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Looking for Frontier change flight options? Frontier knows that there can be a change in plans. That is why it allows an easy and streamlined process to get any change to your booked flight. Here we will discuss in detail how you can make changes to your booked Frontier flight. 

Frontier change flight Policy

frontier airlines change flight

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Frontier change flight policy:

Frontier Airlines Change Fee

In case you wish to make the changes in the itinerary, log in to My Trip to manage your booking. You can cancel or change your ticket online through Frontier Reservation. This is an applicable Frontier Airlines change fee or the difference in fare if it is higher than the previous one. If the changes are done within 24 hours of the booking there is no fee charged.

Flight Flexibility 

You can also avoid paying fees by buying Flight Flexibility or choosing a bundle that has it. If you purchase Flight Flexibility i.e. your first itinerary change, then it should be made on or the through mobile app. The change should be made 24 hours before the departure of the flight. Such changes are subject to no fee. However, there are applicable fare differences. 

Frontier Airlines Same Day Change

Do you wish to change to a different flight on the same day of traveling. This change depends upon the availability of the changed flight. You can either change to an earlier or later flight for a non-refundable fee per traveler. To get Frontier Airlines same day change option, you will have to talk to the customer representative of the airline. 

Frontier Airlines Name Change

Usually, name changes are not allowed. If it is, then there is a Frontier Airlines name change fee applicable to it. Also, the traveler needs to provide supporting documents to it.

Advance Purchase Fares

For all the advance purchase fares, changes are usually not permitted. There is a high Frontier Airlines change fee if the changes are allowed. 

Non-Refundable Fares

If there are non-refundable fares, you cannot change or cancel a flight. There can be a complete loss of the ticket fare if it is done. 

Date and Time Changes

Travelers can change the time and date of the time of the flight. You can change the time and date of the flight within the same route without any fee subject to the availability of the flight. 

However, there is a fare difference that you might have to pay. 

Route Changes

You can change the route of the flight on a certain Frontier Airlines change fee and the difference in fare. The fare difference and the change fee are based on the new route and availability. 

Contacting Frontier

To get flight changes, travelers can call Frontier customer service through various channels—mobile app, phone or website. It is better to get to know the Frontier change flight policy. 

How to Do Frontier Change Flight?

You can easily begin with the Frontier change flight process. Here are the steps to do so. 

Access Your Booking

Go to the official website of the airline. Locate the Manage My Booking or My Trips option. Enter your booking reference which is on the booking confirmation email sent by the airline. Also, enter your last name to review the flight details. 

Review Change Options

After you have accessed your booking details, review the options available for Frontier change flight. This can be changing the dates, name, destinations or other details of your booked flight. 

Select New Flight

Pick from the new available flight options. This might include choosing a new date, time or destination for your flight. Ensure to check all the details in order to get your new flight details in a precise manner. 

Pay Any Applicable Fees

Based on the type of fare you can originally buy the changes that you are making. You will have to pay Frontier Airlines change fee or any fare difference. The website displays the fees and pays accordingly after confirming the changes. 

Confirm Changes

Once you have chosen the new flight and paid the fees, review the changes so that you can make sure that you have entered all the details correctly. 

Receive Confirmation

Once you have confirmed the changes, you will receive the new booking and confirmation on your given mail ID. save this confirmation to keep for your records later on.

When is Frontier Change Flight FREE?

If you wonder how to make the changes for free, then here are various ways mentioned to avoid paying Frontier Airlines change fee

  • Changing the flight before more than 60 days of the scheduled departure or up to 24 hours of the purchasing of the ticket for a flight that departs within a week or more days later costs you nothing.
  • You don’t find the right alternative flight option that fits your needs after canceling the flight with no charges.
  • On the purchase of WORKS bundle or the Flight Flexibility option, there are no charges.
  • If the Frontier flight gets rescheduled and the new flight is not a fit for you, you can change your itinerary free of charge as long as you don’t change travel class or route. 
  • On falling ill or in case a family member falls ill or dies and you have the documents to support the case, you can change your itinerary with no charges. 
  • If you have been called suddenly for any jury duty or receive orders from the military, you can change the itinerary with no Frontier Airlines change fee

FAQs About Frontier Airlines Flight Change Rules

Will I get a refund if Frontier changes my flight? 

In case Frontier cancels your flight and you don’t want to travel at the newly available option offered to you:
* You receive a confirmation email giving the information of the available options.
* You receive your fare and other services that are optional. 
* You need to enter the Frontier refund request form to receive a refund. 

What can I do if Frontier cancels or changes my flight?

There can be times when Frontier performs changes or cancels your flight.  These changes or cancelations can be for many reasons and should be handled with care as we realize that there can be an impact on the customers. You will be sent a link through text or email to choose a different flight or to get a refund when available. Just follow the link when notified. 

How do I change my Frontier flight?

You can make changes to your Frontier flight through the website. All you have to do is access your booking through the Manage my Booking option. The Alternative option to this is you call Frontier Airlines customer service for making any changes.  

Is there a fee for changing my Frontier flight?

Fee for changing the Frontier flight depends upon the fare type, route type and other details. For example if there is Frontier Airlines name change you might have to pay the fare difference or a certain fee.

Can I change my Frontier flight for free?

Frontier offers flexibility with The WORKS Bundle which consists of the benefits like free flight changes (might include a Frontier Airlines change fee) seat selection, checked bags and priority boarding. Apart from such changes there can be fees incurred.

Are there any restrictions on changing my Frontier flight?

There are restrictions based on the type of fares that you have purchased. For example Basic Fares may have more limited change options available when compared to standard or flexible fares. Further, the changes are subject to the availability of flights.

Can I change my Frontier flight at the airport?

Yes, you have the option to change your flight even at the airport. However, it is generally recommended to do the changes online or via customer service before reaching the airport. This avoids long waits or standing in the queue with potential fees incurred to it.

What happens if I miss my Frontier flight?

In case you miss a Frontier flight, you might have to pay Frontier Airlines change fee to change to a different flight out of the available options. Apart from this you might also have to pay the difference in fare. It is necessary that you contact Frontier Airlines as soon as possible to get the various options available on time. 

Can I change my Frontier flight to a different destination?

You are allowed to have Frontier change flight options to your existing flight wherein you can change the destination of your flight. However, this incurs Frontier Airlines change fee or a difference in fare to the new ticket and old ticket.

How far in advance can I change my Frontier flight?

Frontier change flight can be done up to a certain number of hours or days prior to the scheduled departure time. This depends on the Frontier Flight Change Policy and the type of fare that you have purchased.

Can I cancel my Frontier flight instead of changing it?

You can cancel your Frontier flight. However, the refund depends on the varying factors such as the fare type and how far in advance you cancel. For example, Basic Fares are non-refundable very often. 

Is travel insurance recommended for changing Frontier flights?

On buying travel insurance you get the coverage for unexpected scenarios leading to Frontier flight change or cancelations such as weather, illness or anything else. In the spike of anticipation it is better that you get the travel insurance issued.

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