Reasons Behind People With Purple Eyes

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The human eyes are phenomenally complex. It is often said that an eye is a window to our soul. It tells us a lot about ourselves. And when an eye knows about the world around, why not let our knowledge about human eyes go in the deep? 


Eye color of a human is considered to be a simple concept, but as the research goes deep, it says that the color of an eye does not depend on the inheritance. Do you know that it is believed by the Scientists that the first human eye evolved about 500 million years ago? 

It is very common to see eye colors like black, brown, or blue in the people around you. But in some people the rarest colors can be witnessed. One of the rarest colors among them is Violet eye. Isn’t it fascinating to witness the violet color of a human eye? This disease is also called Alexandria Genesis. 

Alexandria Genesis?

Alexandria genesis is an online myth which has been in circulation from 2005 on the internet. Though it can’t be traced back, it is said to have spread earlier. There are many rumours stating the turning of people into a perfect human being. But not any proof was recorded.

Now what is Alexandria Genesis and how does the human eye color change? 

Alexandria Genesis is a genetic eye disorder, which makes people’s skin pale and eyes purple. The mutation of genes is the cause behind the change of eye color. The color change occurs after birth within the first six months. The color becomes dark during puberty. The change in eye color does not affect the eyesight of a human being.

There are many rumors believing this disease, turning humans into perfect beings. People with purple eyes are believed to live upto 150 years. The people having Alexandris disorder have pale skin, perfect body proportions, an absence of body hair, women fully fertile but without menstruation and excellent immune systems. 

Tracing back of Alexandria Genesis

People trace back this disorder and associate purple eyes with Elizabeth Taylor, one of the finest movie stars of the 1950s. But the origin of the disorder happened to be from a child named Alexandria, who was born in England with pale skin and purple eyes. She later gave birth to 2 children, who then lived for more than 100 years. 

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However, the myth of this disorder is associated with the origin in Egypt, around 1000 years ago. People claimed the appearance of mysterious light flashing in the sky, which resulted in causing many people with pale skin and purple eyes. 


Some people associate the purple eye with the famous movie star from 1950, Elizabeth Taylor. While playing the different roles, the purple color of her eye remained constant in all spheres. 

The closeups tell about her eyes with more perfection, revealing the color to be between purple and dark blue. The audience felt deep in her violet eyes and never forgot their essence.

However, this is a myth, there are several real conditions by which the color of the iris changes.

Iris, being an essential part of a human eye, surrounds the pupil and controls the amount of light entering the eye.

Color changing with age

Most of the people are born with natural brown eyes whereas some are born with the blue, hazel or green color. This color can change overtime but people with the brown rarely witness change in color but the color can become more prominent.

A protein called Melanin is responsible for the Iris color change. It is present in the hair and skin. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes in response to light exposure.

Usually the changes in eye color stops by the age of 6, but some people experience it throughout adolescence and adulthood. 

Reasons behind the change in Eye Color

The change in eye color not only depends on the amount of light entering the pupil but also on the certain reasons that can make the color of the eye go darker or lighter.

  1. Age:

With age the eyes often become dark. It is because eye color is defined by the genes and the melanin level in the human body. The melanin level increases with age around the pupil. 10-15% of Caucasian eye color changes to a lighter color with age, due to the decrease in the pigment in the iris.

  1. Solar Exposure

The production of Melanin also depends on the solar exposure. This means that the eyes could get darker due to the longer solar exposure.

  1. Emotions

Iris color and the size of the pupil can also change based on certain emotions. Being happy, angry, or sad, the body releases a hormone resulting in the change in the pupil size. When being happy or angry, the eyes become vibrant. When crying, the eyes get a reddish color to brighten the eyes.

  1. Your diet

For eyes, the diet is extremely important. The type of the diet influences the color of the eye. Eating nuts, organic food, green leafy vegetables, and certain oils make eyes rich and healthy as well as brighter.

In these times, it becomes very difficult to tell what to believe and what to not. Alexandria Genesis was one of the myths that was believed to be cleared and bring people into the light of facts. However, the change in the color of the human eye depends on various factors. 

If you ever want to have those really cool and rare purple eyes, try wearing contact lenses.

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