Vanity Ideas for a Good-Looking and Practical Small Bathroom

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It is well within your right and imagination to make most of the even smaller space in the house. The creative ideas and equally innovative product designs have evolved to address all types of interior requirements to help you live your daily life peacefully. If you were disappointed after moving to a home with a small bathroom, you don’t need to wallow in that emotion anymore and pity the lack of extra square footage. Take the reins of design and decoration in your hand as far as creativity goes and witness the transformation. It takes only one or a combination of few clever ideas to make the change happen. Because small spaces often pose a challenge with storage and the risk of cluttering, you can be anxious about their fate.

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One of the best ways to change this scenario is to choose the right vanity. An intelligent design that packs adequate storage space with style can be the most reliable option. And it can quickly turn into a statement piece in your room without lording over other elements that you selected with as much care as you would choose this. So, let’s see what you can do with this feature.

Streamlined vanity

In a room with limited space, you have to be careful with the choice of your furniture pieces. The curvy designs tend to occupy more space or look overflowing in a cramped area. It can be visually unappealing also. But vanity with clean silhouettes makes a perfect addition to this setup, giving it a modern and chic twist. Go for the petite designs that can easily tuck into a corner without claiming much. You can explore the option of bathroom vanity bowls with this to create an illusion of space. Other features that would help complete this spot include mirror frames, white tile surroundings, lighting, etc. The cabinets in the vanity will serve your storage needs. Make sure you stick to neutral shades of white, grey, and black for such a theme.

Freestanding vanity

A freestanding vanity can also be a great way to add storage and charm to a small bathroom. It takes up only a tiny portion compared to a traditional vanity and can go into any corner or against a wall. Something with one or two doors and a few drawers can stash your bathroom essentials away so that the countertop doesn’t look cluttered or busy as only a few items stay there. An under-mount sink or a separate sink can be a valuable addition. 

Some people favor an open concept with this vanity design. Anything with a lower shelf can quickly impart a sense of openness or spaciousness. You can keep your baskets here with all the necessary items. 

Antique vanity

You don’t have to face the pinch of limited space just because it’s a small bathroom, especially when it comes to styling options. While adding antique furniture can look out of reach in this format, it doesn’t have to be true. Build a deep nook in the backdrop of white shiplap walls and place your old-style vanity there. The area will bear a vintage impression while looking stylish at the same time. Dresser-type vanity can be suitable if you need to create storage for clean towels and toiletries. 

Custom vanity

Do you wonder what to do if there is no proper corner in the bathroom where you can adjust a vanity? Well, don’t get stuck challenged by the issue at hand. There is a perfect solution for everything in this modern world, and what you demand is something very trivial. Try the customized options. Even the awkward nooks can come in handy for this purpose. All you need to do is get your vanity designed so that it comfortably settles down there. And you can plan a wider countertop for more storage space on the top. Hidden drawers and shelving options can be additional features. When you complete this side of the bathroom with a large mirror above, the whole décor feels more attractive and open.

Deep drawer vanity 

You can be intuitive about your choice while selecting a vanity and invest in something with two cabinet doors. It’s not your fault, though. This style has been typical since it makes you feel you have more space. However, if you are style-savvy, you can do something unique by getting a design that boasts large, deep drawers. You can keep all your bathroom supplies more organized and accessible. Everything including cosmetics, towels, beauty tools, and cleaners can claim their area. You can easily reach for the desired item in a hurry without disrupting the arrangement, which is most likely to happen with the two-door option.

Floating vanity

Of course, you cannot discuss vanity and small bathroom storage ideas without thinking about floating furniture items like this. These vanities will not need flooring space as they remain attached to the walls. Because of the clearance down it, the area will naturally feel expansive. You can add one mirror above the sink and smaller ones around the unit. It will help create the illusion of space. 

Sidewall vanity

While adding one into a central space can be tempting, you can also leverage the sidewall space to install your vanity there. People generally don’t take notice of this corner and let it go to waste, while it can serve your practical purpose so beautifully. The under-mount sink design can be the best combination for this. It will give your countertop a sense of largeness.

Small bathrooms can feel like a challenge to decorate and design. Often, there is little space for storage, and style has to take a backseat to function. However, when done carefully, you can maximize both storage and style. As you can see, space-saving cabinets and shelves are one option. Wall-mounted designs also work wonders as they do not take up floor space.

With a little bit of planning, a small bathroom can be stylish and functional. Features like baskets and bins can only accentuate both the angles hassle-free. Remember, light colors make the space appear more prominent, and mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of extra space. So it would be best to leverage them with other things. And don’t forget to add a few personal touches here and there, making this space your own.

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