Top 7 Reasons to Visit Goa in Dec

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If one is thinking about their next trip, Goa is among the most popular destinations in India, and people from all over the world travel and spend time there. There are numerous reasons to go to Goa that include the beautiful beaches, enchanting forts, stunning scenery, and its charming festivals, as well as fantastic food.

We frequently wonder about the destinations in Goa, why the city has seen a massive increase in tourism, and what kinds of activities can be enjoyed in Goa. We frequently wonder what we can eat, and what is the best place to celebrate the festival, as well as the most appropriate time to go to Goa. Goa is a beautiful area that is a must to visit any time of the year, and there are many places to visit and a variety of cuisine and places of culture that you can go to.

Numerous activities make Goa one of the top places to go, such as the water sports one can indulge in on the beach and a romantic family getaway. There are many beaches, and many of them are famous for specific things you can do there. A few renowned accommodation options and resorts allow tourists to assist them in discovering Goa, which includes its fauna and flora plants, parties, and plantations.

The following are some of the best reasons to visit Goa:

  1. Water Sports

Beaches may be found in many places across the world. However, very few of them offer water sports such as Goa, and the sports are offered to make Goa tour packages more interesting. The pleasant weather that is comfortable and active for nearly all year round, these beach activities fun.

There are many activities to enjoy, such as kitesurfing, surfing on waves, fishing tours, and even many films shot on the beaches in this region. There are a few tranquil, peaceful, and relaxing things to do like kayaking and backwater boat rides which can be enjoyed by the large crowd and are often enjoyed by those who are on honeymoons as well as family vacations.

  1. Portuguese Design

The architectural style of Goa is distinct from other areas in India because of the influence of the Portuguese in this area in comparison to the French as well as British influence throughout the subcontinent. Some places retain the essential Portuguese culture, such as St. Cathedral in Goa, the home of the Archbishop of Goa, the Church of St. Francis, and many others like these. The houses in the capital region are constructed with Portuguese-style architecture and must-visit for an enlightening change in the culture.

  1. Partying in Goa

The most loved part of the excursion for a trip to Goa is the ever-lasting nightlife appreciated. Goa is renowned for its nightlife. The party scene in Goa is unique to the city and has its special place in the lives of Goa’s residents and the rules for parties in Goa are pretty relaxed, and it is possible to party until the early hours of the morning. 

Many of these parties, including beach party cruise ship parties, beach parties, and even silent parties, ensure that those who visit are enjoying themselves the most regardless of evening or daytime.

  1. Goa Carnivals and Festivals

There are a variety of festivals celebrated in Goa, including religious and cultural celebrations. The Goa International Jazz Live performance, World Mouth Harp, Hilltop Festival, music on the mount, and others are among the most prominent festivals that should not be missed and that attract visitors from all over the world.

The festivals are the biggest festival in Asia and draw a large crowd of people attending it. Alongside these festivals, they also have Goa Carnival. Goa Carnival, which happens during February and sees all the residents of Goa are out in the streets.

  1. Exploring Wildlife

There are many exotic species of flowers, birds, and other animals so that you might enjoy looking for them and discovering them. The bird sanctuary in Charro in which more than 400 kinds of bird species are available, along with the possibility of locating rare animals such as pangolins, chitals, and elephants or guard within these wildlife reserves.

There are many more species of trees and wild creatures found among the trees of Goa. There are numerous options for trekking or wildlife safaris to choose from that offer adventure and a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  1. Food and drink in the kitchen

The cuisine in Goa offers a wide variety in terms of meals that comprise seafood, prawns and fish lobsters, and other spicy foods. The seafood in Goa is one of the finest as there are many options in the cuisine offered.

If tourists are visiting, it is recommended to explore the food and drinks of different places since each area in Goa offers its flavor. The drink in Goa is very affordable when compared with other states, which is why drinking wine and various exotic drinks at beaches or parties could be an unforgettable experience.

  1. Trekking

There are numerous trekking routes to explore the fauna and flora of the forest. Some stunning landscapes should not be missed by anyone anywhere else in the world. There are beautiful waterfalls worth the effort to travel to, such as the Dudhsagar falls, which is 310m high, and the forest surrounding it makes its slope waterfall attractive to gaze at.

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