Impact of Lifestyle and Technology Developments on Sleep

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Technology has changed everyone’s life and it has now become an essential part of everyone’s life. Mobiles, tablets, computers, and TVs, we are surrounded by screens from morning till night. However, the mentioned devices are very useful in our daily life but they are also negative causes to our body. It has the most negative effect on the natural cycles of our body and it also reduces our quality and healthy sleep.

The distribution of rapid eye movements and nocturnal sleep was discovered around 1950. Whereas, many basics and clinical types of research have been done in the last seven decades. It helps to understand the causes and mechanisms of sleep disorders. Also, it enables clinical diagnosis and treatment methods to be applied interchangeably. It is important to note that sleep disorders existed and were described long before the middle of the 20th century. The following will provide a review of available investigations suggesting links between various existing lifestyle factors and sleep disturbances. The underlying mechanisms have some of the consequences of sleep disturbances related to lifestyle factors.

Technological Developments and Circadian Desynchrony

Shift Work

It is observed that 25% of the people are working in different shifts beyond the standard day shift. There has been substantial research into the effects of shift work on sleep and related health and achievement outcomes.

Many people have researched sleep norms in different shift work. Employees working the night shift later reported that they get less sleep during the day. The Objective and subjective measures of a good night’s sleep are for several days’ work. They sleep in the morning shift and the morning shift. Employees working the morning shift get less sleep due to waking up early in the morning and falling asleep later in the day. Also, low sleep and excessive sleepiness have been implicated as mediators of poor safety, productivity, performance, and health in shift workers who sleep on the morning shift. Apart from this, you must take care not to ingest essential oils. It can negatively affect your body if you are working on a different shift. As it makes you more tired and minimizes the REM sleep power.

Flexible Work System

Flexible work systems in which workers have to work are not limited to traditional working hours. Flexibility is a relatively new concept in organizational management that is linked to the trends of the global economy. Such non-standard work schedules are highly preferred among organizations and may include working evenings, weekends, call hours, or a short work week.

A study was conducted comparing traditional and non-traditional work schedules. Physical health, mental health, and sleep quality scores were consistently higher among traditional schedule workers. Specifically, those who worked irregular shifts and narrow workweeks had significantly lower sleep quality.

Electronic Media

Several associations have reported that widespread electronic media use in children and adults has disrupted their sleeping patterns. Electronic media exposure is therefore associated with later sleepiness and shorter sleep duration in children and adolescents. The presence of media devices in the bedroom is associated with an increased risk of falling asleep later and a shorter sleep duration. A study on young men and women looked at the psychological effects of various information and communication technologies (ICTs), internet surfing for women, and an increase in cell phone calls for men. And an increase in SMS messages was found to increase the risk of developing sleep disturbances.

Cain and Guardian have suggested a model that uses. Factors mediating are the effects of electronic media on sleep in young individuals. In this model, background variables such as age, socioeconomic status, and parental controls can influence the intensity of electronic media use. The presence or absence of media devices in the bedroom is also included.

However, for a good night’s sleep, you should consider a better blanket for sleep. You choose a weighted blanket that is good for healthy sleep. For it, you can try the Duvet blanket. They are thick and better than the comforter blanket. A duvet cover is a fabric pouch that you have to use in a duvet blanket, and also you have to change it within 4-5 months. 

Tips for Using Technology at Night

Experts advise everyone to avoid blue light-emitting devices like cell phones, computers, tablets, etc for a few hours before sleeping. However, many people are using electronic devices. Nowadays for their work or school purposes, it is not always possible for everyone to avoid these devices before going to bed. Still, some ways may not have much impact on technology use and encourage quality and healthy sleep rest at night.

Create a Screen-Free Bedtime Routine: If you aren’t able to avoid using technology in the evening, set up a routine for rest time. It will signal to your body that it is time to rest. It also helps in avoiding the device during your rest time.

Keep Electronic Devices Away From Your Bed: Whenever you sleep, keep your devices away from the bed. If you’re on the back, like on the phone, it’ll feel like scrolling. If you do this then it induces your body to sleep. Avoiding screens just before bed can encourage your body’s natural wakefulness and sleep cycle.

Dim Your Light: The screen is not just an object, it emits blue light. Fluorescent and LED bulbs may emit some level of blue light and provide a better night’s rest. Less light in the evening can help prepare your body for rest.

Use Night Time Mode: Most of the devices nowadays have the Night Mode option. Through which you can dim the screen and reduce the amount of blue light that is filtered out.

Blue Blocker Glass: Blue light-blocking glasses are glasses that have been made using special coatings to filter out blue light. These glasses reduce some of the effects of blue light on the device’s vision.


You should use the technique in the right way so that it does not harm your health. Also, prefer working during the day as it does not affect your night’s sleep and your sleep. Apart from this, if you work a night shift then prefer to work at that time only. Never prefer to work in different shifts.

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