Instructions for Trimming a Christmas Tree

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Many families have a long-standing custom of decorating a Christmas tree. Nearly everyone has some familiarity with the components of a Christmas tree, including bulbs, wreath, glitter, and baubles. However, there is a practically infinite number of ways in which you may decorate your Christmas tree to reflect your own sense of style, heritage, and environment. The greatest Christmas trees are decked to the rafters with handmade and store-bought decorations, as well as memories, rituals, and gifts from years past.

Put the lights on the Christmas tree

Putting lights on a Xmas tree is the first stage in the tree-decorating process. If you’ve got a black Xmas tree, you may now buy Christmas tree lights that aren’t limited to the traditional colors. To ensure that the wire is not visible, choose a strand color that is similar to that of your tree. The most exciting effect is achieved by lighting the Christmas tree from inside. Beginning at the tree’s base, work your way to the top, wrapping lights around each main limb as you go. After going all the way around the tree, give the branches a good fluffing.

put lights on a christmas tree

It’s OK to combine several kinds of lighting to create an effect you prefer. Wrapping the tree’s outer branches with colorful lights is one way to draw attention to a white or clear backdrop, for instance.

Decorate the tree with a garland of Christmas lights

christmas garlands lights

When it comes to putting garland around a Christmas tree, there are no hard and fast rules. Begin at the highest point of the tree and gradually increase the quantity of wreath among each pattern while you continue your journey down the branches to prevent limbs bulging between firmly tightened garland strands. The standard recommendation is to use 2 layers of wreath per each one foot the tree is up.

Now that you know how to use ribbon horizontally, you can take your tree decorating to the next level by using ribbon vertically, draping ribbon from the top of the tree all the way down to the base.

Take care of the hangings

hanging christmas tree

A little bit of holiday spirit can go a long way when applied to doors, windows, and furniture. If you hang ornaments from the doorknobs, each room you enter will seem more festive. Without a large focal point like a tree, you can still fill your home with holiday cheer by wrapping bannisters with tinsel or arranging little decorations on windowsills. Although doorknobs are the most typical place to display them, they are equally beautiful when mounted on walls or the edge of a bookcase. If you are short on wall space, you could always just put one straight on a side table instead. 

Finally, remember that ornaments are not the only method to get into the holiday spirit at home. If you want to bring some holiday cheer to your bedroom and get into the spirit of the season even as you drift off to sleep, make the beds with a few Christmas-themed sheets and blankets. In the evenings, while watching your favorite holiday movie, try using a fun mug or serving dishes.

The bottom line

It does not require a lot of labor to have a beautiful tree for the holidays. All you need is some basic information from our tree-decorating experts and an appreciation for how things go together. In this lesson, you will learn the proper way to adorn an Xmas tree. Keep in mind that the effort put into decorating as a family is more essential than any perceived imperfections in the final product. But following these instructions will guarantee that the tree is cherished and stunning.

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