How To Recycle Your Old Mattress

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Recycling is a process that involves reusing materials instead of throwing them away. Mattresses are no exceptions. If you have an old mattress that still has some good qualities, why not keep it and use it in your new home improvement project? Here are some of the benefits that you can get from this.

If you have an old mattress, make sure you place it in a location where it will be protected. The best way to do this is to cover it with a tarp or a plastic tent. Just make sure that it is well-covered so as not to let any moisture come inside and cause mold or mildew to develop. This can be avoided by removing all protective covers.


Once the old mattress is covered, the next step to recycling is sorting.  There are different types of beds available in the market today, so you need to separate the non-removable and the removable parts of the beds depending on the type of build. You can sort them based on the material and the manufacturer. The plastics are usually recycled, while those made of wood are melted down and turned into wood slabs for construction materials.

You may also choose to segregate the metals as well. This is also applicable for mattresses made of steel. These kinds of old mattresses are separated using certain processes. As you can guess, this is another important step when it comes to recycling.

Once everything is sorted, you can start with the removal. To facilitate this, you can purchase a mattress shredder that has wheels and can transport the mattress to the landfill site. Just make sure that the site is dry and safe. A mattress shredder will help you remove the bulk of the waste and help you keep the mattress dust-free. Some machines even have racks and shelves for easy storage.

Knowing how to recycle an old mattress will allow you to save more money. If you have a mattress at home, you should take care of it as much as possible. It will also contribute to helping Mother Earth and keeping the environment clean.


Of course, don’t forget to consider the quality of your old mattress as well. Make sure that the materials used are of top-notch quality. Don’t be afraid to buy your materials from reputable stores or sources. Remember, even if you get the best mattress deals out there, you’ll still be improving the mattress over time. And who knows, you might sell it in the future to earn extra cash.

Aside from the process on how to recycle old mattresses, it is also important that you protect the old mattress once it’s recycled. This means that you have to look after it properly. Put it in a place where it won’t get any extreme conditions that could damage it. Also, you need to store it away in a secure container to keep it from environmental elements.

The main thing about how to recycle an old mattress is being able to properly care for it once it is disposed of. Remember that mattresses are delicate pieces of material that need utmost attention. If you want to earn money by selling your old mattress, make sure that you take care of it properly so that you can always have your money back. It pays to know these tips about how to recycle old mattresses before disposing of them.

Recycle Your Old Mattress

If you have an old mattress lying in your bed, there are ways on how to recycle old mattresses. It can be an antique or if it is a modern-day mattress, the damage that it has already undergone can be reduced. A lot of us do not care to give importance to the mattress that we are sleeping on, what we usually think about is the comforter and the bed covers. We must make sure that our beds are free from dust mites and that we are protected from mattress bacteria. 

People are starting to care more about the environment nowadays. With this thought in mind, there are now more companies who are recycling their old mattresses and using them as a new material for other products. So this has become the most essential reason to recycle the mattress. People who are into this eco-friendly type of lifestyle will surely go for this opportunity. This will not only help them save money but they are also helping to save the earth.

There are some household things that we can do to reduce the number of materials that are being used for new mattresses. The first one is to buy a good mattress cleaner that will help in the removal of the dust and dirt from the mattress. If possible, the cleaning should be done by professionals since you cannot clean the mattresses on your own. Also, you should try to find a mattress cleaner that does not contain any harmful chemicals that may affect the health of the consumer.

Mattress Cleaner

Recycle Your Old Mattress

The next step is to buy a mattress cleaner that contains enzymes or sprays that will help in the decomposition process. Be careful in choosing the right mattress cleaner since some contain chemicals that are harmful to health. It is best if you get recommendations and feedback from people who have tried the cleaners. In most cases, it is better if you ask for the comments of people who were tested. You will surely get their honest opinions and suggestions about the mattress cleaners.

Remove The Dust And Dirt

Now, you need to decide how to proceed with the recycling of your old mattress. The next step is to remove the dust and dirt from the old mattress. In doing this, it is better if you use a vacuum cleaner since this device is designed to remove dirt or debris from the floor. After thoroughly cleaning it, you need to cover it with a plastic sheet to protect it from further damage. Just remember, never spray the chemicals into the mattress as this could cause health problems.

Once you have cleaned it well, you need to take special care to place protective padding beneath the mattress. This will prevent the mattress from getting scratched while storing. You also need to place a mattress protector in the box of the old mattress to keep it safe while in storage. Once all of these things are ready, you can now store the mattress in the appropriate box inside a dry and cool location.

When the time comes that you need to remove your old mattress from its packaging, it would be easier for you if you follow some simple instructions first. First of all, you need to remove the tag from the mattress. Usually, mattresses have tags attached to them to indicate their exact size and model. After removing the tag, you can now lift the mattress carefully from its original box and place it inside a large plastic garbage bag.


It is not any more difficult to recycle an old mattress. Of course, you still need to follow the safety measures to prevent any damage or sickness from happening to your old mattress. But the problem has already been solved. What are you waiting for? Get your old mattress today and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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