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Kindle Support

Welcome readers! This write up is going to talk volumes about the amazing Kindle support service so that you make your e-reading experience like never before. So, before getting started with it, let’s quickly take a look about what exactly Amazon Kindle is and how it functions!? 

What is kindle?

Kindle is a portable device which is wireless and used quite popularly for reading books online. Kindle is produced by a very famous American company called Amazon. The very first kindle was produced in the year 2007. As the time passed, The Amazon company’s Kindle has made its space in the heart of multiple users which has resulted in making kindle the most renowned and celebrated e-reading platform. And hence it is estimated that kindle is constituting nearly two third of the whole market of electronic books. The success of Kindle is also attributed to its powerful backing up, that is Kindle support (

Features of Kindle

Well, now it’s time to take a quick look at some of the characteristic features of Kindle:

  • The display technology which is used in kindle is known as electronic paper, which helps in producing a very sharp screen image which quite resonates with the text which is printed on the paper.
  • If we talk about the size of the trade paperback book, it is roughly 6 inches or 15.2 cm and the screen is monochromatic.
  • The amount of storage of books in kindle is even more than 200 e-books and new materials from Amazon can also be loaded additionally just by using a wireless connection (which is free but this can only be done in the United States). 
  • The kindle also provides a web browser for Americans which lets them access the Internet. 
  • Astounding amazon kindle support service (

More about Amazon Kindle Support

Though Kindle is not the first one to be an e-reader, some other companies, one of them being the Sony Corporation of Japan had previously marketed and produced their very own e-readers before Amazon kindle. But the quality that differentiated the Kindle was its in Distributing titles. Along with the huge collection of ebooks, kindle also has a huge collection of different types of newspapers and magazines as well which you can read. A programme which is run by the Amazon Kindle allows the publishers to upload their own content on the Kindle store directly. The wireless capability of the device will allow users to read the material at any given point of time. 

When Kindle was first introduced, its introduction met with a little scepticism. Many doubts which were raised over. As soon as Amazon made the product go on sale, sold out its whole inventory of the devices. A relatively slimmer reader which had more capacity known as the Kindle 2 was released by Amazon in 2009. This reader had many qualities such as a crisper and sharper display along with a long battery life and also a little joystick controller and above that it can also convert the speech into text.

In the same year in May 2009, a larger reader was introduced by Amazon known as the Kindle DX which had a screen display of 9.7 inches or 24.6 cm and it was priced at $489 initially. This reader included a storage capacity of four gigabytes along with a support system for Adobe’s System Incorporated’s pdf format. This particular feature is very useful if you want to replicate any textbook or some newspaper which has any sort of elements which are graphic. In July 2010 it was announced by Amazon that it will be cutting the price of the entry level Kindle which later offered a lighter and smaller case than the predecessors and the battery life will also be better with a faster rate of refreshing the page. 

In May 2011 it was announced by that the e-books of kindle are outselling all the printed books. That same year was the introduction of the Kindle Touch, which had a touchscreen. The following year the Kindle Paperwhite was released by Amazon which was the first ever model which had a screen which was illuminated. 

Some common problems Lead to Contact Kindle Support

As we all know there are some or the other technical problems with all kinds of devices or software, so Amazon Kindle also has the chance to suffer from quite a few problems even if you are precariously handling or using your device wisely. So before you call the Kindle support number in order to be assisted, you can solve these problems at your own level by just going through the following written guide. Don’t worry, if you are not able to tackle the problem, you are backed by the strong amazon kindle support.

Fast drainage of the battery

Hundreds of users using the Kindle Fire have made a complaint that their device ran out of battery very abruptly and Amazon also concerns about the efficiency and battery life of kindle making this a very big problem. 

Solution: The first step that you should take is to restart your device and this can be done by simply pressing your power button of the device for around forty seconds. This solution usually solves your problem and it is not also very time consuming!

You can try deinstalling some apps from your device which play a big role in reducing the battery of your device and if this does not work then you can also perform the factory reset. 

And if you do not want these problems to occur in your device then you should take care of your device beforehand for example, what you can do is whenever you are done working with your kindle device and you do not need it then you should keep the power off at that instant. And if you are unable to do any of these steps, then the least thing you can do is switching to the low power mode or the battery saver mode on your kindle device. 

Note: If your problem is still not resolved, you can contact the Kindle support phone number. 

Wi-Fi connectivity issue in Kindle

There may be some problem that you cannot connect your Kindle device to a Wi-Fi network and thus may have many reasons behind it. This may be irritating that you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi and browse through the internet. Don’t worry, here is the solution 

Solution: there can be multiple reasons behind the problem of your device not getting connected to a Wi-Fi network. The first thing that you should check in your device is that it should not be in the airplane mode so you should keep that off unless it will not connect to any Wi-Fi network. If airplane mode is not the case here, then there may be authenticity issues such as you may be entering the wrong password of the Wi-Fi network you are wishing to connect with so you need to check the same. 

If still the problem is not resolved, then you should check if you are inside the range of your router or not. You can also try going closer to your router to check the range. There are some chances that the problem is not in your Kindle device, it may be in your router itself. So in this case, you need to check if your router is getting connected to other electronic devices or not.

If all of this didn’t work in your favour then the last thing that you can do is restart both of the devices that are your router and the Kindle device both. In most of the cases this method will work magical even after trying other methods and failing. 

One more thing that you need to check is the version of your Kindle device, it should be the latest updated version. If your version is not the latest one, then you can seek the support of Amazon Kindle support number and get it updated else you might be facing other problems in your Kindle device as well. 

Freezing of the Kindle device

This problem is the most threatening for the user but you need to keep your calm in this situation. In case you have been using your Kindle device for a long time and do not give it proper rest, then your device may give you this kind of problem. Your Kindle might freeze while you are reading a book or surfing through the browser. There can also be a case where it freezes at your home screen and then you will not be able to open or tap any other icons on your screen. Although you are not the first person who is experiencing this problem because this is the most common of all with kindle and yet it frustrates us the most. So before calling the amazon kindle support phone number, just follow these steps: 

Solution: You gotta restart your Kindle device and for doing so you need to push the power button of your device for nearly twenty seconds and the reboot will happen. Although these kinds of tricks usually work, if it is not helping then you can perform the factory reset. 

And if the problem still persists you may immediately connect to the Amazon Kindle Support Number. But before doing a reset make sure to keep the backup ready. 

Kindle Update error

Kindle gets hanged while you are trying to update the system. This can actually be troublesome to do alone. There the comes for your help and is gonna take you throughout the entire troubleshooting part.

Solution: You simply have to send an email or dial amazon kindle support/ kindle support number stating your issue. Trust me, you will get the best possible fix!

Kindle fire update issue

Amazon Kindle fire gets regular kindle software upgrades on a regular basis. When associated with wifi, then it automatically installs the recent software/firmware upgrades. There can be quite many different errors related to this issue like not working correctly, failing to update and kindle registration internal error.

Solution: You have to start with the manual update. Navigate to the Settings and hit on Update to upgrade it. Now, by chance the manual upgradation fails to work in your favour, then feel free to contact the amazon kindle fire tech support phone number (www kindle com support)

Kindle firmware upgrade

Well, upgrading is a part of all the technical device’s life. The technology just keeps on getting better and better. Pretty much, Kindle works the same. So, for now the latest software version in current use is 5.11.1 for the recent Kindle Paperwhite 4 and for the new one. 

Solution: You surely have to get rid of your old firmware. The entire update part won’t be happening automatically. Rather you gotta do it by installing it through a USB. Still if you are not able to crack it, access the Amazon kindle support (

Where To Find Kindle support number

You can anytime contact the Kindle support number mentioned in the official website (www kindle com support). This number is the service line meant for customers. For any kind of technical glitch, you can contact the Kindle Support Phone Number. If you are not a phone person and do not want to contact this, then you can also go to the Amazon website or application. there navigate to the “help” section. Here you can send the team an email for your problem and you will be assisted. 

Conclusion on contact

We hope this article proves of great significance with respect to the Kindle issues that you are facing. Still if any workaround doesn’t work in your favour, feel absolutely free to contact the Kindle support phone number, because there is a complete team dedicated for handling only your queries. So, don’t miss out on their quality service!

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