How To Train Like a Pro Soccer Player?

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Training like a professional soccer player won’t be easy, especially because they mostly focus on conditioning. This means that there will be a lot of cardio and strict dieting to keep your body in mint condition. It can be much easier to stay in the gym the whole day instead of running laps for an hour. But everything depends on your goal because some players even get bulked during the off-season.

It’s easier to stay home and look at the Champions League predictions instead of preparing for it. Each position has its own training routine, so you can find a lot of options when searching online. Goalkeeper training won’t even look similar to what forward players are doing during the day. The same goes for the backline, which needs more strength instead of conditioning.

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Choose a Position

Because there are different training routines for each position, the first thing is to choose what you would like to achieve. For example, goalkeepers will work on their reaction time, reflexes, strength, and just a bit on conditioning. This doesn’t mean that their training is easy; those who would like to become goalkeepers need to work twice harder because it’s very hard to improve reaction time.

Defenders are usually stronger than other people on the field, so they need to visit the gym more often and be able to spring a lot for short distances. You will notice when watching your Champions League predictions today that defenders tend to spring and walk a lot during the game. On the other hand, midfielders will constantly run because they need to be open for the ball, and forward players will work on their skill and precision.

Training Example for Every Role

There are some training routines that everyone should do, and they involve both conditioning and strength training. It’s similar to what you can see in a Crossfit gym, just less risky, considering that it’s quite easy to get injured. Everything should start with a warm-up which can be jogging for a few minutes.

The first part of the training should include the following:

  • Explosiveness.
  • So four sets of ten box jumps.
  • Three sets of five 40-yard sprints.
  • Sixty seconds of mountain climbing in a push-up position.
  • Some exercise with a ball.

This will get your blood rushing, and you can start working on your conditioning. This can include five sets of ten-minute jogging and ten-second sprints without pause.

After finishing the first part of conditioning, finish it with a 12-minute jog which is usually used for testing the players. Everything mentioned can be used in one training session, and on the next day would be only the gym.

Playing Games

No one from your Champions League picks didn’t reach the league without focusing on the gameplay a lot. Every week should be a game day because that’s the only way to learn the ins and outs of the game. There are always the same type of players that you will play against, so always analyze your opponents if you want to win.

This will allow you to figure out faster who plays in which way, and you will know how to beat them. It’s also a perfect way to figure out what you need to work on; you might need more cardio in your training routine if you can’t run for 90 minutes.

Healthy Diet

There isn’t a player that reached the top level with a poor diet, even if you see some of them eating everything they like. They can afford to do it because they have already reached their goals. Most of the diets will include low carb and almost no sugar.

Supplementation is a huge thing nowadays, and even people that are not professional athletes are using them. Things like protein and creatine are some of the essentials when it comes to supplementation. Always consult with your trainer if you want to buy supplements.

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