What does a mobile app developer do?

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A mobile app developer creates applications for smartphones and other mobile devices. These apps may be mobile versions of web or computer-based apps, or they may be designed specifically for mobiles. Mobile app developers can work independently or for software development companies.

What does a mobile app developer do

Responsibilities of a mobile app developer.

Common duties for a mobile app developer can include the following: Liaison with clients to discuss the development of an application; brainstorming potential design ideas with colleagues; developing a project plan for a new application; code writing for a new application; debugging and fixing coding errors; creating patches to correct errors in a new application; and, updating existing applications.

Training to become a mobile app developer.

Employers like mobile app developers to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. They also value professional certification in certain programming languages which are compatible with their work. Independent app developer don’t need a formal degree, but they may benefit from completing courses to improve their coding and app design knowledge.

Necessary skills for a mobile app developer:

Adaptability and analysis.

Mobile app developers may have to adapt to unexpected changes during the development of a new app arising during the coding process. Adaptability allows them to respond effectively and maintain high standards for their work. For an app developer, analytical skills are important for identifying beneficial features to include in a new app. Analysis also allows for the identification of areas for improvement or potential solutions to problems.

Communication and problem-solving.

Clear communication ensures a unified vision for a project. App developers should be able to discuss progress and update plans during the development of an application. They may be required to make corrections to code or alterations to plans for a new application to be able to function correctly. Strong problem-solving skills are therefore essential for mobile app developers.

Computer programming and dedicated learning.

Knowledge of coding languages is a core competency for a mobile app developer.  Being able to work with a range of programming languages may improve your options when seeking employment. It follows that it may be beneficial to continue your education even after finding employment. The software development field is continuously developing, so by continuing to learn you can keep abreast of developments in the field.

Creativity and teamwork.

As a mobile app developer, strong creative ability will help you to design appealing new applications. During the debugging phase of a development project, creativity may help you to identify potential solutions to problems. It is quite common for app developers to work in a team. This facilitates the creation of large multi-function apps which would require excessive development time if produced by a single developer. Teamwork skills allow for the maximisation of individual talents within a collective effort.

A mobile app developer can work in a variety of environments. A freelancer, for example, may work at home or rent an office space. A developer who works for an employer may work remotely or in an office. They may also visit clients at their place of business to discuss development projects.

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