How To Activate Venmo Debit Card

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how to activate venmo debit card

In this article, you will know how to activate Venmo debit cards and tonnes of other facets related to Venmo card. We know how easy and comfortable it is to do most of your things online rather than wait up in line and wait for your chance to do what you want. But here this write-up will provide a quick fix for it. Just stick to the article to know more about the same. 

Let us first know a few of the advantages or rather benefits that the VENMO debit card gives to its users. These benefits are listed below so do have a look.

  • Capital in your hand.
  • Keep an easy tab on all your activities related to the VENMO debit card. 
  • In the lost or stolen situation you can easily disable it with the help of a button. 
  • Add money to your VENMO debit card in a few easy clicks and enjoy.
  • Enjoy a NO TOUCH shopping service with a VENMO debit card in your hand. 

Now that we are done with the best benefits that the VENMO debit card provides. Let’s hop onto the first section of this article where you will be learning about getting a venmo card and venmo card activation.

Section 1: Getting A Venmo Debit Card:

Before proceeding with Venmo card activation, the below-given steps will teach you guys how to get the VENMO debit card. 

  • Unclose the application of VENMO payment on your device.
  • Grab the tab of the menu and then choose the card of VENMO from the menu of the dropdown.
  • Hit the option of GET THE VENMO CARD. 
  • Now all you have to do is pick the preferred color and then slide right or left to find out the color you want. 
  • Choose the colour you want and then hit the next option. 
  • Further you now have to fill in your first and last name as required and then touch the next button.
  • Now a screen will be displayed wherein you will be required to enter up your SSN and your birthdate to go ahead with the procedure.  
  • You now have to fill up your full preferred address and then pick the option which says NEXT. 
  • Furthermore, you have to hit the submit option to end the whole procedure. 

Now all you have to wait for is your card to be delivered which will at the maximum take 8 days. This is how you get your VENMO DEBIT card in a few easy steps. 

Stepping onto the next section of the write up where you will get a bit of new information. 

Section 2: Venmo Card Activation

Before getting to know how to activate a venmo debit card you need to know the basic thing to prepare for before starting the whole procedure.

Have your VENMO master debit card with you the whole time until the procedure is fully completed. 

  1. Unclose the application of VENMO PAYMENT on your device.
  2. Touch the tab of the menu which would be there at the extreme left top edge.
    Further you have to get a sight on the bottom of the screen so that you can find out the VENMO card choice.
  3. Touch it. 
  4. Then you will get a sight of an option named as ACTIVATE which you have to tap on.  
  5. Now after following the previous step you have to fill in the date of expiry of your desired card. 
  6. Further you have to fill up the number of your card as well as your CVV. 
  7. In this step, you have to now make the pin number of VENMO. 
  8. You need to make a 4-digit pin that you would be using and then retype to confirm it. 
  9. Now you have to wait for the notification to pop up that your “VENMO card is now activated”. 

And that is how you activate a venmo credit card. Follow up for more details related to your VENMO master debit card.

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Section 3: Replacing A Lost Or Stolen Venmo Card:

If your VENMO DEBIT card is lost or stolen then utilize the application to disable the card so that further it won’t be utilized by someone. 

You need to follow the steps given here so that you can secure your card and prevent it for someone else to use it.

  • Unclose the application of VENMO on your device. 
  • Touch the image of the card which is stolen or lost within the section of VENMO DEBIT CARD. 
  • Hit the deactivate option to do the needful for your card to be deactivated. 

And there it is: your stolen or lost card problem is settled. Navigate your way to the next part of this article and know more about the VENMO debit card services and steps to follow in case of getting stuck in problems.

Section 4: Adding Money To Your Venmo Debit Card:

The steps given below will make you aware of how to add up money to your VENMO DEBIT CARD, so just follow up: 

  • You first have to launch VENMO on your mobile device. 
  • Pick the option on the menu and choose the button MANAGE BALANCE. 
  • Hit the option of ADD MONEY and further fill up the amount you want to add onto your VENMO debit card. 
  • Pick the preferred bank and then for one more time you have to choose the option of ADD MONEY again and voila the whole procedure is complete. 

See in such easy 4 steps you have managed to add up money in your VENMO debit card just like that. 

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Here we are at the end of this article and we hope that you would have got every information you would want regarding the VENMO DEBIT CARD and how to activate the VENMO debit card. We wish you all the best for using this VENMO DEBIT card. Hope you activate the venmo card in the right manner. But if at any point of time you encounter any problem you can freely call up to our customer number which would be available for you all day and all night. 

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