How To Fix Roku TV Box Error Code 009

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Tv Streaming is like this gen’s most trending way of entertainment. Roku is an advertising streaming platform that provides its audience all the major streaming brands within one single view. Roku streaming gadgets are accessed by millions of people in Latin America, North America and in different parts of Europe. The trust of millions of users makes this the bestest TV streaming platform in the U.S.  Generally, Roku error code 009 is basically related to internet connection errors. This internet error arises when a Roku device is not able to gain access to the internet. But there can be other causes as well.

Here goes the generic overlying reasons behind the Roku Error Code 009:

  1. Inadequate Internet strength: Roku device needs a rapid internet signal strength so as to stream the content on the device. Upon bad internet connectivity, it encounters problems while accessing the databases.
  2. Inaccurate DNS Cache: The internet is disrupted while the connection setup is being done on the router. Incorrect DNS configuration cached by the router is the root cause of this. 
  3. Corrupted DNS cache: DNS cache is basically an electronic log which is stored inside the history collection of browsers and swiftly loads the website pages. But some time cache gets corrupted due to the online malware and stops the internet connection
  4. Long gap between device and router: A huge distance between streaming device and router will decrease internet connectivity.
  5. Poor Internet Connection: Roku device requires a fast internet connection to connect with streaming content. It frequently disconnects on slower internet connectivity while connecting with its database.
  6. Device Configuration: In most cases, the device faces an internal issue that prevents it from connecting to the server. The system software may cause internal issues. it leads to some functions being limited or unable to work after the system corruption.
  7. Wiggling cable: The physical connections like the cable, wire might not be firmly attached. So, make sure that no cable is twirled or loose so as to ensure regular electric supply.
  8. Sometimes the ISP might not have granted the permission to internet access, so in that situation you have to contact your Broadband connection provider to do the needful.

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Troubleshooting ways to fix Roku Error code 009 

Below given are the best 9 methods which will definitely assist you in solving your Error Code 009 On Roku. And you surely once again will be able to enjoy all your favourite entertainment channels on your streaming device:

Method 1: Power Cycling Device to fix Roku Box Error Code 009

Restarting the device always tops the chart when it comes to troubleshooting methods as it is the most convenient and easiest trick to do. Power cycling helps to clear off the cache data. And also, the DNS cache. Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Dissociate all the power cord from the socket and devices (Roku, TV, router.)
  2. Now, press the Power button and hold it for minimum 10 – 20 seconds.
  3. Put back or attach all the power cables back to their position. Make sure all joints are tight.
  4. Thereafter, switch on the electric supply and allow your device to turn on.

Just check one if the glitch that you were facing is sorted or not. If not, then move to the other methods listed below.

Method 2: Delete Roku Cache To Fix Roku Box Error Code 009

There is no point of keeping unnecessary corrupted cache data in your system, instead it will harm your device.

  1. Click the home button to go to the Roku home screen.
  2. Now follow this combination very carefully- Tap the Home button for 5 times + Up button + rewind button for 2 times + fast forward for 2 times.
  3. Thereafter your Roku device will delete all the device cache and again starts back in approximately 30 seconds.

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Method 3: Resetting Network Setting to fix Roku Box Error Code 009

Sometimes the Roku setting gets corrupted. It is possible to reset the network to solve the issue. However, resetting removes the network setting to default. Follow the instructions to reset network settings:

  1. Launch Roku home screen and then sign in to your Roku account using the access credentials.
  2. Move your cursor to the Settings and then pick System from the menu list.
  3. Choose System Restart and then tap on Network connection reset.
  4. Thereafter, the device begins the reset process. It will automatically restart during the process.
  5. After the device turns back ON, move to Settings and pick Network from the menu list.
  6. Tap the WIFI option and then snap “Setup a New Wifi Connection Option”.
  7. Locate the WiFi that you wish to connect to and next go for the “I am at home” option.
  8. Select the “Automatic” for all the further choices and then input the password key.
  9. Thereafter, check if the Tcl Roku Tv Error Code 009 has been solved or not.

Method 4: Check Network Connectivity to fix Roku Box Error Code 009

  1. Snap the Home button on the Roku remote and navigate to settings.
  2. Choose your network and then check the strength connection.

Just in case you find that your network is not that strong, then follow the below mentioned steps as given.

  • Put your wifi router to a higher place for signal quality improvement.
  • Decrease the distance between your router device and ROKU gadget, they should be in close proximity at least within 15metres.
  • Disable all the other remotely associated gadgets from the wifi. If many gadgets are connected to the same wifi, then internet speed will reduce.
  • Employ an ethernet cable to connect and improve the quality of internet speed & connectivity as when Roku and wifi router are associated wirelessly then there might be a chance that some electromagnetic object might be obstructing the signal flow.

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Method 5: Factory Reset to fix Error Code 009 On Roku

If you are witnessing any system firmware error or bug. Factory reset will resolve all the problems as it clears everything. But you always have a backup plan, you can store some fraction of your data by organising a backup. For this you have to import the required data from the device to some other gadget.

  • From the home screen of Roku, move to Settings and then choose System.
  • Now from the Advanced system settings pick Factory reset option.
  • Thereafter, the resetting process will start. Follow all the on-screen instructions to get done with the process.

Once the system finishes factory reset, you have to complete the setup. After that, check if the error occurs again.

Method 7: Associate Roku to different network to fix Error Code 009 On Roku

If you have discovered that your current internet service is down, then try to join your Roku to a different internet network which has good signal strength

Method 8: Contact ISP to fix Error Code 009 On Roku

If at all no method solved your Tcl Roku Tv Error Code 009. Then, there might be some problem with internet connectivity. You can contact your Internet Service Provider to sort out the internet problem that you are facing. They will definitely rectify the issue .

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Method 9: Contact Roku customer support to fix Error Code 009 On Roku

If everything is working in good condition, even your internet also. Then surely there is some bug bothering your Roku device which can be fixed only by a technician. So, contact the Roku support care by visiting this site –

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast is required to watch streaming contents?

Streaming contents in standard quality requires at least 1MBPS internet speed. However, this internet speed can go upto 5 to 10 MBPS bandwidth if you wish to stream in HD quality. If you have this much speed then you won’t see this message – Tcl Roku Tv Error Code 009

2. How do I fix it when my Roku remote is not working?

Remove the batteries of the Roku remote and then reinsert it once again. If this doesn’t work, then replace it with a new pair of batteries. Lastly you can try downloading the official Roku remote app in your mobile phone and remember to activate the Roku TV to use mobile apps

3. How do I fix it when my Roku won’t turn on?

Just check out all the cable connections and make sure their ends are firmly joined. Or else disconnect your Roku device completely and plug in to a different power source. 

Final Thoughts:

Hope this Roku article serves the purpose of solving all the queries revolving around Error Code 009 Roku Tv. All these fixes are fully tested and verified by the expert team. You can trust them with full faith. Once your glitch gets resolved, you can enjoy streaming your favourite digital content.

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