How to use CBD for anxiety

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Benefits of CBD Flower

Stress and anxiety are at loose in the modern world, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Around the globe, average people are choosing to adapt rather than resist, trying new, natural approaches to daily difficulties that deliver relief without the downsides.

At the head of this revolution in natural health is CBD flower, a smokable form of hemp that doesn’t get you high. Lab-tested CBD flower is guaranteed to be contaminant free, and it’s almost as guaranteed to deliver a wave of relaxation that most users report doesn’t have any side effects.

Learn how CBD might be the answer to your stress and anxiety in this guide.

What Is CBD Flower?

First, what exactly is CBD flower? The term refers to the harvested, dried, and cured buds of the hemp plant, which naturally contains high concentrations of CBD. In recent years, hemp breeders have managed to produce strains containing such high concentrations of CBD that you can experience significant effects from smoking it, ushering in the smokable CBD flower revolution.

What Does CBD Flower Do?

Unlike the type of cannabis you might be used to, CBD flower does not cause any form of intoxication. The relaxing feelings CBD provides couldn’t be considered a “high” since they don’t interfere with your state of mind or result in dependence. Even so, CBD does have a psychoactive effect — it gently soothes your nervous system, potentially helping you relax when you need it.

Does CBD Flower Help with Anxiety?

Prompted by countless users who have reported that CBD was effective for their anxiety, researchers have recently started looking at the potential anxiety-relieving properties of CBD more seriously. In 2019, for instance, a large clinical study found that 79.2% of participants reported CBD effective against their anxiety, providing a piece of major, convincing evidence in favor of CBD’s potential anxiolytic properties.

Does CBD Flower Help with Stress?

CBD has been investigated as a potential anti-stress tool since at least 2015. Though stress and anxiety are intimately interrelated, stress is a harder measure to observe or define, leading to a paucity of studies on the subject of CBD and stress. Average users, however, agree that CBD is an excellent anti-stress tool, and many rely on it for stress reduction on a daily basis.

Benefits of CBD Flower

Not only is CBD flower easy to use, but it’s a purer and more potent option than practically anything else out there. In shorthand, CBD flower is:

  • The pure and natural form of CBD — straight off the vine
  • Available in lots of different strains — hybrid, indica, and sativa
  • Faster at delivering the effects of CBD — 30 seconds to a minute
  • More potent — Bypasses the digestive tract to go straight to the brain
  • An ideal replacement for cigarettes for smokers — No nicotine, no addiction

Is Smoking CBD Flower Safe?

Evidence suggests that human beings have smoked cannabis for thousands of years, often for medicinal purposes. During all this time, cannabis has never been reported to have any serious negative effects, providing centuries upon centuries of evidence attesting to the safety of smoking all-natural hemp or cannabis flower.

CBD flower is only as safe, however, as the person who grows it. It’s possible to grow CBD flower just as nature intended (albeit with more CBD), but it’s also possible to transfigure hemp horticulture into a soulless corporate enterprise. Choose your hemp flower manufacturer wisely since there is great disparity in quality between producers.

Can You Vape CBD Flower?

If you’re looking for an alternative way to use CBD flower, you can always consider vaping instead of smoking it. From handheld, rechargeable “dry herb vape pens” to large, desktop devices like the Volcano Classic, there are many options at your disposal if you’d rather inhale vapor than smoke. There are also CBD vape cartridges to consider, which contain CBD concentrate rather than flower.

CBD Flower for Stress: Anywhere, Anytime

From a raucous smoke sesh in the backyard to a discreet puff on your dry herb vape along your daily sidewalk route, CBD flower is there whenever you need a relief from the grind and the inevitable stressors it brings. The best part? You won’t get high, so you’ll be able to face life’s challenges with a clear mind. Give CBD flower a try today to understand its unique benefits for yourself.

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