Best Training Tips From MLB Players

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You will mostly focus on what is done in the game when training like an MLB player compared to other sports where conditioning is usually the main thing. The reason why they put more hours into playing instead of training is that they are not running miles during the game. Some baseball players don’t even exceed 100 yards during the game, so your focus during the training should be more on balance and strength.

These routines are great for those that don’t like to run, which is far more difficult than training in a gym. You can get exhausted much faster when doing cardio compared to weight lifting. You can even check the MLB picks today during your training pauses, considering how many pauses they make in a session.

MLB Players

Back To Basics

If you don’t have thousands of dollars for private trainers and equipment that you actually don’t even need, you should go back to basics which is a concrete wall. You might hear about monks that do a certain exercise thousands of times each day until they perfect it. The same goes for sports like baseball, where hitting and throwing the ball is the main thing where you have to be the best.

This is why only a brick wall can be so useful if you know what to do. First, stand at least 20 feet away from it and throw hard. 

When the ball bounces back, try to catch it like when you were playing as a kid. Even if it may seem like an easy thing to do, when you do it a couple of hundred times, every muscle in your body will be sore.

Another way to use any wall for good purpose is to place something that looks like a mark you need to hit with the ball. The distance you are throwing from should be the same as in the game to keep some consistency.

Simple Tricks

Coordination is one of the things that can mean the difference between a great player and the best player. Catching a long hit happens a couple of times per game, or it doesn’t even happen. 

But that one catch might be very valuable in a certain game, so you should always be prepared.

The best way to work on your coordination without any fancy equipment is to throw the ball straight up and try to catch it. Try throwing as hard as you can so you can mimic what could happen in a game.

Discipline and Consistency

When you are training to become a great baseball player, you will need to become the one with the bat. In order to do this, some professionals say you need to do at least 150 swings per day. This can be split into multiple sessions, usually ten per set. Watch a few tutorials on YouTube about being in a correct stance so you can work on it properly.

A great trick that will help you improve your upper body strength and coordination is to kneel on one leg and swing the bat to hit the ball in that position. It makes the exercise much harder, but that’s the whole point of improving. This will make you feel much better when you are in a comfortable stance during the game.

Stability and Flexibility

Professional baseball players can be fat, but most of them are flexible. They are always working on stability and flexibility because sometimes you must avoid the ball and your opponent to reach the base.

Besides using flexibility to reach the base, it can help you prevent injuries, especially if you stand in one spot for a while and need to make a sprint to the next base. Stability is important for your stance, which can increase your strength when hitting the ball. Lunges are the most simple but one of the best exercises you can do for stability.

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