What Does Using a VIN Decoder Help You With?

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A car’s VIN number is its unique 17-digit vehicle identification number. Every vehicle that comes off an assembly line will its own VIN number. If you look up the number, it provides information about the history of the car in question and can be a very useful tool to refer to when you’re buying a used car.

A VIN decoder is a helpful online tool that makes it easier to quickly find data about a particular vehicle. It makes VIN lookup an easy process. It won’t give you information on previous owners of the vehicle, but it will still give you a lot of information about a particular vehicle. Here are some of the things a VIN decoder can help you with.

Know the Exact Location the Vehicle Was Built

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A VIN decoder reveals the origin of a vehicle. If you are ever curious about where a vehicle was made, the decoder will tell you the country of manufacture. The first character in the VIN number is a code for the country of manufacture. For example, if the first number is 1, 4 or 5, it usually means the car was made in the United States.  

A Detailed Biography of Your Car

Before buying a used car, it’s wise to learn as much as you can about it. In your search, you may want to know more about the biography of a particular car. Maybe you’re curious about a vehicle that’s listed for sale online but doesn’t include all the details about its features.

A VIN decoder can reveal important information about a vehicle’s make, model, engine type, transmission, safety features and more. The 4th and 8th characters in a VIN number generally provide details of a vehicle’s biography and features. Armed with this information, you can get a better idea of what parts you’ll need to get from nearby AutoZone locations to maintain or repair the car.

A Detailed Biography of Your Car

Learn Whether the Vehicle Was Stolen

Often, thieves will modify the VIN number displayed on a vehicle that they have stolen. They do this to avoid being caught. Thankfully, a VIN decoder can help clue you to the fact that a vehicle may be stolen. The 9th digit in the VIN number is generated as the result of a complex equation involving all other characters in the unique VIN number.

This digit can verify whether the VIN number on the vehicle was authorized by the vehicle’s manufacturer. If this number isn’t correct and doesn’t match the equation used to generate VIN numbers, there is a good possibility you’re looking at a stolen vehicle.   

Discover How Old the Car Is

Some sellers may try to claim the vehicle they’re selling is newer than it actually is. Fortunately, the last six characters in a VIN number reveal exactly when it came off the assembly line. You can use a VIN decoder to figure out how old the car really is.

AutoZone offers a complimentary VIN decoder tool for your convenience. You can access this tool online by visiting the AutoZone website. While you’re there, shop for any car parts you need for your used vehicle.

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