Underrated TV Shows You Must Binge-watch

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Spring break is a perfect time to unwind, relax and put on your comfiest T-shirt to watch some of the best yet criminally underrated TV shows. Not everyone has a plan to go to Hawaii during this break, some choose to spend time at home with their laptops to avoid all kinds of interactions with other people. Just FYI, we have also been guilty of doing that.

Underrated TV Shows You Must watch

Now that you have finally gotten time to watch a really good series, you cannot waste it searching for one. This is why we have taken the matter into our own hands and put together a list of all the underrated TV shows you must binge-watch during this spring break.

Before we move on, you might be conflicted over the decision of how should you watch these shows. Well, you can either stream them online or check them out on your television screens. If your inclination is more towards streaming services, then make sure that you get yourself a good internet connection before spring break begins. You should not take any chances if your current internet service provider is not delivering you the speed you need.

Even if you want to watch the shows on the big screen, then first check out cable TV providers in your area and then choose one that jumps out the most to you. If you ask us, we highly recommend checking out Spectrum – one of the leading ISPs in the United States. This company is known for its affordable and reliable packages. Spectrum deals also offer you bundled services that fall perfectly under your budget. Simply, go to the LocalCableDeals, enter your zip code in the bar and you will see a list of all the deals, packages, and plans offered in your area. Pick one that suits you the most and then sit back and relax to have an amazing binge-watch session.

Having said that, we believe now you are prepared to watch all these amazing shows that everyone needs to pay attention to.


Episodes are one of the most underappreciated sitcoms of the last ten or so years. It first aired on Showtime but failed to get major attention from the mainstream media. However, it still lasted for five seasons and gave us something to look back and watch when we need quality, light-hearted content.

The show follows a British couple who move to America to get their hit TV series adapted for an American audience. As they start to get adjusted to the new country and life, they became disdainful of the lead actor for the writers’ US remake. Hold your breath, because this character is played by our all-time favorite Matt LeBlanc.

However, shortly after, they all become close friends and begin to land themselves into all sorts of troubles, not only on the set and off the set as well.

So, if the idea of working in television has always intrigued you then don’t miss the chance to watch this series. We guarantee you, that there will be some laughter sessions as you binge-watch it.

The Umbrella Academy

Everyone needs to talk about The Umbrella Academy because it is legit so good. To tell you truth, we completed the whole series over a weekend. It keeps you hooked to your screens until the very last scene and even after that, you cannot help but look for any information that has been released regarding the upcoming season.

This show is about a group of child superheroes who need to reunite as they get older to protect the world from ominous forces. The Umbrella Academy is created by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who adopts seven of these kids. They are then prepared to save the world. Due to some reasons, the family fractures end up splitting the kids. Fast forward to the present time the surviving six members reunite and begin to work together to solve the mystery behind their father’s death.

Essentially, this show is based on a collection of comics and graphic novels written and created by Gerard Way. If this synopsis piques your interest then don’t wait any longer and put it on The Umbrella Academy today.

Russian Doll

This Netflix series is hands down one of the most criminally underrated shows. It is befalling how not many people know about Russian Doll. It stars Natasha Lyonne, who charms the viewers with her wonderful acting and fantastic dialogue delivery. However, for some reason, the show fails to connect to the larger audience, which we believe is fundamentally wrong.

So far, only one season has been released and the second one is expected to land on the same streaming service sometime in 2022. But we are already sad to know that according to the creators, this show may not continue after the third season. You can already hear the sound of our heartbreaking.

This show gives the same energy as Groundhog Day but with a twist and so much more drama. This comedy series tells a story of a young woman who gets caught mysteriously in a loop. She keeps on attending the same event and dies at the end of the day all those times. The next day she wakes up unharmed, only to relive the day over and over again.

Russian Doll is going to keep you on the edge of your seats and you won’t even notice how quickly the time will fly by while you are busy watching it.

Final Words

The aforementioned TV series is one of the most underrated shows you can find on the web or your TV screens. If you have been looking for good content to watch during your spring break then we highly recommend that you check these out.

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