Tricks Used By Car Companies To Win The Lemon Lawsuit

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car companies to win the lemon lawsuit

You just have bought a car but in just a couple of days, the car has started showing signs of severe issues. The first thing you will do in such a case is to take the car back to the manufacturer for repair. But if that visit becomes a regular affair and if the problem is still there then you can be sure that you are stuck with a lemon. 

Being stuck with lemon can be unfortunate but it doesn’t mean that you are left with no options. If a manufacturer has sold you a lemon then paying you the compensation is a legal obligation for the manufacturer. 

But since manufacturers are in the business of making a profit, not in the business of staying virtuous, they will use every means possible, even if it is illicit (but can’t be proved) to make sure that either your lawsuit is completely rejected or your car is pulled out from the lemon category. 

So, here are some of the tricks used by car companies to win the lemon lawsuit. 

Saying that your car doesn’t have the required number of visits for repair 

The law regarding what makes your car qualify to be called lemon is very clear and there is a specific number of visits for repair that needs to be completed before a car can be categorized as lemon. 

But the main issue here is the manufacturers usually mis-code the reason for the visit so that for the court, it may seem like you haven’t made the required number of visits for repair. In such a case, the court will directly reject your lawsuit and you will be stuck with the lemon forever. 

This is why you should always take help from a lemon car lawyer in Los Angeles as they can help you with all the proofs necessary to qualify your car as a lemon. 

Saying that the issue is just a hoax or it is not the same issue 

Manufacturers have many tricks under their sleeves and one such trick that they can use is if you don’t have a lemon car lawyer Los Angeles is showing that the issue is not there or the issue is just not the same. This can prove to be a disaster for your lawsuit and it can be insulting in the court as well. 

A lemon law lawyer CA acts as a shield against all these tricks used by the car manufacturer and he makes sure that you get the compensation you deserve. This is why the lemon law lawyer CA will first glean the proofs necessary to prove your lawsuit in the case. 

Saying that the defect is not sustainable 

Since the whole lemon law is built on the issue related to the care that is making it difficult to operate, the manufacturer’s love playing around with this main point. According to the Federal lemon law, the defect actually doesn’t need to be sustainable. 

The defect needs to substantially impair the safety, use, or value of the car according to the Federal lemon law. Many people who don’t hire a lemon law attorney in San Diego, let the dealers decide whether the problem is sustainable or not and since dealers don’t always share your interest, such a mistake can prove to be the end of your lawsuit. 

Saying that the customer neglected or abused the vehicle 

If the manufacturers can prove that the customer has abused or neglected the vehicle, even if you haven’t done so, the court can use it as a reason to reject your lawsuit. You might be a virtuous person driving your lemon responsibly but since the dealer doesn’t want to lose the profit, they can use every means possible to reject your claim. 

This is usually called a shift of responsibility from the manufacturer’s side and then, according to the court, you will become responsible for whatever issue you are dealing with in your car. This is where a lemon law attorney in San Diego can prove to be helpful. 

Dealers or manufacturers don’t always share your interest and in many cases, they might even try to reject your genuine lemon lawsuit legally. This is why it is always recommended to work with a lemon law lawyer since they can pave your way to compensation rather than falling into the tricks used by manufacturers. 

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