Sleeper Navy Linen Dress Outfit In 2023

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Different cultures have different attitudes towards clothing. Fashion is a mirror, reflecting the culture. For example, you can always distinguish the Asian style from the European one. However, there is one rule that applies to everyone. Namely: convenient and versatile things have always been and will be in demand among buyers.

Sleeper navy linen dress outfit in 2022

Whether you live in America, Europe or Asia, if you’re into fashion, chances are you’ve already heard of Sleeper and their bestsellers this year, navy linen suit and navy linen dress. Their clothes are worn by both media personalities and ordinary fashionistas who live next door to you. So what is the secret to such popularity? And why will it grow even more in the future?

A short history of the brand

The super-popular Sleeper brand was created in Kyiv back in 2014 by two women Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, who previously worked as fashion editors. The great idea of ​​creating a stylish and, at the same time, versatile brand was born at a time of great change (then the Revolution of Dignity was taking place in Ukraine).

While watching John Hughes’ “Curly Sue”, Asya and Kate noticed the outfits of Kelly Lynch’s character. Looking at her spacious outfits, the question arises, “Why do we always have to choose between comfortable and dressy clothes? Why can’t these two properties be combined?”

And they did it, they combined simplicity and grace. The result was expected, and the demand was not long in coming. Within a month of the label’s launch, the Vogue editor Franca Sozzani named Sleeper the Brand of the Month!

Thanks to the chic sense of taste, Ukrainian designers won the hearts of Katty Perry, Eva Chen, Emma Roberts, Brie Larson and many others. The incredible success story is still going on and garments like the navy linen summer suit by Sleeper can be seen walking in the park or on TV at some famous events.

What makes the navy linen suit and other Sleeper’s products special

lined outfit

As you already understood, the combination of comfort and elegance is the reason for the rapid growth in the popularity of the Ukrainian brand, but that’s not all. In addition to versatility, it has other advantages. Here are some more success secrets:

  • Ecology support: The Sleeper staff keep up with the times and mostly use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials in their clothes. 
  • The highest quality: Linen, silk, feathers, and other materials are used to achieve maximum comfort and wearability.
  • Style: Just go to the website of the brand and see it with your own eyes. During the summer season, this page with a lounge suit. deserves a special recommendation.
  • Relevance: These clothes are versatile for any occasion. Their design is praiseworthy and will not lose relevance in the next season.

This summer everyone is tired of too bright and artsy colors, as well as too strict ones. In 2023, the always-relevant navy color returns to the trends. This year you have a great opportunity to choose chic items in your favorite color.

The Sleeper navy linen dress is a great choice for this summer, as is the navy linen suit. Be sure that they both have all the benefits listed above.

Is Linen Good for Suits?

From time immemorial, linen has been considered one of the best materials for tailoring. It is not for nothing that in ancient times this particular material was used for sewing various types of clothing, ship sails, and even as a currency. People have been actively using linen for more than 8500 years and will continue to do so in the future! That’s why:

  • It’s a natural material. For this reason, wearing linen products is always pleasant and does not cause discomfort.
  • It’s lasting. You are always can be sure of the wearability of your clothes.
  • It’s light. Light clothing will always give a feeling of inspiration on any day of the week.
  • It lets air through. This feature is great for the summer season. Lightweight linen allows you to feel comfortable even in the hottest weather.
  • The linen clothes always look nice. Thanks to its texture, linen retains dyes that give clothes a strong and expressive personality.
  • It has healing properties. Linen is one of the most useful fabrics created by man from natural materials. It has unique bactericidal properties, stops the development of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor on the skin, and minimizes the risk of skin diseases caused by excessive sweating.

Despite all the advantages of linen fabrics, they have one drawback –  linen dresses and suits require delicate care. In some cases, they may wrinkle and shrink, if washed in too hot water.

But if you carefully follow all the requirements for caring for the clothes specified by the manufacturer, then there will be no problems. In addition, today, most manufacturers can significantly reduce the effect of creasing.

Fashion now and fashion tomorrow

Time does not stand still and the fashion industry is changing every year. Perhaps in 10-15 years, the seamstress profession will disappear and clothes will be produced on 3D printers. Perhaps new technological materials with unique properties will be invented. Maybe… Or maybe not. But what will definitely not change is the desire of people to wear comfortable and elegant clothes. The Sleeper navy linen dress is one dress that will be popular for as long as it is in production.

Designers will strive to put comfort, beauty, and versatility in their creations. Thanks to the brands like Sleeper we can now observe the peak point of the combination of these qualities.

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