The Trend of Women Commuting This Year

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Women Commuting

Bicycling is a proven way to improve cardiovascular health, decrease stress hormones, increase athleticism and even boost your mood. More than ever, women have started commuting to work by bicycle to get a great workout without having to join a gym or schedule an extra sweat session into their busy days. Sound intimidating? Don’t worry; hopping on a womens commuter bike and heading to work or out for errands can be easy, fun and convenient. Read on for a few tips to help make cycling your new favorite way to get around.
Bike It Girl

Traditional bikes were built with a man’s body and proportions in mind. This is why they often come with too high of a seat, too long and narrow of a saddle, too large of a frame and too thick of grips. Most women have experienced the next-day agony of crotch pain from an ill-fitting bike. Add to that shoulder strain, lower back pain and hip injuries and you’ve got a whole host of problems. Fortunately, someone got the word to the people at the top that a ladies bike frame size should be smaller and narrower to accommodate different bodies. You can now find women’s bikes in every shape and style, in the correct sizes and proportions to help you rack up the miles and not the soreness.

Keep It Classy

Some people hesitate to try riding a bike to work when they think about the immediate, less pleasant results of a hard workout. If you want to show up to work in top form, you might want to bring some handy wipes and deodorant to freshen up in the bathroom. You may even find a gym near your work that offers a shower-only membership for cheap. Many women keep a fresh shirt or uniform at work to change into when they arrive. You can also give yourself a few extra minutes for your commute so you can keep the pace leisurely and avoid breaking a sweat.

Electric Bikes for Your Shape

If bicycling miles to work sounds too rough or long, consider the many electric options that exist nowadays. Some electric bikes for women offer pedal-assist features to help with hills, rough terrain or tired legs. Some even have a self propel throttle for when you’d rather not pedal at all! When shopping for an e-bike, pay attention to the battery range and degree of assistance offered, and consider your unique needs. Look for bikes that are built with a woman’s frame in mind with useful features like step-through frames and lighter materials.

The best time to start getting fit, saving gas money, and soaking in some sunshine before your work day is (you guessed it) now! With benefits galore for yourself, your community and your planet, bicycling is seeing a resurgence all over the world as one of the most popular and sustainable modes of travel. Be part of the movement: Move your body and move the world toward a future full of positive change.

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