5 Reasons to Send Your Child to a K-12 School

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If your son or daughter is fast reaching kindergarten age, now is the time to start thinking about schooling; traditionally, a young child would start at a nursery or kindergarten school and after a couple of years, they would move into a primary school, which would be for 6 years, then secondary school awaits, which ends at Year 12. This could involve changing schools at least 3 times and we all know how traumatic that can be for a young child.

K-12 School

What is a K-12 school?

As the name suggests, a K-12 school accepts students from the age of 3 to 18, which is ideal if you want your child to develop positive relationships with their teachers. One of the best K-12 schools is Brighton College International School in Bangkok Thailand, which has an excellent record of academic results, and on that track, here are some compelling reasons to send your child to a K-12 school.

Structured learning – Changing schools can involve a student having to learn a totally different curriculum; this could have serious consequences, especially when moving into secondary school. If you count nursery school, a student studies a total of 15 years until they reach university age and if those years are spent learning at a K-12 school, deep friendships can develop with teachers and other students.

Reduce the risk of trauma – It can be traumatic to switch schools and if a child learns at the same school throughout their formal education, there is less chance that they have a negative experience. Most of us have bad memories of the first day at a new school, when we don’t know anyone and for many of us, it involved a few sleepless nights.

Reduce expenses – When your child finishes primary school and is ready to start at a secondary school, that involves buying a new uniform, bag, sports apparel and many other things that students need. While you will have to buy clothing as your child grows, you won’t have to get new stuff because of a change of school. Click here for tips on raising smart children.

Develop meaningful relationships with teachers and other students – If your son or daughter stays at a single school for their entire formal education, they have the ability to develop deep relationships with teaching staff and peers. This can have a very positive effect on a student’s learning; relationships do matter a lot at school.

Career counselling – If a student learns at the same school for their entire education, they would be more directed when it comes to a career. At the start of Year 9, international school students spend time every week with their career counsellor. There is nothing to compare with professional guidance when it comes to careers and international school students have the best.

There are quite a few international schools in Bangkok and most are K-12 schools; booking school visits should lead to the right choice of school.

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