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Drugs are necessary with proper exercise, diet programs, and other medications to control blood sugar. These drugs are essential for treating type 2 diabetes, preventing kidney damage, high blood sugar, nerve problems, blindness, muscular issues, etc.

guide to Januvia

Control over diabetes reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease. Sitagliptin is a drug used for diabetes that works wonderfully by increasing incretin levels in the blood. Incretins help control blood sugar by improving insulin release, especially after food. Moreover, it reduces the sugar percentage that the liver makes. 

The best way of using Januvia

It would benefit if you went through the medication guide furnished by the pharmacist before initiating the use of Sitagliptin every time you get the refill. In case of queries, you may ask the pharmacist or doctor. You may take the medication orally, either with or without food. Follow your doctor’s directions, which will help you feel better. The dosage depends on the medical condition’s response to the treatment and kidney function. 

Take the medication regularly to grab its most benefit. If you want to remember this, you may take medicine at least once daily. Follow the treatment plan carefully along with the exercise program, meal plan, and doctor recommendations. Check the blood sugar level regularly to keep a trail of the medical condition. Explain to your doctor any medical conditions that may have cropped up because of diabetes. It would help to keep your doctor informed because they are dealing with your treatment plan. Always get your prescription from a reputed store. 


Drug interaction may alter how the medication works or increase the risk for side effects. Remember that every type of drug interaction is not possible with Januvia. You must maintain a list of products you use and furnish that to your doctor or pharmacist. Never start the medication without informing your doctor on these lines. 

Beta-blocker medication may prevent the pounding heartbeat you may feel when the blood sugar goes down. Other signs of low blood sugar may include hunger, dizziness, sweating, and others. The various drugs may also affect the blood sugar level and make it difficult to control. Before you initiate the medication, you have to get in touch with your doctor to inform them about your ongoing medication. 

You may use digital media for your drug supply. You may get coupons for Januvia and other attractive offers in online stores. In case you overdose, there is nothing to panic over. You must contact your doctor and convey to them the news. Keep the medical appointments ready because you may have to undergo various medical tests to understand the present condition. If you miss your dosage, take it when you remember. 

You may take the help of online stores if they give attractive discounts. Whenever storing the medication, keep it at room temperature and away from moisture and sunlight. Never store the drug in the fridge or bathroom. Keep the medicine away from pets and children. 

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