct.
  • Use fresh metaphors and ditch the commonly used buzzwords.
  • Include relevant examples wherever necessary to make it more catchy and understandable to the users.

Health Write for Us

A major writing domain is content related to the healthcare industry. Now and then, we come across a research breakthrough that makes headlines – “Hope for the patients suffering from Parkinson’s”, or “Gene editing made possible by CRISPR technology”. Most educational institutes hire or invite guest writers through some ‘education write for us’ calls. Healthcare and life science sector is an integral part of our lives and everyone deserves to know about the various concepts and breakthroughs associated with it. So if you have chosen a ‘health write for us’ call, go through these tips that will help you while writing – 

  • Always create a layout before writing. You need to maintain the flow of your content in a way it starts by explaining the aim and ends by providing insight into the current and possible prospects of the study.
  • Your content should be target-oriented. Your writing would differ when writing for health professionals as compared to when you write for the patients and general audience. 
  • Use scientifically correct terminologies if using such words. 

Digital Marketing Write For Us

Digital marketing has grown in popularity over the past few years as a unique form of business. Since very few people are fully aware of the concepts behind digital marketing, companies are looking for writers who can explain to the audience what their marketing business is all about and how it works. To attract their target audience they always look for highly enthusiastic and experienced writers. So if you think you have the qualities needed for such ‘digital marketing write for us’ guest posts, you can follow these suggestions that will help you grow further – 

  • Use eye-catching headlines and phrases to attract everyone’s attention.
  • Always do thorough research about the topic before you start writing.
  • Include facts and figures/ illustrations to make the content more interesting and engaging. 
  • Practice the SEO guidelines to increase your content’s visibility. 
  • Approach the audience directly in a unique manner.
  • Only use the keywords that are relevant to your content flow. Therefore, always avoid stuffing your content with numerous keywords that might disrupt the flow.

Lifestyle Write For Us

Do you want to talk about the struggles of day-to-day lives? Do you want to explore the lifestyle options in writing? Then you can go ahead and choose the ‘lifestyle write for us’ calls where you can talk about the latest fashion trends, makeup products, cooking ideas, travel guides, etc. The ‘fashion write for us’ and ‘travel write for us’ calls are all part of the lifestyle writing domain. The content for such types of articles and blogs needs to be interesting, easy to understand, and insightful to the readers. Start by selecting your area of expertise. Since the lifestyle domain is pretty huge – you should explore which part makes sense to you. You can be a fashion blogger/ writer or you could write an interesting article suggesting the top 10 local places to visit this Monsoon!

If you want to focus your attention on the fashion industry try to follow these tips that will make your content stand out from the rest – 

  • Catchy headlines and minimal word usage is a must!
  • Use keywords that are relevant to the audience you are targeting for this beauty product. 
  • Focus on your marketing strategy around the beauty product. Here you can talk about the most essential features of the product that directly speak to the target audience’s pain points.
  • Create a positive atmosphere through your content. Beauty and fashion writing does not encourage individual-centric ideas or products. So, always find a general audience for your content.

If you are interested in travel articles and blogs, we have some ideas for you as well – 

  • Mention the location and exact address of the places you are writing about to give a clear picture to the audience.
  • Use bullet points to segregate your content effectively.
  • Try to include the ‘must try’ places or food items to make the content more engaging.
  • Give reasons for why the readers must visit such places? What is so special about this place?
  • Don’t forget to talk about the travel routes and means of transportation to reach the location.
  • Give an idea of the budget to the readers before they plan a trip to the place you have suggested. 

That’s it! If you know how to play your way around the words, you can write about anything with a little practice and guidance. So go ahead and grab the various write for us opportunities that are waiting just for you!