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Food delivery options have expanded over the years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the world was on hold, online food delivery services acted as the only savior for millions of infected people who could not leave their houses. DoorDash is one such popular online food delivery company that offers its valuable services all across the USA and Canada. It has recently extended its services to include convenience store deliveries in its orders as well – making things easier during the pandemic. Numerous DoorDash promo codes provide discount offers to the customers and can be implemented across different types of orders. Such doordash driver promo code are widely popular among the customers which make the company one of the largest food delivery companies in the entire country.

Know them better – what is DoorDash?

What started as a small business for food deliveries in 2012, soon became the 2nd largest company to hold the maximum US food delivery sales by 2018-19. DoorDash currently holds 56% of the total market share as an enormous food delivery company that has served over 20 million customers over the past year. 

Keeping in mind the customer needs during the pandemic, DoorDash has also launched a program called ‘DoubleDash’ in 2021 which will allow the users to order various food items along with basic grocery or convenience store items – all in a single order! This has also given a boost to the DoorDash customer service as the app has now become the ‘one-stop-shop’ for their customers making the services highly convenient and reliable. 

The recent partnership between DoorDash and Albertsons Companies brings a piece of good news for their customers. Now, the users can enjoy the ‘essentials on demand’ service offered by this partnership where the DoorDash driver will get you the food delivery along with other essentials and grocery items, delivered at your doorstep! Some of the stores from where you can add items to your DoorDash order include Vons, Safeway, and Jewel-Osco among many others. 

How does DoorDash work?

The million-dollar food delivery company – DoorDash has made over a million deliveries in 2021 alone which speaks highly of its popularity and customer satisfaction. If you are curious enough to know how DoorDash works? Here is the answer for you! 

How it works for the drivers – The DoorDash drivers are recruited as freelance drivers who meet the eligibility criteria. They have to use their vehicle for the deliveries. Once they have created and gained access to their ‘Dasher’s account’ they can track and select an order to deliver. They receive prior information about the restaurant location, delivery location, as well as the payment summary including the tip. 

How it works for the restaurants/ cafes – Numerous restaurants are associated with DoorDash today. The restaurant pays DoorDash to avail the driver services for their food deliveries and to receive any orders using the DoorDash app. The payment can be made on a weekly or a monthly basis or based on commission as per the money they earn using DoorDash. For larger orders such as for catering business, there is a ‘DoorDash drive’ which allows the restaurants to take and deliver bulk orders. 

How it works for the customers – The customer is the target audience for DoorDash which is why they have developed a user-friendly mobile application using which they can order food and other grocery essentials. You can go through all your local restaurants on this app, order food, make easy payments, and even track your order from the preparation to the delivery stage. In case you seek any sort of DoorDash customer service regarding your order, you can contact the DoorDash customer service number that provides round-the-clock service to their valuable customers. 

 A guide for the DoorDash driver Login – 

Your DoorDash driver is no less than a hero without a cape in these unpredictable times. They get you food, grocery, floral items, and convenient store items in the best condition possible at such affordable rates. The DoorDash driver is always a reliable and qualified individual as the company keeps their customer’s safety and security as their top-most priority. So, if you are someone who is looking to earn a few extra bucks with job flexibility – being a DoorDash driver provides you just that! 

These are the minimum requirements an individual shall meet to become a delivery driver at DoorDash – 

  • You must be 18 years old or older to hold a valid driver’s license.
  • You need to pass an individual assessment and criminal background check.
  • In the last 7 years, you should not have violated any driving rules or suffered a major driving violation.

If you meet the requirements, you can apply to become a DoorDash driver. Another major question that comes to mind is – how much does DoorDash pay its drivers? The pay ranges anywhere from between 10 $ to 20 $ per hour for the drivers. As per the new promised pay model, DoorDash now pays at least 2 $ plus tip to its drivers and also provides them the delivery location and payment summary before they accept the order. Hence, you are not forced to accept an order if you think the pay is not worth much. 

DoorDash driver login – 

The DoorDash login for the customers and the drivers are different. Once you log in, you can access your DoorDash login account easily to check your order and payment summaries. If you are looking for a DoorDash driver login guide, you can do so by following these steps carefully – 

  • Open the DoorDash driver login webpage ( on your web browser (Google Chrome recommended). 
  • On this page, insert the link to the Driver’s portal (link/dasher) to open the DoorDash driver login page. 
  • Once the DoorDash driver portal opens up based on the user information of the login page, you have access to your dashboard where you can check all your recent deliveries, payment summary, tips, etc.

Discounts and offers! All about the various DoorDash promo codes – 

DoorDash offers great deals including daily discounts, exclusive offers on some restaurants, and special DoorDash promo codes to the customers. Applying these DoorDash promo codes and DoorDash coupons to your order can save you a couple of bucks or you may receive an exciting cashback! Some popular DoorDash promo codes are – 

  • The sign-up Doordash promo code for driver – This offer is valid only for new users who have just signed in for their accounts. It provides a discount of $5 on orders worth $10. 
  • 30OFF2WEEKS DoorDash promo code – This recent promo code offers a 30% discount to a bunch of targeted users on their next 4 orders. 
  • GROCERY40 DoorDash promo code – This one offers a 40% discount on the next 3 grocery orders that are worth 40$ or more. 
  • FRIENDLY DoorDash gift card – This discount offer gives an extra 10$ off on any of your future gift orders that is worth 20$ or more.
  • 40OFF3 DoorDash coupon – This coupon gives a 40% discount on the next 3 convenience store orders that you place ranging between 12$-30$. 

So go ahead and try out these exclusive offers which are valid only for a few days or weeks!

Have a query or complaint? Use the DoorDash customer support service – 

In case you face any trouble as a dasher, restaurant owner, or customer – you can always contact the DoorDash number – 855-973-1040 which will offer you suitable solutions to your issues. You can use this DoorDash number to file any complaints or simply give feedback to the DoorDash services. 

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