How To Reset Aol Password

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Purpose behind change/reset AOL password

  1. In order to increase the secureness level of your AOL password, it is recommended that you should alter your password key in a period of 3-6 months.
  2. Many times, you tend to forget to logout from your account on a public or shared PC like the ones which are installed in libraries, cyber cafes etc. Now this leaves your AOL mail account vulnerable.
  3. Disremembering the password is one of the common troubles that everyone witnesses, now to gain back the access to your AOL mail account you will make a new password.
  4. Hacking is not a new term for us. If your AOL account gets hacked by someone, you will have to immediately change the password to regain control over your AOL account.

How to reset AOL password

Quickly take a look at the given steps below if you want to reset your AOL password through web browser: 

  1. Launch the AOL mail sign-in page by typing this link in the address bar of your favourite updated browser.
start aol password reset
  1. Fill in your AOL username, hit sign in.
  2. Snap the ‘I forgot my password ‘option to begin the process of recovering your AOL password key.
access email to aol password reset
  1. There will be three modes of recovery option on the AOL page. You have to select the desired option:
choose option to make aol password reset
  • ‘Recover via email address – if you pick this option, you will receive a recovery code on your preferred email ID. you have to enter this verification code in the field on the page.
  • Recover Via Phone Number – If you choose this option, you will get a recovery code on your registered mobile number.

Now you have to enter the verification code in the given space.

  • Recover Via Security Question – If you select this option, you have to fill in the exact answer that you did at the time of registration.
  1. Now you will be directed to create your new AOL password.
  2. Thereafter enter your new password once again to confirm and then snap on Save.

Congratulations, your AOL mail password is reset successfully. Just sign in to ensure if your new password is working or not.

Alter AOL Password Without Resetting or Recovering Option (using browser)

Sometimes even when you remember your password, it becomes important to change your Aol password on a regular basis as this keeps your AOL mail account safe and secure from hacking. You can effortlessly change your AOL mail account password without even recovering or resetting by following these steps:

  • Open the AOL mail login page by following this link .
  • Type the AOL Username and snap “Next”.
  • Now in the given text field, fill in your AOL password and press the “Sign in” button.
  • Move your cursor to the “Account Security” option present on the left panel page after you login.
  • Move to the section of How you sign in.
  • In the “Account Security” page pick the “Password Change” option.
  • Sign in again and finish the verification process to prove that you are human and not any software program.
  • In the New password space, type your unique and powerful password.
  • After AOL analyses the degree of difficulty or strength, proceed to continue the tab to save.
  • Lastly, just hit the “continue” button appearing on the success page.

Note: At the last you will have a recommendation step where you will have the option of adding recovery phone number or email ID, but it’s not a mandatory step, you can simply click the “Remind me later” option.

Different ways to change your AOL mail password on iOS devices

Changing your AOL password on your Apple gadgets through AOL app

If you have the AOL App installed, then changing your password will just take a few seconds. Get started by following these steps:

  • Open the App, go to mail>menu button.
  • Tap Settings & privacy option from the given menu.
  • A menu will pop up on the screen and choose Manage accounts.
  • Click Account Info, then move to Security settings.
  • Pick the option of Change password.
  • Enter a strong and unique AOL password and then hit continue.

Alter Password on Your iOS Device

You can now alter your password very smoothly through the below given series of steps.
{Disclaimer: before you get started with changing the password key on your device, you will have to ensure if the password has been changed using the official AOL site.}

  1. Tap on the “Settings” option of your apple device.
  2. Now pick up the option of “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” from the settings menu list.
  3. Select AOL and choose or type the AOL password.
  4. Push the “Password” option.
  5. Thereafter you will have to insert the exactly same new password that you created on the AOL official mail page.
  6. Snap the “Done” button to save all the changes that you have made so far.

Setting up a New Password on iPhone 8/iPhone 5

Follow the below mentioned quick series of steps to change your AOL password on your iPhone 8/iPhone 5:

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon on the homescreen of your device.
  2. Choose “Mail, Contact, and Calendars”.
  3. Search for your AOL email and hit “password”. Create a new AOL password.
  4. Select “done” and wait a little for it to get processed and updated.
  5. Once you have successfully created your new AOL password, make sure that you are able to sign in with your new one.

Alter Password on iPhone 7

Follow this simple series of steps to change your AOL password on your iPhone 7:

  1. Snap the “Settings” icon on the homepage of your device.
  2. Choose “Accounts & Passwords”.
  3. Pick the “Accounts” option and select your “AOL Account”.
  4. Thereafter, add the “Password”.
  5. Click on the “Outgoing Mail Server” settings and locate “Primary Service”
  6. Under the “Primary Server” settings, type “” followed by selecting “Password”.
  7. Finally, add the new password.

Tips for creating a good AOL password

These are some of the go-to points that you can consider while getting a new AOL password for yourself:

  1. Keep changing your AOL password in a gap of 3-6 months to avoid hacking issues.
  2. Obvious passwords such as date of birth, mobile number or common number key (123456) should be avoided 
  3. But do remember that password should be strong yet simple.
  4. The password should comprise of at least 8 letters and special characters can also be used if you enhance the level of difficulty in your AOL password. 
  5. Even if you choose a password of higher difficulty then you can safely note it down somewhere.

Frequently asked questions About Aol Password Reset

1. Why does my iPhone keep asking for my AOL password?

The answer is simple-you are facing network issues. Resetting the settings of your network is the only solution for this. Go to the “Settings”, pick “General” and push “Reset”. From now on, your iPad/iPhone or whatever apple device you are operating will never ask for your AOL password.

2. How to change my AOL email password on Android?

First you have to alter the password on the site using the official AOL page. Once you are done with creating your new password, then you just have to simply add it to your Android gadget.

3. Why can’t I change my AOL password?

Try clearing the long list of browsing data stocked in your web browser’s history and upgrade your browser according to the latest standards available.

4. How can I find my AOL username and password?

There is a “Sign-in Helper” page if at all your username and password of your AOL account is lost from your mind. Enter either your “Recovery Email Address”.  Or “Phone Number”. You will now get your username. And thereafter you can recover your AOL password through the “I Forgot My Password” option.

5. Why does my AOL password not work?

There are several possible reasons for this like non-updated browsers, account hacked, caps lock turned on, internet connectivity and other issues as well. So attempt fixing these problems and if still it doesn’t work, then resetting your password is the only resort left for you.

6. How do I reset my AOL password without resetting it?

You can follow the steps given above in the section under the heading of How to reset AOL password.

Hope this write up solves all your queries related to your aol password reset, still if you have any doubt which is not solvable through this, you can always contact the aol mail help which is particularly assigned to take up issues on Password Reset.

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