How To Fix Steam Error Code 105

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Steam is one of the top-notch drivers in the race of PC gaming. It’s no less than a storehouse of cool brilliant games. It has got a whooping 120 million active monthly gamers base. But that doesn’t mean it is devoid of issues. Do you receive the error codes such as Error Code 105 Steam, Error Code 102 Steam, Error Code 106, Steam Error Code 104 during your gaming time and tend to get irritated? This is the message which flashes when steam error code 102/104/105/106 appears on the screen:

“Unable to connect to the server. Server may be offline or you may not be connected to the internet.”

But internet connectivity is not the soul culprit, there can be other possible causes as well. Don’t worry, this article is a one stop solution to your error codes as it gives you the Top 10 best fixes. 

How To Fix Steam Error Code 105

You can now fix Steam Error Code 102, Steam Store Error Code 105, Steam Error Code 104, Error Code 106 Steam like a pro by following these suggested methods:

Steam Error Code 105 Fix 1: Restart your router

Restarting the router can solve the most complex of technical glitches, so it might solve your Error Code 105 Steam, Error Code 102 Steam, Error Code 106 Steam. The reason it’s on the first spot in the list is because it is the simplest solution. 

  • Detach the router cable from the power outlet.
  • Next, plug back the router cable into the socket after 5 minutes. 
  • Hold on for five minutes, and thereafter launch stream to check the error 105 status.

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Steam Error Code 105 Fix 2: Switch off ad blocker extensions

Steam Error Code 105 can also be due to adblock browser extensions. Below given are different procedures for different operating systems:

For Google Chrome

  • Hit the Customize Google Chrome button to switch off ad blockers in Chrome,
  • Click More tools > Extensions to open the tab in the shot directly below.
  • Toggle off all the ad blocker extensions by turning it to the right.

For Firefox users 

  • click Ctrl + Shift + A key combination. Thereafter locate Manage Extensions, and hit the Disable button for ad blocker.
  •                                                                   OR
  • Open the menu page of Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the Add-ons and themes present in the menu list.
  • Under the heading of Manage your extensions, view your ad-blocker.
  • Toggle off the button to the left side and it will be disabled.

Steam Error Code 105 Fix 3 : Delete browser’s history on Steam’s Software

Another confirmed resolution for Steam Error Code 105 is to clear off the browser data using the options of Steam’s Settings window.

  • Launch the Steam client software.
  • Select the Steam located at the top left corner of the software’s homescreen.
  • From the Steam menu, locate the Settings option.
  • Pick the Web Browser appearing in the Settings menu.
  • Snap the Delete Web Browser Cache button appearing in the window. Hit the OK button to proceed.
  • After that, press the Delete All Browser Cookies option. Tap the OK button to confirm.

Thereafter, shut down Steam to start it again.

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Steam Error Code 105 Fix 4: Change your DNS Address

Swapping your DNS address to Google DNS can also work out to fix Steam Error Code 105.

  • Launch the Run window by pressing the hotkeys (Windows icon + R key).
  • Enter ncpa.cpl in the search box of Run and snap the OK option.
  • Now, the Network Connections Control Panel home screen will pop up.
  • Right-tap on your network connection in the menu and pick Properties to start the window.
  • Tick the checkbox of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) on the Networking tab, and click the Properties button.
  • Choose the “Use the following DNS server addresses” button.
  • After following all the previous steps, enter in the Preferred DNS server box.
  • Input in the Alternate DNS server field and snap the OK button

Steam Error Code 105 Fix 5: Flush the DNS

There are some users who have said that they’ve fixed Error Code 105 Steam, Steam Error Code 102, Error code 106 Steam by flushing the DNS.

  • Launch the Run box by holding the Windows key + R hotkeys simultaneously.
  • This time, enter cmd in the text box and tap OK to run the Command Prompt.
  • Fill in all the following commands one after one in the Command Prompt box.
  • – ipconfig /flushdns  

Finally, open Steam again to check if the error has been solved.

Steam Error Code 105 Fix 6: Check Proxy Settings

Majority of the browsers employ the proxy settings that are pre-set on your PC. Every browser has its own settings page to modulate the proxy settings, but they automatically take all the information stored in the settings dialog of your OS.

  • In Windows

There are two methods by which the proxy settings can be viewed:

  • Windows 10 Settings App

This method is for Windows 10 users

  • Hit the Start button and then go to Settings.
  • Choose Network & Internet and tap on Proxy at the bottom left side

The proxy settings in Windows are divided into two setups:  Automatic and Manual proxy setup. In maximum cases, all the options should be turned Off. 

  • Control Panel

For all the users of previous editions of Windows (Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8), you can change the proxy settings through the Control Panel. Again a set of proxy details are already set as by default.

  • Launch your Control Panel and then quickly snap on Internet Options.
  • Proceed to the Connections tab and next go to LAN settings appearing in the bottom part of the Internet Properties dialogue box

– Fix Steam Error Code 105 In Mac OS X

Sometimes proxy settings can be the reason behind Steam Error Code 105 Mac. To all the Mac users with OS X, with the help of below given steps you can modulate the proxy settings. So, get started by following these steps: 

  • Launch System Preferences and tap on Network. Ensure that you select only your connected network connection. Because each and every network has a different set of proxy settings.
  • Hit the Advanced button appearing in the bottom of the window. 
  • Next, snap the Proxies tab and you can view all the different protocols for configuration.

For example, if you go for FTP Proxy, you’ll get to input the proxy server details such as port number, IP address, username & password.

Hopefully this will fix your Steam Error Code 105 Mac.

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Steam Error Code 105 Fix 7: Check the internet network

A wiggling internet connection can give rise to . Go to and next click on the Go button to look for the connection. If the results are bad then this is what is causing the bug. 

  • Once you troubleshoot your internet network, everything will be sorted.
  • Make sure that not many gadgets are connected to your network so as to ensure a good speed.
  • You can even opt for a mobile hotspot if your wifi access point is running slow.
  • Go for the wired connection if your device is remotely connected.

Steam Error Code 105 Fix 8: Resetting the network connection

Sometimes giving a tight reset to your existing internet connection can get you rid of the corrupt cache data errors. Here goes the steps:

  • Launch the Run box by holding the Windows key + R hotkeys simultaneously.
  • Enter cmd in the text box and tap OK to run the Command Prompt.
  • Fill in all the following commands one after one in the Command Prompt box.
  • – ipconfig /flushdns  
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • – ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • – netsh winsock reset
  • Wait for every command to be implemented accurately and close this command prompt box.

Finally, open Steam again to check if the error has been solved.

Steam Error Code 105 Fix 9: Install the Steam’s upgraded edition

Errors like Error Code -105 can be because of lack of upgrading to a recent version. Updating to the latest version of Steam will definitely resolve the issue if non-updated version is the root problem

By following the below mentioned steps, you can install the most recent Steam client version manually:

  • Launch your favourite web browser and type in the address box.
  • Hit the green Install Steam button and next the blue Install Steam button.
  • Allow the SteamSetup.exe download to get finished. Then start the program and go through the instructions.

After you are done with the installation of your latest version, re-launch Steam and check whether the error is gone. We hope you’re back to playing games again rather than trying to make them work. Let us know in the comments if you’ve found additional solutions to the 105-error code.

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Steam Error Code 105 Fix 10: Disable Anti-virus software

You use a firewall to protect your system from corrupted malwares or viruses trying to attack your system. But little do you know that this same firewall is defending your steam client software as well because it treats Steam Client as an outsider enemy. So, make sure that you switch off your Firewall whenever you are gaming on Steam Client.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Steam free to use?

From registering to installing the Steam client is entirely free and they are kind enough to give you free access to some of their games.

2. What kind of games can I find on Steam?

You can find any genre of the game you are searching for. It is loaded with an uncountable number of games.


Hope you will catch your desired problem and fix it by reading this article. All these methods are trusted and verified. Do give it a shot and you will definitely crack all your Error Code 102 Steam, Error Code 106 Steam, Error Code 105 Steam and Error Code 104 Steam. Get rid of the error bug and start GAMING!

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