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To all the lovely readers who are reading out this write up, it’s for you. Ever struck with a thought that with the tons of knowledge that you possess after all your reading, you can write also!? It’s time to show that to the world too. brings you a special delight to provide the articles, guest posts. Yes fellas, you heard it right!

Who are we? is leading online information portal over the globe. We allows writers to contribute peace of content to which gives right and updated informations to its users. You need to search “write for us” to find us on google. Writers can write related to technology, beauty, travel, life style, business etc but make sure they are writing authentic and update content with, So that user will find useful info from

What’s in the store for you?

  1. Get your content read by the top global companies and leaders
  2. Positive and fruitful bonds with other writers in the market field
  3. High web traffic on your articles
  4. Get a link back to your webpage if you own one.
  5. A wonderful chance to showcase your out of the box writing skills
  6. Get the desired credit and acknowledgment for your work

Important rules in Write for us

  • SEO Friendly: Your articles will be at the bottom of the search list if it doesn’t contain the right amount of SEO keywords that users specifically use to type while searching. So that makes SEO keywords a very crucial element while you write for us.
  • Plagiarism check: The content should be purely cooked out of your mind, nothing should be copy pasted from any source.
    • (Hint: before submitting you can check the free plag software to check out the authenticity of your write up.)
  • Correctness: Be aware of all the facts that you are quoting, the phrases, spellings and grammar that you are employing in your article.
  • Bang on vocab: Try to use a rich vocab in order to avoid repetitiveness of the words, so that readers feel engaged & connected to the article.
  • Right niche: Pick only that niche mentioned in this write up where you have a strong hold.
  • Readability: Remember not to use highly advanced or technical terms, you might lose your reader. The tone of the content should be light and generic so that it appeals to even a common person who is not so much into reading.
  • Word limit: Be ready to touch at least 1000 words and if you want to go beyond that, then that’s totally your wish.
  • Add links: Do not forget to attach the links of quality websites or bibliographic references (of the topic) which you are using for reference purpose
  • Subheadings: Proper titles and subheading are a must as it gives a better picture of how the content is structured. Tags like H1 and H2 are essential to include.
  • Plagiarism check: The content should be purely cooked out of your mind, nothing should be copy pasted from any source.
    • (Hint: before submitting you can check the free plag software to check out the authenticity of your write up.)
  • Complimentary Add Ons: You can attach pictures & images to compliment your article and make it more understandable.
  • Author: You can share a personal photo and a very short biodata so that other readers can get to know about you in brief.
  • Approval time: The top authors selected will be intimidated through a mail in 1-2 business days.
  • Revision: Once an article is finally published on our website, no revisions are entertained. Only if it is very important, we can think of correcting it.
  • Outline of content: Outline the content and give a proper small brief about it.
  • Compliance: The article should comply with all the guidelines mentioned and should not include any sort of promotional or CBD content.

Shades of writing that we are looking for

There are so many niches for which we are searching for fresh rich articles full of knowledge and uniqueness. Choose your expertise and put on the thinking cap and get started. Here is a list of all the writing topics:

  • Technology Write For Us
  • Business Write For Us
  • Health Write For Us
  • Digital Marketing Write For Us
  • Tech Write For Us
  • Technology Write For Us Guest Post
  • Education Write For Us
  • Fashion Write For Us
  • Finance Write For Us
  • Lifestyle Write For Us
  • SEO Write For Us
  • Travel Write For Us

Technology Write For Us

If you are a guy who does not leave any news revolving around current technologies, then you can showcase your knowledge and skills by choosing any of your favorite technology topics. You have to finally submit your article at Technology Write For Us

  • Use easy to understand language and avoid framing complicated sentences.
  • User manuals and software installation guides should pan out the stepwise protocol for the users.
  • Keep your focus on your target audience and frame such content that speaks to them directly.
  • Always validate the information you are adding. Since the guide is meant to resolve common issues for the users, you shall make sure the details you are giving them are absolutely genuine. 
  • Proofread your content thoroughly and check the flow, aim, and word limit of your write-up carefully.

Business Write For Us

All the business readers and writers, get ready with all your business protips, business plans & strategies, stories of various successful startups. Not only will your article give a fresh perspective to readers but will also help people to reach out to a better solution. you think that you are a know-it-all person in the world of business, then submit your post at Business Write For Us

  • Stay focused on your topic and do not include unnecessary information. Precision is the main driver of a successful business article/blog.
  • Validate your data. In most cases, you will be using facts and figures when talking about business trends. Hence, make sure this factual data is correct.
  • Use fresh metaphors and ditch the commonly used buzzwords.
  • Include relevant examples wherever necessary to make it more catchy and understandable to the users.

Health Write For Us

In the recent wake of the ongoing pandemic situation and the lifestyle that we are dwelled into, everyone is now getting aware of the importance of health in one’s life. This is one particular area where a good chunk of misconceptions is floating and people often end up getting scared.

So, if you believe that you can provide rich, insightful and credible knowledge to all the people related to the health sector, then you are most welcome to submit your post at Business Write For Us. Doctors, fitness experts & freaks, dieticians, nutritionists, health care bloggers, analysts or just an avid reader of health articles, don’t miss this chance.

  • Always create a layout before writing. You need to maintain the flow of your content in a way it starts by explaining the aim and ends by providing insight into the current and possible prospects of the study.
  • Your content should be target-oriented. Your writing would differ when writing for health professionals as compared to when you write for the patients and general audience. 
  • Use scientifically correct terminologies if using such words. 

Digital Marketing Write For Us

Digital Marketing is all about effective & efficient online marketing. If you have a knack for any of the areas like Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and many more such aspects, then you can exhibit your content writing skills at the Digital Marketing Write For Us platform.

  • Use eye-catching headlines and phrases to attract everyone’s attention.
  • Always do thorough research about the topic before you start writing.
  • Include facts and figures/ illustrations to make the content more interesting and engaging. 
  • Practice the SEO guidelines to increase your content’s visibility. 
  • Approach the audience directly in a unique manner.
  • Only use the keywords that are relevant to your content flow. Therefore, always avoid stuffing your content with numerous keywords that might disrupt the flow.

Lifestyle Write For Us

Lifestyle encompasses a humongous range of topics, few of the popular ones being Work Management, professional & personal life balance, fitness & health, stress management techniques, life lessons about Failures & Success. If you are a master at any Lifestyle topic, then grab your keyboard, write an article and send it to the Lifestyle Write For Us platform.

If you want to focus your attention on the fashion industry try to follow these tips that will make your content stand out from the rest –

  • Catchy headlines and minimal word usage is a must!
  • Use keywords that are relevant to the audience you are targeting for this beauty product. 
  • Focus on your marketing strategy around the beauty product. Here you can talk about the most essential features of the product that directly speak to the target audience’s pain points.
  • Create a positive atmosphere through your content. Beauty and fashion writing does not encourage individual-centric ideas or products. So, always find a general audience for your content.

Contribute Content On Travel Info

Can you give a travel toast to people’s minds with your fresh and great travel tour blogs? If yes, then you have definitely come to the right land! So, all the passionate travel bloggers or writers out there, grab this wonderful opportunity to write on Travel Write For Us platform and educate the people on local, hiking, food guides of worldwide destinations.

Mention the location and exact address of the places you are writing about to give a clear picture to the audience.

  • Use bullet points to segregate your content effectively.
  • Try to include the ‘must try’ places or food items to make the content more engaging.
  • Give reasons for why the readers must visit such places? What is so special about this place?
  • Don’t forget to talk about the travel routes and means of transportation to reach the location.
  • Give an idea of the budget to the readers before they plan a trip to the place you have suggested. 

Education Write For Us

It is very rightly said that education is the key to empowerment. With the growing concern over education, now more and more people are surfing about different educational stuff to know more and that’s where you come into the picture. If you have a flair for writing and are proficient with any of the educational topics (Career, Study Abroad, colleges, Courses etc), you can actually help a person in making the right choice. So, submit your post now at the Education Write For Us platform.

Fashion Write For Us

“Fashion” – even a 5-6-year-old kid knows the meaning of this term and how trendy fashion is in the new gen world. If you have that fashion bug inside you and then its time to give a swish to your pen and paper. You can choose any topic, for example: Fashion events, Fashion trends, Sustainable Fashion and the list goes on. Submit your post at Fashion Write For Us

Finance Write For Us

Nowadays people are trying out their hands in investments as well. And finance is one domain where only an expert about this field can write relevant articles that too in a simplified and generic manner so that even a layman can understand. if you hold any expertise in Life/Health/Auto Insurance, investment, trading, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, money savings and any other. You can go to Finance Write For Us and submit your article here.

SEO Write For Us

There is a long list of SEO types which are extensively used in upgrading the marketing strategies by inviting more and more audience to the desired websites. If you hold extraordinary command over SEO tactics, methods, tools & techniques and actually help in improving the SERPS rank, then get down with your keyboard and share an article on the SEO Write For Us platform.

If you think that you any of the above listed niche is your forte, then do not miss out this wonderful and global chance by Write For Us by sending out your article at this address –

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