Guide for Moving from the USA to India

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Guide for Moving from the USA to India

Do you want to relocate from the United States but aren’t sure where to go? India should be included on your list. The country is brimming with incredible opportunities. Furthermore, studies have shown that if you’re an Indian expatriate, returning there is less complicated than returning to the United States. People move to India from USA for various reasons, including high living costs, a lack of opportunities, and constantly rising housing prices. The country appeals to recent arrivals in multiple ways, including its fantastic climate, good governance, friendly people, and plentiful job opportunities.

India’s way of life has exceptional historical and cultural attributes. It now has a population of approximately 1.35 million, 2nd only to China. Buddhism and Hinduism, two of the world’s five major religions, have their origins there. Besides, it is a secular country where people of different religions, races, and backgrounds live happily and united. Hence move to India from the USA in a hassle-free manner with the proper guidance.

Some delivery agencies let you transport documents from the USA to India at $35; they will get delivered in about 2-4 days. Televisions and heavy boxes will take at least 3-4 months to come to this country.

We will detail everything you must know before considering a shift to India from the United States of America.

How Much Does the Move Cost?

When relocating from the United States, you must know the costs involved. India is home to many metropolitan cities, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Therefore, the shipping price of your possessions is heavily influenced according to what users ship and how you ship them. There are currently two shipping options: LCL and FCL.

Moving from the USA to India

LCL or Less than Container Load

A shipment term refers to combining multiple shipments and shipping them in a single package. Small shipments can be transported more quickly because the cost is divided among them. LCL shipping is an option if you are trying to move with a few belongings, such as multiple boxes of household goods.

FCL or Full Container Load

FCL allows you to move household items such as home furnishings and many other fragile items because a container is packed purely with your shipping belongings. If you need to ship many household goods and need extra space, FCL is an excellent choice. Depending on your needs, you can fill something as full or empty as you want.

Tips on Cost Reduction


When it comes to passing overseas, you must ensure that users have all the necessary documentation, including your shipment. Your shipment will require a shipping packing list,’ which typically includes critical information for customs and immigration in India. In addition, users must fill out other information to avoid shipment delays or quarantine at the port.


from the usa to india

People have difficulty wrapping their household items for an overseas trip. Packing furniture for a move is serious stuff. Ocean transport is not an easy option; you must package your furniture securely to ensure it arrives safely in your Indian city.

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited by India’s Directorate General of Foreign Trade:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Products derived from animals
  • Gender Test Kits for Babies
  • Cereals aside from seedling growth (through FCI)
  • Circuits and printed circuit boards
  • Software for computers
  • Cotton seedlings
  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Fabrics and samples of fabrics
  • Extinguishers for fires
  • Jewelry and gems


India is an economy with a GDP of $2.719 trillion, which is undoubtedly massive. It has advanced rapidly in terms of cultural, social, and economic development, and the urban areas are the evidence of this progress. While summers in most Indian cities are sweltering, winters in cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore are pleasant because the climate in India varies as much as its culture.
Now that people know the basics of moving to India from the US, they must search for a reputable delivery agency that offers multiple transportation services with an easy-to-navigate procedure.

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