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In the past few years, more and more businesses are looking to use video marketing to their advantage. More than 80% of marketers that adopted social media marketing strategies are satisfied with the return on investment. The importance of video marketing has grown in the recent times of the COVID pandemic.

According to stats, more than 60% of customers have increased their video-watching time during the COVID pandemic. While big businesses hire video experts for making promotional videos, small businesses often struggle. What is the perfect video marketing strategy for small businesses in 2022? Continue reading to know how to edit/create videos easily for your small business in 2022.

Why is video editing important?

You cannot publish videos directly after recording them. Marketing videos need that extra effort to look professional. Small businesses often ignore the post-recording process while sharing marketing videos. You need to spend some time editing your videos to make them more effective.

What can editing add to your marketing videos? Well, you can add color filters, transitions, animation elements, stickers, closed captions, and much more to your marketing videos. Editing helps you spot mistakes in your video and fix them before sharing them with the viewers. Many times, lighting and audio issues occur in the marketing videos.

You cannot share a marketing video with audio or lighting issues directly. You need to fix those issues to offer a better experience to your customers. Video editing allows you to share professional marketing videos that offer a seamless viewing experience.

How to edit small business videos?

One of the biggest concerns for small businesses is that they do not have sufficient funds to make high-quality marketing videos. Well, most of the small businesses believe that they need professional video makers for their marketing content. Contrary to the popular belief, marketing videos can be created without the help of expert individuals.

Even if you are a beginner in video-making, you can still make professional marketing videos. By using an online video editor, you can create professional videos to promote your products/services. An online video editor comes with pre-set editing effects that are a click away. Even a newbie can create marketing videos easily with online free editing software.

Getting a video editor subscription is much more economical than hiring an expert for making videos. If you don’t want to invest anything at all, you can go for free video editing software. Small businesses can choose InVideo as their video editing platform in 2022. You can either get a subscription for the InVideo editor or use the lifetime free version.

When choosing a video editing platform for your small business, you need to consider the user interface. If you are not an expert video maker, you need to use an editor with a simple UI. Go for a video editor that allows you to edit videos with the drag-and-drop technique. Make sure you read the specifications of a video editor before getting a subscription.

Tips for editing small business videos

Even if you use the right video editing tool, you still need to know common practices that make a video engaging. Many small businesses are trying to increase their market share with video marketing. There are many new business ideas for retail in the age of social media. To stand out among all the businesses, you need to produce extraordinary video content. Some tips to make better small business marketing videos in 2022 are as follows:

Use stock images and video clips

Consider that you need some nature images to include in your marketing video. You do not have a high-quality camera and cannot find picturesque natural spots around you. It is where you can use scenic stock images to complete your project. A video editor provides you with thousands of stock pictures and video clips.

Stock media files offered by a video editor are free for commercial use. By using stock images, you aren’t ignoring copyright conditions. Also, you can save time while working on a video project for your small business.

Use license-free audio files

While editing your videos, you need to include catchy background music. Music can set the tone and mood right for your small business video. However, many small businesses often fail to use background music in their videos due to copyright claims.

When you use a video editor, you don’t have to worry about copyright claims for background sound. A video editor will offer you a music library of license-free audio tracks. You can use any license-free sound/music for your small business videos as they all are free for commercial use.

When making videos for your small business, try to time your cuts to the music beat. One should place transitions per the music beats to make your videos appealing. A video editor could help you break down a sound into small waves and time the cuts/transitions.

Store your media files

After you complete a video project, you should not discard the media files. It is better to store media elements used in a video for further repurposing. You should store media files folder-wise for each project. Video repurposing is a smart way of spending less time making business videos.

Make social media optimized videos for your small business

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are perfect for small businesses to share videos. However, you should know that the video orientation differs from one social media platform to another. Aspect ratio, video length, and many other dimensions change when you switch from one platform to another.

If you do not optimize your marketing videos according to ideal dimensions, it will not offer a seamless viewing experience. Video editors offer pre-set options to create optimized videos for social media platforms.

Create short videos for your small business

Users prefer to watch short marketing videos on social media sites. No one will pay attention if you publish a marketing video of 30 minutes on social media sites. Make videos with length around 2-4 minutes with catchy content.

You can also create 15-second promo videos to post Instagram stories. Social media stories can increase the reach of your small business. You can also create animated GIFs and motion pictures for your small business with a video editor.


Small businesses often restrict themselves to sharing promo images on social media sites. By following a video marketing strategy, you can boost traffic on social media channels. You can also create brand videos for your website to drive engagement. Editing your brand videos can become easy if you use a video editor. With a video editor, you can make powerful brand videos without investing much. Start making powerful brand videos in 2022!

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