7 Things to Avoid Once in Bed

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7 Things to Avoid Once in Bed

How do you treat your bed once you are in your bedroom? Is it your hangout spot, a place to browse your phone, a home office, or a place to rest and sleep? Some of these things may feel comfy and productive, but you should avoid them in the bedroom. To sleep fast and to get a good night’s sleep. The bed should be a place of rest and nothing else. Keep other activities out of the bedroom, and you will notice you sleep better. Invest in the best bedroom essentials like the top-rated cooling mattress for hot days, new beddings, black-out curtains, and other things to revamp your bedroom.

Below are things to avoid once you are in bed.

⦁ Reviewing the day in your head 

When in bed, you do not have to think and worry. Stop worrying about conversations you had, what went wrong, and review all details of your day. The only thing this will do is make it hard for you to sleep and make you anxious. Learn how to let go and meditate, for the bed should be for sleep and sex. It may not feel like a big deal to watch a movie, check emails, and have deep conversations. But they disrupt sleep. 

⦁ Using any screen 

To sleep fast and have a good night, avoid using any screen while in bed. The computer or phone stimulates the mind and keeps you alert. This makes it hard to fall asleep. Another reason to avoid them is that the blue light they emit suppresses the release of melatonin. Because of this, it affects your sleep-wake cycle. So, to replace scrolling your phone, read a book until you fall asleep. 

⦁ Having a bedtime snack 

You can have a snack if you are hungry. But, eating when it is too close to bedtime makes you sleep uncomfortably. Two hours before your bedtime should be the last time to consume any meal. Remember, you need to create time for your digestive system to break down the food. Thus, sleeping immediately after eating. It becomes hard to fall asleep or relax.

⦁ Arguing with your partner 

You may be arguing over the phone or side by side. And it is a bad idea to have heated conversations before bed. Have these conversations early in the day and not before your bedtime. If you have to have a conversation, do so away from the bedroom. Do not associate the bedroom area with conflict but with relaxation and sleep. When you sleep free of arguments, sleep well and wake up refreshed. 

⦁ Forcing yourself to fall asleep 

If you are in bed and are turning and tossing, get up and do some simple activity. You cannot control sleep, and you cannot force your body or mind to sleep for a certain amount of time. Falling asleep is easy when your body is ready. Thus, worrying about it and forcing it will only make things worse. All you can do is create an atmosphere for sleep, get in bed, and wait to fall asleep. 

⦁ Scrolling through social media

Scrolling through social media while lying in bed is tempting. But it is a poor habit to have, for social media is not relaxing. When you check social media posts, they make you anxious, and others stress you. Same as checking work emails as they will worry you and keep you awake. Plus, you may find something that makes you angry or get caught up in a heated conversation, and all of these are not conducive to sleep. 

⦁ Checking and compiling a to-do list 

It is okay to plan the day. But do it in the evening about everything on your list. But, when you are already in bed, do not fret over these things. Compiling the list in bed or checking what you have to do only makes it hard to sleep. In the same way, avoid checking work emails from the comfort of your bed. When you do this, you associate your bed with work and a space to be alert. This affects your staying asleep or falling asleep at night. 

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