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People Can Fly and Square Enix have released the much-awaited action-packed RPG Outriders that come with a cooperative Drop-In-Drop-Out feature. The entire game is designed and set in the backdrop of the sci-fi universe. But this superb game is launched with some grave connectivity issues. The outrider’s internet connection error basically says “Could Not Connect to Outrider’s Servers”. And according to the reports, this error was usually prevalent in the Demo version of this game but even after its original launch, it’s still posing a problem for Playstation, Xbox, and PC players.

Before directly moving to the troubleshooting sections, it’s quite important to understand why exactly the outriders internet connection error is happening. SO here is a list of major possible culprits:

  • Outriders server connection error trouble: If you were playing the Outrider game smoothly, and suddenly you are encountering this message error on a frequent basis, then there must be a global game server problem. Simply have patience and wait for the developers to sort the issue.
  • Dangling wifi connection: If you are facing any kind of difficulty related to wifi network connectivity, then you should consider fixing it. 
  • NAT issues: If the router’s NAT king is set to the restrictive or strict mode, then you are bound to get Outriders connection errors. One can see this error generally in consoles and for this, you have to make sure the system is associated with the Outriders servers.
  • Non-permanent file trouble: Because of the temporary data piling up in your Playstation and Xbox consoles, it can harm your game files as well. And as a result, this erroneous message can arise locally.
  • Steam account not associated with Square Enix account: You might be unaware of the prerequisite point that Steam players have to sync or associate their Steam account with Square Enix account. Once the syncing is done, players have managed to get this issue sorted.
  • Unexpected game bugs: The trouble may be deep-rooted within your console or PC which gives rise to this error, especially when playing a new game.
  • Level 3 Node ISP Issue: A level 3 Node is affecting the exchange of data packets. The game server is denying the ISP connection with the PC because of this Level 3 Node. What you can do is to use a gaming VPN to eliminate this problem.

How to fix internet connection error outriders

Now let’s begin with the troubleshooting solutions. All the steps are given in a sequential manner, so make sure that you don’t skip any of them. One important instruction here is that if you are not aware what is the exact root cause that you are facing then follow the flow of the method as listed in the article because the order of the methods is set according to their difficulty level. Start from the simple one and then move to the other higher solutions 

If you have diagnosed the reason behind internet connection error outriders, then you can directly jump to the main method. Or else keep following all the ways one by one. Hope you get the desired solution in the beginning only and don’t have to try out all the methods.

Fix 1: Look for outriders server connection error

This method tops the chart as it is the simplest trick before you actually put your hands into the troubleshooting part. In case you are struggling with an outriders server connection error then just stop trying looking out for possible fixes. Because this is not something that you can sort from your end. You can check by visiting the official page of Outriders

  • To start with, open your default internet browser and type the official link in the address bar.
  • Open the drop-down menus of both Square Enix and Outriders Membership.
  • Now check whether the status page is showing any issues related to multiplayer functionality features or core elements.
  • You may also go for the DownDetector service to validate your experience if the other players are also reporting the same issue.

If you get satisfied that it is the outriders server connection error, then you can’t do anything except wait for the developer to rectify from their end. Also, you can check out the official Outrider’s Twitter page to get a possible update on the ongoing server glitch. But if are thorough that it’s not the server problem then head to the given troubleshooting ways written in this article.

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Fix 2: Go for a Wired Network

If you are employing a remote Wifi network and getting outriders internet connection errors, you should try opting for the wired access point. It has been stated that using a wired connection can make you get rid of multiple network glitches like out-of-range network, poor signal etc.

Fix 3: Reboot the router

Keep rebooting your router every once a week to ensure that it is running in a good condition and also to stay away from bugs. Also, keep upgrading the latest firmware of the router from time to time. You can get the required professional help from the ISP.

Fix 4: Changing NAT type to open

To know the status of the router’s NAT kind, you need to perform the upload and download speeds. Make sure your Nat type is set to open. 

Fix 5: Power cycle gaming device

If you are playing the game on your Xbox console or Playstation, then power cycling can be a good way for you to rectify the error without getting deep into the troubleshooting mechanism.

Xbox consoles

  • Firstly, make sure that your Xbox Series S / X or Xbox one is switched on and not running any game application on it.
  • Now, push and hold the power key located on the top of your console and hold it for 10 seconds until you hear the sound of fans turning off.
  • Once the console is entirely powered off, detach the power cord physically from the power socket and hold on for 60 seconds. (This step will also clear off the cached data)
  • Reconnect the cable wire into the outlet and begin your Xbox console as you do normally.
  • Now that you have done all the mentioned steps, start the Outriders again and check whether the operation is successful. 

PlayStation consoles

  • Your Playstation 4 or 5 console should be powered on and not running any game application on it.
  • Now, push and hold the power key located on your console and hold it for 5 seconds until you hear the sound of fans turning off.
  • Once you are sure that the console is switched off then dissociate the cable wire and wait for 60 seconds to allow the power capacitors to clear off the cache data successfully.
  • Re-associate the cable wire into the power outlet and boot or start your Xbox console normally as you do always.

Personal computer

Step 1: Hit the power button and select Restart.

Fix 6: Steam account not associated with Square Enix account

Go through the following stepwise instructions to link both your Steam account and Square Enix on PC:

  • Sign in to the steam account and link
  • Start your favorite default internet browser and go to the Square Enix account page.
  • the moment the official Square Enix account page loads, enter your sign-in credentials.
  • Tick the box that says I’m not a robot and hit the red color “Log In” tab.
  • Enter the Square Enix access details and finally log in. Hit the Account icon and tap Linked Accounts from the menu.
  • locate the Steam link icon on the screen that displays on your screen.
  • input the Steam username and password that you have registered and snap Link Account.
  • Register the Enix account and link
  • Start your favorite default internet browser and go to the Square Enix account page.
  • As soon as the official Square Enix account page loads, snap the blue color Register for a Square Enix Account.”
  • Now, fill in all the details like your country, preferred language and other personal info. Set up your Enix ID and password key.
  • Read and agree with all the Privacy policy terms and only then hit Next. 
  • Next, you will receive a confirmation code via mail. Copy-paste this Confirmation Code and click Confirm.
  • Now that your account is created, hit next and you will be taken to the login page.
  • Enter the Square Enix access details and finally log in. Hit the Account icon and tap Linked Accounts from the menu.
  • Locate the Steam link icon on the screen that displays on your screen.
  • Input the Steam username and password that you have registered and snap Link Account.

Now since both the accounts are linked, just check if the Could not connect to Outriders serverserror is gone or not. 

Fix 7: Delete Steam Cache

Many a time cookies and cache can get collected in Steam over a period of time, and as a result, sometimes outriders internet connection error Xbox pops up. Follow the given instructions to clear off the cache data:

  • Start Steam with proper admin rights.
  • Once the Steam opens, go over the Settings.
  • Snap Web Browser and then pick Delete Web Browser Cache.
  • Tap OK and hit Delete All Browser Cookies.
  • Now navigate to the Downloads tab, go over the Clear Download Cache. 
  • Finally hit OK.

Fix 8: Utilize Google DNS Address

You can try out to use the originally set Google DNS Address on your gaming gadget or network router. 

  • Move to the router or device’s Networking Settings and choose the DNS Address Set Up.
  • For Primary DNS, type and for Secondary DNS address. 
  • After you are done with the above steps, save the settings.
  • Rebegin the gaming gadget or router to save the changes made. 

Fix 9: Upgrade driver or firmware

Sometimes bugs arise simply because your system is not updated according to the latest standard. All the stability issues will also be sorted. PC users can focus on updating networking drivers as well to be on the safer side.

Fix 10: VPN software (PC)

If you are witnessing the internet connection error outriders on your PC system, it’s probably because a Level 3 node is facilitating packet loss and slowing things down. Now, to tackle this problem you should opt for a VPN service. The Virtual Private Networks works by directing the gadget’s internet access to the game server via a private server. 

Go for a sobber gaming VPN service, enable it and try once again to associate to the Outriders online servers. 

Fix 11: Contact the ISP

If no workaround is helping you, then you are left with one option that is to contact the Internet Service Provider to fix the IP Address issue or network connectivity. If there is any glitch pertaining to speed, then opt for an optical fiber connection. 

Final thoughts on outriders internet connection error

To sum it up, you can find the best of best solution hacks to rectify the outriders internet connection error Xbox. You will definitely be able to play your favorite Outriders game. If none of the workarounds works for you, you may contact your ISP or even seek some help from the Outriders platform.

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