High Potential’ Series starring Kaitlin Olson coming to ABC

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ABC has greenlit the drama series “High Potential,” starring the talented Kaitlin Olson, making it an exciting addition to their lineup. The official announcement was made before the Disney upfront presentation in New York on Tuesday afternoon. 

High Potential Series

Notably, this is the first series order to emerge from ABC’s pilot crop this season, creating significant fan anticipation.

The project, now known as “High Potential,” originated when it was ordered to pilot at ABC in September 2022. In February, Olson joined the show, adding her unique flair to the cast. Interestingly, the series draws inspiration from the French show “Haut Potentiel Intellectuel (HPI),” promising a captivating storyline.

The logline reveals the core of “High Potential.” It revolves around a single mom, portrayed by Kaitlin Olson, who possesses an exceptional mind. Her extraordinary talent for solving crimes in unconventional ways sets the stage for a unique and unstoppable partnership with a seasoned detective, played by Daniel Sunjata.

As the show continues to develop, the network’s other five pilots are also in the running for potential series orders, keeping the suspense alive for viewers and industry insiders alike.

With such an intriguing premise and a stellar cast, “High Potential” is undoubtedly a drama series to watch out for. As fans eagerly await its premiere, it promises an exhilarating and unforgettable viewing experience.

Networks have gradually shifted their approach to year-round development, no longer making all their pilot decisions before upfronts. This trend has been further influenced by the writers’ strike this year, prompting cautiousness regarding financial commitments and logistical challenges associated with launching new series amidst potential work stoppages. 

In this context, ABC has some leeway before the pilot casts’ options expire, providing flexibility to extend if more time is needed to decide.

High Potential: Thrilling Series

Let’s talk about “High Potential,” – an intriguing series from ABC Signature. The show centers around Morgan, portrayed by Kaitlin Olson, a single mom juggling the responsibilities of raising three kids and possessing an extraordinary mind. 

One fateful day, during her shift as a cleaner at the police department, she unexpectedly unravels an unsolvable crime by reorganizing some evidence. This reveals her heightened intellectual potential gives her a unique knack for organizing things.

Impressed by her exceptional abilities, the police bring Morgan on board as a consultant to work alongside the seasoned detective, Karadec (Daniel Sunjata), known for his by-the-book approach. 

Together, they form an extraordinary and unstoppable team, combining Morgan’s unconventional problem-solving skills with Karadec’s experience and expertise.

As “High Potential” unfolds, audiences will be on a thrilling journey, witnessing the unlikely partnership’s growth and the exhilarating cases they tackle together. 

With ABC Signature at the helm, the production promises to deliver top-notch storytelling and engaging characters.

As the anticipation builds, we’ll have to stay patient and watch for more updates on “High Potential” and its cast. The series seems poised to be a fresh and compelling addition to ABC’s lineup, bringing a blend of mystery, intellect, and a dash of the unexpected to our screens. Are you excited? We certainly are!

Meet the Stellar Cast Behind High Potential

“High Potential” isn’t just bringing in the incredible Kaitlin Olson; it boasts an ensemble of talented stars. Javicia Leslie takes on the role of Daphne, while Deniz Akdeniz portrays Lev “Oz” Osman. 

Amirah J adds her magic as Ava, and Matthew Lamb brings his charm as Elliot. Not to forget, the brilliant Judy Reyes steps into the shoes of Selena, completing this exceptional cast.

Behind the scenes, the series is in the hands of visionary creators and producers. Drew Goddard and Sarah Esberg team up to executive produce for Goddard Textiles. 

Rob Thomas leads the way as showrunner, executive producer, and Dan Etheridge from Spondoolie Productions. Additionally, the show benefits from the expertise of Pierre Laugier and Anthony Lancret of Itinéraire Productions, a UGC company, and Jean Nainchrik of Septembre Productions, a Mediawan Company.

Steering the ship as director and executive producer is the talented Alethea Jones. Notably, Kaitlin Olson serves as a producer, bringing her insights and passion to the project.

And there you have it! “High Potential” is backed by an incredible team, promising a captivating and thrilling viewing experience. 

With ABC Signature, a part of Disney Television Studios, as the studio behind this project, it’s no wonder this series is destined for greatness. Keep your excitement high as we await the premiere of “High Potential,” and get ready to be blown away by the exceptional talent in front of and behind the camera!

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