5 Unique Bangkok Attractions That Every Traveller Should Experience

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The City of Angels is a very unique metropolis that is unlike any other on our beautiful planet, which is why Bangkok is one of the most visited capital cities. Foreigners love the city that never sleeps and if you are planning a visit anytime soon, here are a few unique attractions that most people do not know exist.


Dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River – Every major hotel that sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River owns a river cruise boat and at around 5 pm, the vessels, along with guests, start a 90-minute cruise up and down the river, taking in some breath-taking Buddhist temples such as Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn), which are bathed in spotlights. Enjoy a delicious buffet dinner with a fine selection of wines and there is usually a live Thai dancing performance.

Explore the canals in Minburi – Located in the northeast of Bangkok, Minburi has an amazing network of canals and for around 500 baht, a longtail boat will take you through some unexplored regions where foreigners have never seen. At the end of your holiday, book an affordable Bangkok airport hotel, which is only a short distance from Minburi, where you can spend a couple of days touring the local attractions before leaving for home.

Bangkok street art guided tour – Search online for a guided tour of the best street art Bangkok has to offer, and there is huge diversity and amazing talent on display. Areas the tour covers include Bang Kapi, Klong Toey, Huy Kwang and many others; enjoy a delicious lunch with your guide before saying goodbye and preparing for your afternoon.

Explore the Ghost Tower – Located on Sathorn Road, this huge complex was 80% complete in 1987 when the developer ran out of money and the structure has remained eerily as it was. Rumour has it that the tower is haunted as it was built on an ancient graveyard; if you are a bit on the squeamish side or have a fear of heights, perhaps this is not for you. Click here for reasons to visit Goa in December.

Papaya Vintage Shop – This is unlike any shop you have ever seen, or will see in the future; the first odd thing is that not all items are for sale, you have to take a photo of the item you wish to acquire and show to the storekeeper, who may say yes or no, if the item is for sale, you then have to negotiate a price. Located in Lad Phrao, the store is more like a museum and if you love shopping for nick knacks, this is the store for you.

Bangkok is a unique city that needs to be explored and if you leave the regular tourist routes and head into the suburbs, there are lots of surprises awaiting.

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