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What Are Athletic Shorts Called?

Athletic shorts are the shorts used by athletes in a variety of sports. These include basketball, soccer, boxing, rugby, racquetball, fishing, and lacrosse. There are many different types of athletic shorts, and they come in different materials. Some are made for running, others for jumping, and some are just for general wear. Cut-off shorts Cut-off …

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What is the Meaning of Pendejo

What Does Pendejo Mean?

Our vocabulary is full of words. These words all have attached meanings to them—which can be either positive or negative. The words we use can have as much positive association as they can be negative. In reality, it all comes down to the context and the tone in which the word is used which can …

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brimmed hats fashion in summer

Summer Heat to Ruin Your Fashion Game

As the season changes to summer, fashion advice suddenly starts appearing from your left and right. Everyone has a suggestion on what you should wear. Men, women, underage kids who just discovered their first clothing brand, random people on social platforms -everyone’s sharing their thoughts. Look, it’s simple. When the weather gets colder, you have …

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