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This article will give you a brief yet detailed overview of how to solve your problems related to https // to help related to your mail or password. The workarounds to the problems are explained in short and crisp steps for you guys. Head onto the following part of the article to know more about the problems and solutions. 

Steps to follow to finish the 

By chance you are not able to do the sign-in, you have to follow the mentioned process flow to get your account google back. 

  1. Navigate your way to the recovery https // for the help page of your account. 
  1. Do not lose hope if you have already tried to recover https // to help your account but failed. Keep trying and follow up on the tips and tricks so that you can successfully complete the steps and recover https // for help back your account. 
  • If you did get the message of GOOGLE COULD’NT VERIFY THIS ACCOUNT you try out again. 
  • The tip here is to give the answers to the questions asked.
  • Skipping the question may lead to any cause of the problem in the end. Even if you are quite uncertain regarding your answer, you just need to give your best at this and further move on. 
  1. Utilize an identical location as well as gadget. 
  • Make use of that computer or laptop, mobile phone or tablet which you use too often to do the sign-in procedure. 
  • You also have to use up the equivalent browser which you used earlier for example SAFARI or CHROME or FIREFOX according to your preference and the frequency of use. 
  • Try to carry out the procedure from a place or location which you have already explored like maybe your office or your home. 
  1. Now you have to type on the password or the passcode which is the latest one of all the ones you remember. 
  • The passwords, as well as the answers required for the questions related to security, should be correctly entered and be exactly the same as what you entered earlier. 
  • The smallest details also have a lot of importance and if your password is pretty unique then you have to care enough about everything and prevent any kind of typos with what you enter. 
  • Further if you really cannot recall the latest passcode then give it your best shot at what you remember and put the one which you are confident about. 
  1. When a question of security will be asked then either give the correct answer or if you do not remember the correct one then do give your best shot and recall it as much as you can. 
  • If the answer you know is right it still can show that it is wrong or it needs rephrasing. For example, if the answer is NEW YORK, then try NY. This is kind of a very appropriate solution to this problem. 
  1. Type on that email id that is connected to your preferred account. 
  • If now you are prompted to enter an email ID then input the one that you have associated to the account earlier. 
  • In many cases the recovery https // for help email id is sent to you to get you guys on the required page. 
  • A different or substitute email id can be used to do the sign-in procedure. 

(Note: An email address of contact can be used to take out the information needed regarding the services of google you mostly use.)

  1. Putting the extra details is helpful and beneficial.
  1. Have a check on a folder of spam for the message. 
  • At times you by mistake do not see the message properly and mark it as a spammed one. But in these spam emails, there are possibilities that emails or messages of google also get marked. So, you all should have a regular check on that so that any important information or detail would not be missed. [check for YOUR GOOGLE SUPPORT INQUIRY].

But if you are not able to recover https // for help then you should or you would have to consider the method of replacement. 

Method of replacement of your Google account

Replacing your google account can be tough but sometimes it is the only way out of the problem. Recovering https // for help your google account in a few of the easiest ways possible: 

  • Forgetting your password

By mistake you forgot your password or your username then you won’t be able to get even your codes of verification. You can use the services provided by google like PHOTOS, GMAIL, etc.

  1. You will be inquired about a few questions which you have to answer correctly or try to answer in the best way possible. 
  2. Now you have to reset the required passcode whenever you have been prompted to do the same. 
  3. Further you have to create or make a password that is damn strong and is not already in use by any other.

And done! your password is created and now all you have to do is just remember it. 

  • Forgetting the email id, you have:
  1. A recovery https // for help mail would be sent to your mail-id or on your mobile phone. 
  2. Put your entire name on the preferred account. 
  3. Follow up with the instructions given and then at the end confirm that it is your account only. 
  4. Match your account with the username’s list. 

Basic Precautions

You are now done with the work and you have your account re-established. Read this section to know about a few of the precautions that you guys have to take while doing all this. All these precautions are written below:

  1. Do not share your passcodes with any of the wrong sites. Google shows up with a verification email first and then asks you to continue with any required procedure.
  2. Remember your passcodes as well as email id or save it down correctly for emergency situations. 
  3. In any cases of recovering https // for help try out the procedure with only the identical or familiar devices and locations. 

CONCLUSION: We really hope that this article right here gives you all the information needed about the errors with your google services. The special and unique tips and tricks to either overcome it or tells you where to be extra careful are also tested. You can even contact the helpdesk to resolve your problem.

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