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Allegiant Airlines, an American budget airline is at the 9th position in the list of United States of America’s biggest airlines. Launched in 1996 as West Jet Express, this airline has set the standards high of the airline arena with its impeccable travel experience. This airline headquartered in Las Vegas-Nevada, is founded by Jim Patterson (president), Mitch Allee (founder, CEO) and Dave Beadle (chief pilot). On today’s date, it is recognized worldwide and why won’t it be!? It flies to beyond 120 coolest destinations and offers classic air flight services at such an affordable price that you can even imagine. The top dream destinations include Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach and many more.

So all the travellers, pack your bags and hold on tightly to your seat with the seat belts put on. And yes, enjoy this trip with some delicious appetizers and snacks and their classy services. Get ready for the amazing flight experience with Allegiant airlines 

Ways To Make Allegiant Airlines Reservations 

Sometimes you tend not to make it to your flight because of some sudden unfavourable situations. Don’t worry, you can pick an alternate date for your flight or even cancel it via going to the nearest airport/ the mobile-friendly app/ Allegiant Airlines official user-friendly site.

1. Allegiant Airlines Reservations Online

To book your flight, you just have to go the traveller friendly website of Allegiant Airlines and do as the mentioned steps below: 

  • You can now easily book your ticket to your dream destination using the https://www.allegiantair.com/ website.
  • Now, a flight box will appear. You can pick any option either round trip or one way.
  • Enter all the flight related information such as Departure and destination airport, Departure and return date, number of travellers.
  • Next hit the search. It will take you to a page where all the available flights are shown.
  • Pick an Allegiant flight according to your convenience and press “book now”.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions and enter all the personal details as asked.
  • After thoroughly checking and agreeing to all the Allegiant policies, you can finally proceed to pay.

You can download the flight itinerary and also it will be mailed to your preferred ID which you entered

2. Allegiant Airlines Reservations Offline

Just in case if you are an old school type of person or if the Allegiant Air airport is located near your home, then you can directly reach the airport. Now, customers can make flight reservation amendments by going to the kiosk/booking centre of Allegiant Air. You will assuredly get the best assistance from the Allegiant Air committed staff representatives.

  • Go to the Allegiant airport and move straight to the ticket counter.
  • Fill in all the crucial information like destination, number of passengers, date of travel and class.
  • Pay the fare price and it’s all done.

3. Allegiant Airlines Reservations Number

If you have any doubts regarding the booking with allegiantair.com, you can contact the Allegiant Airlines reservations phone number: +(702) 505-8888. The customer care service is accessible for 24 hours a day and all the day of the week.

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Allegiant Airlines Cancellation policy 

Wondering what is Allegiant Airlines cancellation Fee and policy? Firstly, there are different policies and charges for every airline. So, if you have travelled from some other airline before and come for the first time to Allegiant Airlines, then you have to know the Allegiant Airlines cancellation policy. This particular section is very essential as it will definitely help you to plan your trip in a wiser manner.

Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy is continuously revised on a regular basis in order to enhance the passenger experience. This policy is very rigid, so make sure that you carefully read this:

  • Allegiant Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable ticket holders are allowed to cancel the tickets within the official permitted period that is within 24 hours of booking and also the Allegiant flight should be at least 7 days or more away. No cancellation fee will be charged if you meet both the conditions
  • If any traveller cancels the Allegiant Airlines flight within 7 days ,they won’t receive any kind of refund as the ticket price is charged as Allegiant Cancellation Fee.
  • While booking the flight if you have opted for the Trip Flex Protection plan, only then will the airline offer you a complete refund.
  • A ticketed passenger has the access to alter the flight reservation 7 days prior to the originally set flight departure.
  • The alternation of the ticket relies on the seats availability and $75 is charged for this alteration.
  • All the alternations for TripFlex ticket passengers strictly count on the seat’s availability.
  • No Show Fees: If at all you didn’t show up or were not able to board on the flight day, then no amount of money will be credited to your account. But Allegiant always thinks for its customers, it can revoke the cancellation fee if any emergency situation (Illness, death or theft of passports, etc) arises.

You can get your Allegiant airlines ticket cancelled using Mobile App,  Airport counter, website. 

Steps for Allegiant Airlines cancellation

By Allegiant air’s official website

  1. Go to the Allegiant Airlines official website.
  2. On the homepage, Hit the “Manage Travel” option appearing on the website display.
  3. Go for the booking that you wish to cancel.
  4. Snap the “Cancel Booking” option.
  5. Input the passenger details like your last name and confirmation number.
  6. Hit the continue option and then request for fare refunds.

By Allegiant air’s app

You can get your flight cancelled by downloading the Allegiant Airline app on your smartphone and quickly cancel the flight by the option available on the app.

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Allegiant Airlines Baggage policy

Baggage policy is a very important aspect when it comes to traveling. It’s a must to know about the baggage policy as you should be well aware about the do’s and don’ts so that you have a hurdle free flight trip. So, just check out all the policy conditions listed here to make avoid any sort of last moment confusions:

Allegiant Airlines baggage policy Do’s and don’ts

These are the crucial points that you need to keep in mind while you are travelling with Allegiant Airlines:

  • Pre-purchase up to 4 checked bags per ticket: The maximum limit for the checked bags is 18 kilos (40 pounds) and for size it is 203cm (H+W+L). Extra charge can be charged for the bags weighing beyond 40pounds or oversized (like sporting equipment)
  • One personal item for free: Yes, you heard it right. You can carry any of your personal belongings such as a backpack, briefcase or purse and keep it below your seat. Maximum dimensions allowed for the item is 7x15x16 inches.
  • One bag on one ticket: you can take one carry bag with you and fit it inside the overhead bin but make sure that the dimension falls in the size of 9x14x22 inches.
  • No electronic gadgets in checked-in baggage: Electronic items such as electronic cigarettes, batteries, cell-phones, laptops and e-watches etc should be kept inside the carry-on bag.
  • No firework things: Firework items are strictly prohibited in Allegiant Airlines. Medical devices like a stroller, walker can be taken in Allegiant Airlines at no cost.
  • No excess medication: You can keep even 70 ounces of medications inside your bag.

Allegiant Airlines baggage fees details are as follows- 

In this part, you will get to know about the Allegiant Airlines baggage fees:

  • If the ticketed customer is pre-booking the carry-on luggage, then an amount of 10 USD -75 USD will be charged.
  • If the ticketed customer is booking the carry-on luggage at the airport just at the time of flight, then an amount of 50 USD -75 USD will be charged.
  • Are You planning to take carry-on baggage with some offers online, you will have to pay 14 USD – 39 USD.
  • Around 18 USD- 50 USD will be charged for the first checked baggage, ranging about 40 lbs.
  • Again, approximately 18 USD- 50 USD will be charged for the second checked baggage
  • Around 75 USD will be charged for the third checked in baggage.
  • Just in case the checked-in baggage goes beyond the prescribed weight limit and ranges between 41-70 lbs, then you will be asked to pay above 50 USD, including its default fees. 
  • If the checked-in baggage that you are planning to take goes more than the set weight limit and ranges around 70-100 lbs, you will be asked to pay above 75 USD for it, including its originally set fees.
  • Around 50 USD – 75 USD (total) will be charged as fees for your oversized carry-on luggage.
  • If at all your checked-in baggage is going beyond its dimensions and the set weight limit, you will be charged above 50 USD for it, plus its original fees (for the checked-in baggage).  

Pet Travel with Allegiant Airlines

No worries! Allegiant Airlines respects your love for pets and that’s why it has come up with the Pet travel conditions so that travellers can carry their beloved pets with themselves. Take a look:

  • Each passenger can carry just one pet carrier.
  • During landing and take-off, all carriers must be kept safely on the floor of aircraft.
  • Travellers will be required to pay a fee of $50.00 per carrier and this fee is non-refundable.
  • Whichever pet you are having should have a minimum age of 8 week.
  • Pet must be healthy, well-cleaned, odor free and no signs of physical distress should be there.
  • Pets must remain completely in the carrier at the airport terminal and on board the aircraft. Disobeying this rule, the pet may be denied future travel on Allegiant flights.
  • The pet should comfortably be able to sit or walk inside the carrier space and should not protrude or come out from the carrier.
  • Passengers traveling with pets must check-in one hour before the scheduled flight take-off and In order to ensure that pets & pet carriers are in compliance with the set rules and conditions, it is recommended that passengers with pets should always check in at least one hour before the flight take off.
  • Any traveller found violating the above set norms will be disallowed to board the allegiant flights. 

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Allegiant Airlines Check-in

Even if you are a first time flight traveller you must be knowing how significant the boarding pass is. You need to check in at least 45 minutes before to catch the flight. So, let’s quickly get on how to get your boarding pass:

1. By Website 

You can get access to your boarding pass through a web check via Allegiant airline’s website.

2. By Allegiant mobile app

Quickly download the Allegiant mobile app on your smartphone and get the e- boarding pass on your phone. This is the coolest way you can have the pass.

3. By airport person

If you are not a tech person like things in the old-style way, then you can get your boarding pass printed at the airport. But remember, the agent will charge you $5 on every boarding pass

Allegiant Airlines Change Flight Policy

You will get to know all the details that you should know regarding Allegiant Airlines Change Flight Policy

  • According to the Allegiant Air flight change policy, customers/passengers will not get any future travel credit in their account if they raise the flight change request within 7 days of the originally scheduled departure.
  • Just in case you have bought a TripFlex fare during your flight reservation then, you can alter your flight reservations even 3 days before your plane departure.
  • One more additional feature to all the TripFlex fare holders is that you don’t have to give any kind of penalty or change fee.
  • A ticketed passenger has the access to alter the flight reservation 7 days prior to the originally set flight departure.

Steps for Allegiant Airlines Change Flight

The easiest and most effortless way to apply for a request for amendments in flight is through the Allegiant Air mobile app or official website. Even if you are visiting the app or website for the first time, you can easily navigate to the desired section step by step through the below mentioned 3 different procedures:

By Allegiant air’s official website

  1. Firstly, go to Allegiant air’s official website by typing https://www.allegiantair.com/ in the search bar of your favourite web browser.
  2. Next, login to Allegiant Air account by inputting the ticketed passenger’s details, that is confirmation code and name.
  3. Go to the “Manage Travel” option and tap it.
  4. Pick up the flight that you want to change and hit it.
  5. Then choose your new flight according to your preference.
  6. Follow all the on-screen instructions for finishing the process.
  7. If there is any flight change fee valid and the flight fare difference between the new & old flight if applicable.
  8. At the end, you will receive the new flight ticket confirmation via phone or mail.

Flight Cancellation By Allegiant air’s phone number

Call the allegiant air flight phone number +1-844-673-0381 if you want to make any amendments or change in your flight booking. All the travellers can get the dedicated support from the staff members.

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By Allegiant air’s application

You can change the Allegiant Airline flight through the Allegiant Airlines application. 

What can you do with Allegiant Airlines Manage Booking Service?

Allegiant Airlines manage booking service gives all the ticketed passengers to make modulations on Allegiant bookings according to their wish and convenience. Below given is a list of all the features that the customers can avail through a few clicks from your gadget, that too sitting at your cosy place. Let’s quickly take a look:

  • Remove or add passengers
  • Change name of the traveller (with supporting documentation)
  • Amendments in booking
  • Cancellation of booking
  • Upgradation of class
  • Flight change
  • Online Check-in
  • Additional baggage
  • Addition of special meal or any other amenity
  • Special services for pregnant ladies, physically challenged, wheelchair assistance etc.

Allegiant Airlines Customer Service

You can check all the contact details at this page – https://www.allegiantair.com/contactus.

Allegiant Airlines Customer service number (for Reservations): +1-202-684-3533 or +1 702-505-8888 

Allegiant Airlines Customer service number (for Flight change): +1-844-673-0381

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens When Allegiant Air Cancels a Flight?

Not every flight is cancelled by the passenger, sometimes its Allegiant Air who has to cancel their flights from their end due to some unavoidable circumstances. No worries, you will be entitled to.
– Travel coupons for your future air travel
– Complete refunds.
– A seat in the immediate next airplane to your location with no extra charges.
– As compensation you will be getting accommodation and free lip-smacking meals.
Note: you won’t be receiving any kind of compensation if the flight is cancelled or delayed due to some natural calamity.

2. How Often Do Allegiant Air Cancel Flights?

Allegiant Airlines don’t cancel their flights unless and until some issue comes up regarding the safety of customers.

3. Is Allegiant Air Safe?

Allegiant Air is absolutely safe and secure for the passengers to fly. There are no reports of any kind of fatal crash episode in Allegiant Air’s 24 years of service.

4. Why are Allegiant’s tickets so cheap?

Allegiant flight fly at very nominal price because of all the listed reasons:
low cost yet extremely durable configuration. 
it charges only for the seat or ticket 
Secondary cities airports have a lot less landing fees and 
all the other amenities like food, seat choice can be enjoyed by the passenger at free of cost.

5. How can I add or remove seats and bags from my itinerary?

If you wish to remove or add bags and seats from your itinerary, you can do it during the time of advance check-in just move to the allegiant.com and navigate to the ‘Manage Trip’ tab displaying on the page. Input all your itinerary details like confirmation number, first name and last name in the spaces and hit the ‘Continue.’ You can also change your seats and add bags during advance check-in (on the Allegiant website or the Allegiant mobile application).

6. How many days before a flight is the best price? (Allegiant)

Allegiant airlines provide you the best prices as compared to other airlines. Before booking your ticket, do check out the fare on the website. If you book 60-90 days prior, you can easily book your flight tickets to avail the bestest price; Allegiant airlines has its flight schedule set for 90 days so that you pick your ticket according to your preference and convenience in advance. If you can plan your trip in advance, then definitely grab this opportunity and get the cheapest fare price. Avoid last moment Reservation when you can do it early!

7. Does Allegiant Airlines offer military discounts?

Yes, Allegiant Airlines has some special discounts in order to show their love for the country’s military personnel. Below given are the special services that only military officials get:
– Military travelers can take2 checked-in luggage which can go upto 100 lbs that too for $0.
– Boarding pass printing at the airport at no cost.
– Military passengers can carry their beloved pet at 0 cost.
– Also, the family members associated with the military personnel can get some added special benefits.

Travellers, hope this article was no less than a flight attendant to you and serves all your queries. Have a safe and happy journey. Happy flying.

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