Different Types of Dental Implants in Danville

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Dental Implants in Danville

Dental implant is a standard method of replacing teeth in Danville and the rest of California. So what is it? Dental implants are tiny screws affixed to your jawbone that serve as a substitute for a tooth’s base. With the aid of an anchor, they bond to install a new artificial tooth replacement. Titanium makes up the majority of dental implants. 

Did you accidentally break your teeth, or are you missing a tooth? Getting an implant might be the perfect solution. There are different types of implants available from which you can choose depending on your requirements. Your dentist will guide you in selecting the best dental implants danville that suits your jaw. Keep reading to know the types of implants available at reputable dental clinics in Danville. 

General Implant Types

  • Single tooth Implant – Your dentist will perform a single-tooth implant and insert a replacement tooth or crown. Using surgically guided equipment, the post will be implanted inside your jawline. There is nothing for you to worry about during this operation, as your dentist will take care of everything. Usually, it can take around three to four months for the implant to unite with your bone during the healing process.
  • Multiple Tooth Implant – Are you missing more than one tooth? You don’t have to worry. An experienced dentist in Danville will perform multiple-tooth implant with a tooth replacement designed specifically for you if you are missing more than one tooth. An implant-assistance bridge can be your best choice if you have several lost teeth close to one another. A bridge is like a supportive tooth between two teeth that support the middle teeth. For example, if you have lost or missing three teeth, two teeth will be attached with two screws with one tooth in the middle, which both teeth will support on either side. 
  • Complete Mouth Implant – In the case of no teeth, your dentist will perform a full dental implant procedure. 

Endosteal Implants

Dental implants in Danville cost around $2500-$5000, similar to all dental facilities. 

The most typical kind of implant is the endosteal one. It has a smaller screw, cylinder, or blade-like form. It is inserted into your jawline and supports one or more prosthetic teeth, often known as tooth replacement. After the surgery, the wound needs some time to heal, come together, and fortify itself. The new teeth can be attached to the post to blend in with the neighboring teeth once it has recovered. More than 40 percent of patients in Danville prefer endosteal implants as their choice of implant procedure due to their less complexity.

Subperiosteal Implants

More than a hundred implants are performed in Danville in a month, and the subperiosteal implant is among them. Subperiosteal is another form of implant which is a primary substitute for endosteal implants. It lies on top of the jawline but is still buried beneath the gums instead of just being fastened into the jawline. A metal frame is attached below the gum with a post. Following that, the gum heals around the frame, holding it in place. The poles that protrude from the mouth keep the fake teeth in place.

According to a report, almost 40 dentists in Danville perform implants.

Getting an implant is essential for daily activities as it is convenient and better than any other procedure. You must choose a dental facility that provides the best dental implant in Danville. An experienced dentist will perform a thorough examination of your oral health, assess your needs and suggest the best treatment.

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