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This article is gonna walk you through the entire AOL Mail journey whether you are a current user of AOL Mail account or want to begin a fresh account. Aol mail help is always there for your tech assistance. So, let’s take a tour of this AOL mail help write-up.

Aol help site

Aol help site is no less than a wonder for AOL users. It’s designed in such a user-affable manner. In this part, you will get to know all about aol com help 

  • Just go to aol help site by going to this site – AOL Help
  • And the beautiful “How can we help you?” will pop up.
  • Just navigate down to the bottom part and go through the recommended topics to check out the troubleshooting steps.
  • The official Twitter aol help site that you can follow for getting major updates and for contacting the AOL experts is
  • The official Facebook aol help site that you can follow for getting major updates and for contacting the AOL experts is
  • You can opt for 24×7 Live Support to chat online in real-time with all the AOL experts. But this feature is available only for paid members. Just simply update to a paid AOL plan 

List Of Aol help number

Be it any organization, helpline numbers are a must. Below given is a list of all the helpline numbers bought straight from the aol mail help site. 

  • Signing up on AOL, contact this aol helpline number: 1-800-827-6364
  • Any kind of Account Support, contact this aol helpline number: 1-800-827-6364
  • Netscape ISP Account and Billing Support, contact this aol helpline number: 1-866-541-8233
  • Password reset issues, contact this aol helpline number: 1-800-827-6364 
  • Any kind of technical assistance (only for paid customers) contact this aol helpline number: 1-800-827-6364
  • Any service or customer care support, contact this aol helpline number: 1-866-885-5117

Requirements for Aol account

Aol com help provides you with the entire list of requirements to set up an AOL account.

  • Internet connection
  • Working device
  • Operating system that is compatible with AOL mail
  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Mac OS X and higher
  • Windows XP and higher
  • Android 4.4 or higher 
  • iOS 9.3 or higher

Create a new AOL account

Creating a fresh AOL email account is no less than a cakewalk. Just follow the simple tech recipe to get through: 

  • Open the main AOL page. 
  • Tap Login / Join showing in the upper right side.
  • Hit Sign up located at the bottom part of the screen.
  • Now, input and submit the asked details

Remember that your AOL userID is the special identity that provides you access to AOL premium services or Mail. For all the AOL email ID holders, your username is the initial part of the AOL email ID before the @ symbol. For non-AOL email ID holders, your username is the full email ID.

AOL help site forgot password

This section is all about AOL help site forgetting password. Resetting or altering your AOL password, both are given here:

  • Reset a forgotten password
  • Open the Sign-in Helper page by clicking on this – AOL.
  • Input one of the AOL account recovery elements listed.
  • Hit Continue.
  • Go through all the instructions listed in the Sign-in Helper.
  • Change your password

If you wish to change your AOL MAil password secure key, then simply follow the steps:

  • Launch the Account security page – AOL
  • Tap Change password.
  • Input a new unique password.
  • Hit Continue.

Delete your AOL username

All the AOL users get the feature to close the account whenever they wish to. Before you get on with deleting your AOL account,  you better make sure that you have canceled all the services, subscriptions, or associated usernames. So, there you go with all the necessary steps to start off with deleting your account permanently.

Essential tips before closing AOL account

Here are some essential points that you have to consider before starting the procedure of deleting your AOL account.

  • Each and every AOL username issued on an account has to be shut individually.
  • Once you have closed down all your primary usernames and additional usernames, you are eligible to shut your Primary usernames after a time duration of 30 days.
  • One of the most important points that you have to ensure is that you have no remaining balance and 
  • And it should pass over 90 days after you have canceled all your paid plans and active subscriptions. 
    Note: Check out your MyAccount page if you wish to cancel paid services that you are operating and pay the account balances.
  • In case a username shares a payment workaround with some other username on the very same account, then the username is left with no unique payment method. So, this user has to either ensure that the first one is closed, or an entirely different payment method has to be added before closing down the other one.
  • Close your account

Now that you have followed all the above instructions, you may proceed to delete your AOL account using these very simple steps:

  • You have to start by Signing into the official account termination page.
  •  Go through all the given instructions on “terminating your account”.
  • Now, keep on following all the on-screen guidelines appearing on the screen to proceed further.
  • After your AOL account is closed

You’ll obviously lose the authority over all of your info data and email folder content 

Recover your AOL Mail account

Don’t worry! If you experience a change of mind, You can get your AOL account get reactivated if you chose to sign in within 30 days of shutting it, with a much longer time period for accounts being operated in New Zealand, India, Australia, (90 days), and Brazil, Taiwan Hong Kong (180 days).

  • Using your same old AOL account credentials, sign in to your account.
  • Verify and confirm your recovery details and you’re all ready to use it back again.

AOL Mail Sign in issues

Given here are a set of problems along with solutions, so take a look, you might get the answer to your issue.

  • Disremember your username or password
  • Open the Sign-in Helper page by clicking on this – AOL
  • Enter your AOL username and get back access to your account by inputting your alternate email ID, recovery mobile number.
  • Make sure that you choose a new strong password.
  • If your browser remembers passwords, you can check your autofill settings to find your password
  • “Invalid Password” error

This error message means that the username and password combination you entered doesn’t match what we have on record. Consider the following:

  • Check caps lock/num lock keys – Make sure that you use these keys carefully and modulate the value of what you’re actually typing.
  • Upgrade the browser autofill settings – If your internet browser remembers password keys, you may require to upgrade your autofill settings after changing your password.
  • Try a different web browser – Try to go for a different browser, you’ll need to fix the issue in your preferred browser.
  • Password change – An unauthorized user might have broken in and alter your password. Use the Sign-in Helper to get back into your account and change your password. Review your AOL account settings to unsave the changes and keep your account safe.
  • “First time signing in here?” message

If you have signed in from a program, device or location which you have never used before, then insert a verification code that is sent to your recovery email ID or mobile phone to confirm whether it’s really you. If the recovery options appearing for your AOL account are expired or inaccessible, then you should attempt to sign up for a fresh AOL account 

  • Two-step verification is active but you’re not prompted to confirm your identity

You’ll be given a verification code at your first time you sign in from a browser, location or device that you haven’t utilized before. Once you are through with the verification step, you won’t be asked to insert a verification code again whenever you attempt to sign in from the same browser, location, or device.If you wish to deauthorize or remove any browser, location, or device, then you gotta open the recent activity page

AOL Mail Server settings

Let’s take a quick glimpse on how both the servers function so that you can opt for the best one.

POP downloads a carbon copy of your mails from your account to the AOL application. In simple words it means that if you clear an email from your AOL account once it has been downloaded, then the downloaded email copy safely stays in the app. Remember POP downloads all the emails from the personalized folders, If you want to download all your emails, then you’d have to shift your email from current folders to the Inbox.

But IMAP continuously links your AOL account and app so that you can access the email information from both the spots. This means that anything you do with messages or folders in your account at will also occur in the app (and vice versa).

You will have to fill in the POP3/IMAP settings under the account settings menu of email applications and software. While inputting your AOL account info, ensure that you fill in the full email ID, including “”, and the SSL encryption be active for both outgoing and incoming mail.

Below given is a brief table for the POP3 and IMAP server:

 Server type Server SettingsPort Settings
POP 3 Incoming AOL mail server (POP3)
 Outgoing AOL mail server (SMTP)


 Incoming AOL mail server (IMAP): 
 Outgoing AOL mail server (SMTP):


Ways to securely access AOL Mail

We know that you can have any device or app to access your AOL mail. But is that secure!? In this section, you will get to know a detailed method for all the most commonly used devices and apps.So, go for it:

Access mail through Apple iOS/ MacOS

  • Remove the AOL account from the Apple email.
  • Now re-add the AOL account on your phone device, 
  • Find the AOL provider icon to proceed to the secure sign in the way.

Access mail through Gmail App/Windows Mail

According to the May 2020 update, Gmail app doesn’t support the Oauth2 secure sign-in way for AOL accounts. So, all the AOL members will need to frame and employ a third-party app password key to sign-in safely.

Access mail through

Use an app password for initial sign in. 

  • Navigate to Settings located in the upper right section and pick Account Settings.
  • Choose View all Outlook Settings at the bottom part of the page.
  • Tap Mail and then go for Sync Mail.
  • Access mail through Outlook Desktop/ Outlook for Mac

According to the May 2020 update, Gmail app doesn’t support the Oauth2 secure sign-in way for AOL accounts. So, all the AOL members will need to frame and employ a third-party app password key to sign-in safely.

Access mail through Samsung Mail

Take off your AOL account and then again add it to the Samsung email app on the mobile device. 

  • Begin the Android Settings.
  • Hit Accounts and backup, then move to Accounts.
  • Remove the current email account and then re-add.
  • Snap the Add account and choose Email.
  • Move your cursor to the AOL logo to enable the secure sign-in way.

Access mail through Thunderbird

Take off your AOL account and then add it again on the Thunderbird email client.

1. Tap on Tools and go for Account Settings.
2. Pick your account from the list.
3. Go for Account Actions located at the bottom left section.
4. Hit Remove Account.
5. Choose Add Accounts and enter the email ID and password.

Final thoughts on how to find aol help site

To sum it up in simple words, this Aol mail help tech article should be a problem solver for all your queries regarding the AOL mail. Even if you get stuck at some place, aol mail help is always there for you!

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