First Stage of Promotion On Instagram

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Long gone are the days when Instagram was an entertainment platform with a high concentration of selfies in the mirror and countless pet photos. Now it is both a popular social network and a good sales platform, which is gaining momentum every year. Everyone builds a career here: from fashionable guys to famous brands, museums and world-famous directors.

Promotion On Instagram

The peculiarity of Instagram is that in five seconds you can turn passers-by into regular customers of your business, listening to your every word and freezing in anticipation of discounts, new products, contests and interesting offers.

But how exactly can you make those dreams and goals come true? How to maintain an account in such a way as to increase the degree of customer loyalty? What methods and tools can be used for this? Today we will talk in as much detail as possible about all the possible ways to promote on Instagram without the need to often buy Instagram followers.

How to create and promote a profile from scratch?

As boring, banal, and obvious as it may sound, the first thing you should do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and then register and make your profile public.

Pay special attention to this point. If you decide to hide your account from prying eyes, you risk being left without followers. According to statistics, 90% of users do not wait for subscription confirmation and go to other, more hospitable accounts.
Also, if you plan to buy real Instagram followers at the first stages of work, then your profile must be open. Otherwise, the systems will not be able to help you.


Every marketer knows that no promotion is possible without a careful and detailed analysis of the audience. In a business account, statistics are collected for each post separately and for the account as a whole. How many unique views did the post get? How many likes, comments and saves did you get?

Moreover, you can look at statistics by gender, age and location of followers and find the points of their greatest activity. Based on the data received, you can publish content in that time period and on the days when it will be read and viewed by the maximum number of users. Therefore, for greater coverage, do not forget about this point!


A business account opens up the possibility to contact you without leaving Instagram. Moreover, clients (or potential clients) and those who want to cooperate with you have a choice: send a letter via email, call via Skype or via a mobile operator.

What to write about in the profile header?

The question is rather complicated. It all depends on the topic of the profile. Who are you? Personal blog, shop, coffee shop, museum (even this happens on this platform), lingerie brand, photo studio or movie critic. But even if you represent a serious company that focuses on promotion in this social network, you should not limit yourself to presenting only dry facts.
Show your followers your human face and add your own peculiarity in the form of an element of creativity. The average Instagram user sees 10-15 unfamiliar pages a day, and remembers only those that have something special.

Usefulness + sincerity = the formula of the ideal bio

So, let’s move on to the main thing. The profile name should correspond to the subject of the profile as much as possible, while being simple and concise. In the bio (small space under the avatar) tell us about your profession, hobbies, preferences, philosophy of life. Don’t forget the character limit. You need to fit all your ideas into 150 characters without spaces.

Don’t ignore the power of a bio, because it helps present you the way you want to. The same rule applies to those who are engaged in commercial activities. Those pages that lack even a small description are taken lightly by users and give an extra reason to think of the owner of the page as an uninteresting and boring person, even if this is not so. So use your creativity to the maximum!

How to make your bio useful and sincere? Here are some tips to help you achieve the desired result.

  • Mini story about yourself. Ask yourself an honest question: Who are you? Why is it worth following your account? Profession, interests, character traits, outlook on life. Let like-minded people know that in this account they will find a lot of interesting, beautiful and useful content.
  • Feeding experiments. Don’t be afraid to experiment with serving. For example, not a copywriter, but a titan of the word, not a stylist, but a wardrobe fairy.
  • Contact Information. We will repeat again about the importance of all possible ways of communication. From phone numbers and emails to the nicknames of carrier pigeons.
  • Call-to-action. To many, this point seems non-obvious, although very in vain. Try to motivate your subscribers to get in touch by adding an index emoji to the desired link.
  • Fonts. If emoji isn’t enough, fancy fonts can be used. How to get them? With the help of programs such as Lingojam and Textygram. You simply enter text into the field, and the program offers various font options.
  • Symbols. Not only emoji can attract viewers. Also, use the Coolsymbol program, which will help you add various symbols to your Bio. Tap on the symbol you like, copy it and paste it into the field.
  • Multilink. Do you want to collect all your contacts in one link? Use linkmix! You will have one link, which will contain contacts to all instant messengers and social networks.
  • Line spacing. This option is ideal for aesthetes who want to make even a hat in profile visually appealing.

If you don’t want to bother with the implementation of all the methods yourself, then the ideal option for you is to use the help of professional marketers who will think over an effective strategy for promoting your profile for you.

Choosing this scenario, all that is required of you is to describe the goals of your blog to specialists. Further, a team of cool professionals will develop a promotion strategy for you and select the necessary tools for its implementation.

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