How Do I Fix Zelle Payment Failed Issue

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Zelle is among the most widely applied applications that serve the goal of sending/receiving funds to your friends or family. And this stunning application is backed by some really famous banks in the US, a few of them being Capital One, Chase, Ally, Bank of America, and many more. Zelle has made a transaction of around $307 billion too in the single year of 2020 and defeated Paypal and Venmo. 

If you are facing the problem of Zelle’s failed payment then here is the one-stop destination that’s gonna fetch you all the answers to why did my Zelle payment fail? 

What happens when a Zelle payment fails but I have paid the money? 

zelle payment failed but money taken

We understand the exasperation within you on encountering a failed payment. You have given the money but a message appears on your screen saying that the payment has failed, you must be worrying about your money, right? But don’t worry, we are here to help! You can resolve this problem in a hassle-free way by just following the few basic methods that we are going to magnify here. So, first, let’s discuss the reason why your Zelle payment failed, and with that, you will also get the desired solution.

Why did my Zelle payment fail? 

There can be tons of reasons why a message of Zelle payment failed showing up on your screen. Figuring out the main thief behind this issue is the trickiest part. Once this is done, 75% of the job is done. So, let’s have a look into the 5 major reasons along with top hacks:

  • Update required

An outdated application is one of the serious culprits that make it stop working. So people, keep your application or your device updated to the latest version to avert these kinds of bugs. So before we proceed further with other solutions to your problem, kindly check the update for your application and device and keep the latest Zelle application version. 

It’s a proven fact that updating and installing the current version of the Zelle application itself solves the problem of Zelle’s failed payment. But if not, hang in there for more solutions.

Note: You can also navigate to your settings and search for auto updates. Over there, switch the auto update on for the Zelle application so that you don’t face any update issues in the near future. 

  • The bank is unverified

If you have added your bank account (which should be based in the US) or your debit card in the Zelle application, only then you are qualified enough to make the sending/receiving transactions. In case the bank account associated with the Zelle account does not support this service, then you have to consider some other option. Look out for a bank that fulfils this feature and then you may add your debit card or bank account with the application. 

In addition to this, you gotta make sure that your email Id and most importantly your phone number are linked with your bank account. And if it’s not, then please go to your bank asap and get it done. 

  • Bank server is down

It is heavily possible that you might bump into a situation where the bank’s server is down and you are not able to process your payment. So in this case, all you can do is wait till their server restores back. Once the server starts operating at its best, processing the pending payments would get done in a blink of an eye.

  • A VPN Has been used

A VPN stands for a virtual private network that helps in maintaining your privacy by not showing your location and other private details. For banks to process your payment, these little details are hell crucial but VPN coming into the picture leads to Zelle failed payment. So, if the VPN is switched on, then you should consider switching it off to make the payments as normally as you do. 

  • The details are wrong or unauthorised

If you are facing the issue of why my Zelle payment fails very frequently, then you should simply check the account of the recipient. Their account should be active and the payment should be authorised by both ends. 

zelle payment failed

You should wait for at least a few hours and then go for the payment again. If the payment is urgent then you can also try to send the money to the recipient’s account through any different platform as well. 

Contacting the customer service of Zelle and seeking expert advice on it would be the best and safest decision to go for. The team will guide you along with some troubleshooting steps to get your money back. 

Once the problem behind your zelle failed payment has been detected and solved, you can make the payment again. 

How much time does it take to get my money back after a Zelle failed payment? 

If there are some questions bouncing in your mind such as when will I get my money back, is my payment was processed or not, and how will I get to know about it, then check out the below checkpoints:

  • For a declined payment to get back from Zelle, it may take up to two weeks. You will be notified about it by the Zelle team through an email or a message, so keep an eye on it. 
  • If you didn’t receive any mail regarding the pending zelle payment within the suggested time frame, then there is a probability that you have provided them with insufficient information on your account. This is what is stopping them from sending you the pending payment. 
  • Now also if things don’t work in your favor, then try connecting to the customer care service. 


To put it in final words, we discussed the major reasons driving Zelle’s payment failure and the top hacks to fix the Zelle payment failed. If you wish to learn more, then contact Zelle customer care. They are always happy to help.

Happy transactions!

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