Give Your Home Furnishings A DIY Makeover!

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Your home furnishing’s innovative modern styling was the talk of the neighbourhood- a decade ago. Now the upholstery is beginning to look a bit worn around the edges, the sofa cushions have been plumped so many times they resemble piles of mashed potatoes, and that easy chair is lumpier than Auntie Bertha’s gravy. It’s time to do something, but what? You can’t afford to replace every single piece! Well, fortunately, there’s an answer to this conundrum in the DIY world. There are a variety of methods you can employ to transform your tired old furniture into pieces that are so artistic and clever that your guests will be asking what spendy European furniture outlet you purchased them from!

Give Your Home Furnishings A DIY Makeover

First off, take stock of the situation. It might be some things like that lumpy easy chair are just too far gone and you need to ring up Sydney furniture removalists to come haul it off. Once it’s out of the way you can focus on the things that you can not only save but improve on! Here are some ideas that will transform “blah” into “wow”!

Slipcovers – The sofa is usually your biggest piece of furniture and plays a central role in your living room’s social set up. It’s really still in pretty good shape, but the upholstery has been blighted by coffee and wine stains and heaven knows what that just won’t come out. So, why not give it a new set of clothes? A slipcover in attractive patterns and colours that match your new decor’s themes, and made from a durable, stain-resistant material, will disguise all those blemishes and make your sofa look so good everyone will think it’s new! Hang some fun and fresh modern art up on the wall behind it, and you will think you have moved into a brand-new swanky home!

Cushions – Soft, comfortable cushions are a furniture accoutrement that everyone loves to nestle into. Recover your old ones if they aren’t too lumpy and misshapen, or splurge on some new ones, they usually aren’t dear if you can find a sale. If need be, buy a new cushion that’s the right shape and size and recover it with material that matches or accents that newly reminted sofa! This is one of the easiest ways there is to give your furnishings an upgrade, a one-two punch of comfort and elegance.

Repurposing – Say your end table is on its last legs and needs replacing. What about putting that old steamer trunk that’s languishing in the garage there, instead? Give it a fresh coat of paint if it’s too dingy looking, and voila! You have repurposed an item that’s just gathering dust into an innovative and attractive new addition to your decor! How about using that old stepladder as a potted plant holder? Take a look around your home and think about what might be given a new life as a fun and stylish furnishing that’s sure to be a conversation piece!

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