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Graduating seniors and recent graduates represent the institutions that granted their degrees. Academic advisors and career counselors should recommend the best Teams virtual backgrounds or virtual office backgrounds for jobseekers to use in Google Meet or Zoom. Customizing a branded virtual background with the logo of an institution encourages students to present themselves as professionals and can improve placement rates. 

Fostering A Strong Alumni Culture

Branded Virtual Background

Alumni placement is a critical factor in institutional rankings. Graduating students join an expansive network of former graduates that can open up opportunities for advancement. The alumni culture of an institution is also directly tied to successful fundraising and the establishment of endowments and scholarships.

When recent graduates use a virtual background with logo during interviews for internships and entry-level jobs, this visual branding reinforces the educational background they include on their resumes and can serve as a signal to potential employers who also attended an institution. Alumni who feel their education paved the way toward occupational advancement are also more likely to give back to institutions once they secure positions and start advancing in their careers.

Allowing Alumni To Better Rep Their Schools

Recent graduates sum up their educational background on their resumes, but this information could get sidelined due to all of the other data that applicants provide. Displaying the official logo of an institution on a virtual office background can act as a more prominent reminder of where job applicants completed their educational training.

High-quality virtual office backgrounds help graduating students appear professional during interviews or other appearances. Virtual backgrounds can also reduce stress for students who may be preparing to relocate and might not have the time or money to devote to staging an area in their residence to appear in video conferences and calls. Office backgrounds eliminate potential distractions and keep the focus on graduates and custom branded details, such as institutional logos.

Introducing Graduates To a Useful Resource

Encouraging graduates to use a custom Google Meet background demonstrates the value of virtual backgrounds. While most students have recently become accustomed to participating in remote classes conducted over video calls and conferences, these casual online gatherings have much lower stakes than job interviews. Background details that merely pose distractions during class can affect the impression that an interviewee makes on interviewers in ways that could factor into their job search success. 

Graduates who use virtual office background are able to see how professional presentations elevate the tone of an interview. Virtual backgrounds that depict distraction-free workplace settings portray graduating students as being a good fit for any company or organization. Administrators, faculty advisors and career counselors should recommend backgrounds that present students in the best light and provide a high-resolution logo for a branded background.

Students can use branded virtual office backgrounds to present themselves as professional representatives of any institution that grants certificates or degrees. Presenting qualified applicants to prospective employers in the context of an office environment complete with a custom logo reflects positively on graduates and institutions.

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