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We all know how important event planning is, which is why we have event organisers, people who work in the industry and have all the right connections and contacts. Yet with a leading Australian event hire company, you have a single-shop solution for everything from marquees to napkins and that means you can eliminate the event planner and handle everything yourself.

Party and Events Hire in Perth

Online Solutions

Where would we be without the World Wide Web? Not very far we think. Event organisers now have a single digital platform for all their outdoor event hires, with a fantastic range of necessary items including:

  • Marquees of all shapes and sizes
  • Bar & catering equipment
  • Outdoor lighting – spotlights
  • Tables & chairs
  • Dance floors
  • Cutlery, crockery and glasses
  • Electric & gas equipment
  • BBQ units

There are many more items on their website, which means you can order everything you need and be sure that it will arrive onsite and on time.

Tips for event planning

Planning a live outdoor event can seem a bit daunting to someone with zero experience in the field, yet there are hacks that make it a much easier task. One winning formula is to create lists; one for equipment, one for vendors and one for services; tick each item as it is procured and move on to the next item on the list, making notes when required. Start by booking the best marquee hire Perth has to offer and make sure you have enough space for the number of attendees.

Comprehensive service

If you are hiring stuff from Perth’s leading event hire company, they offer a comprehensive service and can even provide experienced staff; they understand the importance of your event and are committed to helping you plan a successful show. If this is your first venture into event planning, why take any chances? Talk to the professionals sooner rather than later and let them work their magic. Click here for how to boost productivity in your business.

Google Calendars, permits and parking

Why not make use of available tech? Google Calendars has many powerful features and tools to ensure nothing gets overlooked; set notifications for deliveries, vendor confirmations and whatever you do, do not overlook the fact that you will need specific permits from the State government. Alcohol consumption requires a permit, as does loud music, while car parking is another critical aspect of planning an outdoor event; how are people arriving? If you are ferrying guests in coaches, this needs to be choreographed, while private cars also take some organising when lots arrive at the same time. Click here for details on outdoor event permits in WA.

The key is the event hire company; if you choose the right provider, it will be smooth sailing all the way and you will come in right on budget!

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