Summer Heat to Ruin Your Fashion Game

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As the season changes to summer, fashion advice suddenly starts appearing from your left and right. Everyone has a suggestion on what you should wear. Men, women, underage kids who just discovered their first clothing brand, random people on social platforms -everyone’s sharing their thoughts. Look, it’s simple. When the weather gets colder, you have more freedom to wear your favorite clothes because they’re already appropriate for the weather anyway. But when you live in warm climates, summer is a different monster altogether, and dressing for this season can be hard to figure out sometimes. But true fashion lovers don’t need to give it all up yet.

With wardrobe essentials like brimmed hats for men, there is still much room to do something with an everyday look. So, let’s make a checklist of what you need in your wardrobe right now. If you don’t believe it, collect all your clothing items in place and try the magic. Make sure these include all the basic summer outfits. Then, it will be easier to add a twist to your look through the hat.

The shirt and t-shirt collection

Summer is here, and it may be sweltering in many places. People look for shirts that are not too cumbersome to wear during these months. One might want to go for various types of shirts during the summer, but t-shirts and polos seem to be the most popular. You can pick affordable, good, quality cotton shirts for the season. It is crucial when choosing summer shirts because they have to be light enough so you don’t get uncomfortable as the temperature rises high. It will not dent your savings either. Remember, though, while round necks or v cuts have a casual vibe, polos with collars look classy. The good thing is your wide brim hat goes with both these things perfectly well.

If you opt for t-shirts in round or other neck styles, choose one that carries some substance. Look for the striped options. These look incredibly fashionable with broad brim hats. If you wish to have that preppy effect, a polo t-shirt with a brimmed hat can be the right choice. Make sure you pair them with appropriately tailored shorts and jeans. Another critical consideration is the button-up shirt. If you include this, make sure it is linen. Whether you find plaid or solid colored shirts, your brim hat will ensure the outfit stands out and impresses others around you.

The pants and shorts range

Pants are dapper, and pants are nice. Pants come in lots of different styles. Whether it’s spring or the dead heat of summer, you should never skimp on the comfortableness of those fashionable trouser wonders. Of course, the heat can make you choose shorts, and there can be an urge to slip into them. But pants also offer excellent breathability. Just stay away from those indigos and blues. If you cannot wear a bolder tone, black is also a choice. You may find this idea counterintuitive, but black jeans are a forever gem. And with your white, black, brown, and other sun hats, it can team well. It’s just that you will want to check your footwear and shirt selection. Combining all these four elements can help you nail your summer look.

Nevertheless, if the thought of jeans makes you uncomfortable, chinos are more breathable and pretty chic. Although khaki is the typical shade, try to open up to distinctive tones like blue, olive, and gray. Don’t worry about the summer heat. The extensive range ensures a perfect fit for everyone and every combination. And let’s not forget you can always fall back on shorts. Avoid the baggy or knee-length options, though.

The footwear

Summer shoes are again pretty rich in terms of options. Deck and boat shoes make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. And if you feel like accentuating your outfit, white can be that pop of color. Since white sun hats are also readily available, you can match the top and bottom parts of the ensemble to give a more balanced look to it. Then, you’ve got sneakers. Choose the low-profile ones as you don’t want this hot season to feel too heavy. Color tone doesn’t have to be a problem. It can lend your attire the needed color boost. However, in summers, white again seems to be the winner in this case with people.

Accessorizing your summer fashion look can be fun and exciting if you have all the right things in your closet. A wide-brim hat is a must-have not just for fashion but for practical purposes also. With this, your shirts and trousers help make a tasteful appearance. Whether you wish to add more accessories or not, you can take that call later. The wardrobe essentials have to be there because these will allow you room to experiment and visualize your fashionable styles.

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