How to Register as a Seller on Amazon

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Are you planning to register yourself as a seller on Amazon? However, you are now having a problem registering yourself on Amazon. If so, don’t worry. Here we will tell you how to register as a seller on Amazon.

This article consists of information regarding the reason for Amazon Seller Registration, Amazon registration expenses, how to register as a seller on Amazon, and also other relevant information regarding Amazon. Before you go through the registration procedure, let’s have a brief overview of Amazon and how to register as a seller on Amazon.

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Why Do Sellers Choose Amazon?

We have conducted a massive survey among Amazon sellers and found the 4 most popular reasons why people start a business on Amazon.

Secure Timely Payments

Amazon deposits your money directly to the seller’s bank account weekly, including your “Pay on Delivery” orders. So, sellers always get timely payments from Amazon without any hassles. That’s why sellers choose Amazon for their business.

Ease of Starting

Amazon is easy o use. From uploading photography of products to hassle-free product delivery and returns management, this platform has solutions for everything for its sellers. Since it is quite easy to use, anyone can use this platform for their business.

Sell To Shoppers Internationally

If a seller signs up for Amazon’s Global Selling then the seller can easily reach customers in around 200+ countries. So, it is a platform that offers a vast opportunity for sellers to spread their business around the world.

Manage Trade On The Go

Using the Seller App of Amazon, you can easily manage your enterprise, solve problems, and reply to customers – anytime, anywhere. This allows sellers to reach out to customers quickly to resolve issues with their products.

Now, we can safely say that Amazon is constantly evolving and setting trends in e-commerce around the world. If you are aware of what is happening on Amazon, then it is much easier for you to become a leader in other marketplaces.

How To Sell Products On Amazon?

How To Sell Products On Amazon?

It is quite easy to start selling your product to customers worldwide via Amazon. However, to start selling, you will have to follow these steps.

Create an Amazon Account

The first thing you need to do is to create an Amazon account following three simple steps. And to create an account, all you are going to need is your active bank account detail, Id proof, address, etc. Below, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide on registering as a seller on Amazon.

List, Store, And Deliver Your Products

After you complete the registration process and become a registered seller on Amazon, it is time for product listing. And then you will have to choose a storage option from a wide range of options there. Finally, it is time for packaging and delivery once a buyer orders your product.

Monitor Sales And Track Growth

You can track buyer orders, sales growth, and payment settlements on Amazon’s centralized dashboard. This will help you understand your growth well. And if you experience any issues, you can take measures to improve your sales on Amazon.

Get Paid By AMazon For Your Product Sales

As soon as you become a confirmed seller on Amazon, every 7 days, you will get payments deposited to your bank account safely, even for your “Pay on Delivery” product orders.

How to Register as a Seller on Amazon

How to Register as a Seller on Amazon

If you want to scale your business and enter the international market, you should register an Amazon store. This is perhaps the largest retail store in the United States, where you can sell products even if you don’t live in the US.

Getting started with Amazon is not as difficult as it might seem. So, let’s now learn how to register as seller on amazon.

Step-By-Step Guide

You can utilize your client account to activate your seller account, or you can even open a new account on Amazon as a seller using your business e-mail ID. However, before you create an account, ensure you are prepared with the following details:

What You Will Need

  • Business email ID or Amazon buyer account
  • Address Proof & details on your item pick-up point
  • Government Identity Proof (identity proof protects customers and sellers on Amazon)
  • Internationally chargeable cards (credit cards)
  • Active contact number
  • Tax details
  • An active bank account so that Amazon can deposit your funds every 7 days.
  • Canceled Cheque needed for registration
  • Proof of business registration

How To Do It?

  • Go to the given link
  • On the right corner, you get options like “Log In” and “Sign up”
  • Click “Sign up”
  • Soon after clicking the orange Sign Up Option, you will immediately land on the registration page to become a professional seller on Amazon.
  • As soon as it comes to seller plans on Amazon, you have 2 options: individual and professional.
  • As soon as you “sign up” for a professional account, you’ll have to pay $39.99 per month for the first month. For other months that a seller doesn’t have any operational listings, the seller won’t have to pay the $39.99 for that particular month. As soon as you sell a product, you’ll be charged again.
  • Once you have chosen the plan that’s suitable for you, another window will appear. Here you will have to enter your business email ID and a password for your account.
  • Click “Next” when you are done and then you will be taken to another page where you will have to put a “verification code” received via email.
  • This way, your email gets verified by Amazon
  • As soon as the code is verified, you will be taken to another screen automatically
  • Next, you will have to share the following details:
    • Location of your business
    • Type of your business
    • Your full name
    • Your details
    • Your billing details
  • Now Add the details for your Amazon store and product(s)
  • Go through the Identity verification
  • Once you are verified, you are in!


In simple terms, Amazon does a lot of things itself. You just have to correctly fill out the details on the site. So, make sure you properly follow the above-mentioned steps to register as a seller on Amazon.

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