What Does Pendejo Mean?

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Our vocabulary is full of words. These words all have attached meanings to them—which can be either positive or negative.

What is the Meaning of Pendejo

The words we use can have as much positive association as they can be negative. In reality, it all comes down to the context and the tone in which the word is used which can give it a much larger meaning.

One word in particular that can either make someone laugh or cry is the word pendejo.

This Spanish word is a common slang word that is used in both Spanish and English dialects. This is the result of both the Mexican and American cultures being so intertwined. But regardless of the location and language, in which the word is spoken, the pendejo meaning is the same.

What Does Pendejo Mean?

The word pendejo is a really popular slang word that literally means “pubic hair.” But the reality is that the literal definition is rarely ever implied. In fact, the word pendejo is most often used to call someone an “idiot”.

If you have ever been to Mexico, chances are you have heard pendejo being thrown around quite frequently. From frustrated drivers to impatient restaurant patrons, people will use pendejo in many different ways.

To help you find the best opportunities to use this popular slang word while also saving you from some embarrassment for using it at inappropriate times, we have rounded up a list of the best times to use and never use the word pendejo.

Best Times to Use word pendejo

  1. When You are Making Fun of a Friend
    The word pendejo should be used in a joking way only with friends that you have a close relationship with. For example, you can call your friend a pendejo when they trip over themselves and end up falling on the sidewalk. Chances are they will start laughing and agree that they are indeed a pendejo.
  2. In a Meme
    Using the word pendejo in a meme is both common and a great context to do so. Not only will it provide a form of satire and irony, but can be playfully used to support a range of scenarios that are displayed in the supporting meme image. One of the best examples of this is the meme that depicts Donald Trump saying that his amigos gave him the sombrero, but on the sombrero is the word pendejo.
  3. When You are Upset at a Driver
    Another great way to use pendejo is when you are driving and the car in front of you cuts you off. Not only can you call them a pendejo, but it will equally help you feel better and get your anger out in a healthy way—especially since the other car can’t hear you. Cutting off someone in traffic is a stupid thing to do, so they certainly deserve to be called a pendejo.

Worst Times to Use word pendejo

  1. When Talking to Your Boss
    Your boss is not your friend, so you should avoid calling your boss a pendejo—at least directly to their face. For example, when you are talking to your boss about your performance review and you do not like what they are saying, or agree with it, you may feel like telling them that they are indeed a pendejo. But this could not end favorably for you and they could retaliate and fire you. So reserve calling your boss this until you are in a safe space with friends or family and can vent.
  2. When Talking in a Foreign Language
    If you are not fluent in Spanish and are visiting a country that uses it as their first language, you should avoid using pendejo or any other slang words. The risk is too high that you may not use it correctly in context and can end up greatly offending someone, even if you do have a basic level of proficiency. Instead, stick to the words you are confident in and ones that are respectful of the locals.
  3. When on a Date
    When you are trying to impress someone special that you like, you should definitely avoid trying to be funny and use slang words like pendejo. Not only will you risk offending them, but you could find yourself in an awkward situation. Because this word literally means “pubic hair”, you run the risk of putting yourself into a scenario where all of a sudden the topic transitions to sexual. First dates are awkward enough, so save yourself any more embarrassment, and don’t use pendejo until you get to know them a bit better.


There is the right time and place to use the word pendejo. Just make sure that you follow the above advice and use it wisely so that you do not end up offending people.

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