Can You Invest in Gold through Vanguard?

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Investment in precious metals is worth it. Many people have chosen to invest in these ageless assets and are grateful that they did. You can have the same experience as well.

However, this calls for adequate knowledge of the precious metal market. That includes the right way to invest, the right company to engage for this purpose, and a couple of other things. For more information about this, you can visit:

Invest in Gold through Vanguard

Identifying and utilizing the services of the right company for this purpose is paramount. You need to understand the services of various companies to do this. To this end, this article discusses how you can invest in Gold by using the services of Vanguard

and a couple of other things about this company. So, read on to be well-informed.

Is Vanguard a Scam or a Reputable Company?

Vangaurd invest Gold

It is undoubtedly a reputable company that has existed for a long time. There are also positive reviews and ratings about this company littered over the internet. So, people who engage this company in whatsoever capacity can be certain that they are engaging a reputable company.

History of Vanguard

As of the time of writing this article, this company has almost 5 decades of experience offering various services to people who want to invest in the precious metal market. So, it is safe to say that Vanguard is not in any way a newbie in the industry. Furthermore, it has established itself over the years as one of the leading forces for clients who need and want to invest in precious metals.

One of the things that stands out about this company is its commitment to sticking to the services that it has offered over the years. For example, there is no such thing as Vanguard Gold IRA services, despite the wide range of investment services that it offers. For several reasons, Vanguard has made precious metal investment a possibility for its clients but not through this means.

Ways to Invest in Gold through Vanguard

Ways to Invest in Gold through Vanguard

On the whole, there is no direct possibility of investing in precious metals by using the services of this company. Be that as it may, it is still possible to make the most of what the precious metal market can offer with some of its indirect investment services.

For the record, this does not amount to a substandard way of investing in precious metals. Some of these investment methodseven have advantages over direct investment for several reasons. Having made this known, some of the various ways to invest in precious metals using Vanguard’s services include the following:

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Several precious metal ETFs can be invested in simply by using the services of this company. One admirable thing about this company is that it charges zero commission when trading on many of these Exchange Traded Funds.

The implication is that the investment cost is significantly reduced as a result of this admirable act. However, you should make inquiries as commissions may apply to certain ETFs. By the way, SLV and GLD are two of the very common precious metal ETFs that can be dealt with using Vanguard’s ETF services.

Mutual Fund

This company is very structured with its mutual fund service. To provide a better perspective, the company runs a mutual fund that has a sizable portion of pulled resources invested in various precious metal tangible and intangible assets.

This ensures that clients achieve a greater level of portfolio diversification. This mutual fund, which is fondly known as VGPMX, is Vanguard Precious Metals and Mining Fund.

Furthermore, there is usually a minimum investment amount for clients who want to take advantage of the mutual fund service. As of the time of writing this article, the minimum investment amount was set at 3,000 dollars.

However, it is worth noting that things like this can be reviewed, especially periodically. This is why it is important to get regular updates. You can check here if you are interested in finding out more details about VGPMX.


Stocks are usually associated with the traditional financial investment market. However, there are precious metal-backed kinds of stocks.

Examples include junior gold miners’ stocks, gold mining stocks, stocks of companies that offer technological services in the precious metal market, and several others. Trading such stocks presents an indirect but potentially profitable pathway to the precious metal market.

Bonds and CDs (Certificates of Deposits)

This option provides fixed-income dividends for investors after an agreed period. However, it should be noted that they are usually more capital-intensive than several other options. Their profit margin and low-risk profile are among the reasons for this.

By the way, there are differences between both of them. The differences are in areas that include the length of the maturity date, insurance, and tax privileges. For more information about the differences between both, you can visit:

Benefits of Precious Metal Investment through Vanguard

It has been stressed several times here that Vanguard’s services do not allow for direct precious metal investment. Below, we will discuss some of the advantages in question.


All the precious metal investment assets that the services of Vanguard offer can be easily purchased, as well as sold. This makes the life of investors who use their services a lot easier, as they do not have to worry about liquidating their assets when they decide to do so.


This is one of the strongest arguments in favor of non-direct investment in precious metals. For example, running a precious metal IRA plan means that you have to choose metals that you want to invest in.

Well, these services enable you to have a taste of several things in the market. This is good for expanding your investment portfolio and offers several benefits. For example, several assets would be performing well even if one or a few are not doing so well at a given period.

Low Costs

Indirect investment saves you the trouble of being responsible for certain costs. Precious metal storage cost, which is hugely associated with Gold IRA investment, is a typical example.

But in addition to this, Vanguard as a company is known to be very generous in this regard. For example, there are no commission fees that apply to several ETFs as mentioned early on.

In Conclusion

There are more benefits than discussed above. Others include transparency, accessibility, tax efficiency, and professional management of investment portfolios, which is very important.

For these reasons, indirect investment in precious metals is not a terrible idea. However, it is important that people who consider investing this way make use of the services of the right company. It is to this end that the services of Vanguard have been discussed here. So, make educated investment decisions going forward.

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