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Want to make changes on your planned trip? Then no more worries as the place in which you are is the correct place for you in this time. We, through this article, will try to clear all your concerns and complications related to the Flight Changes on Sun Country Airlines. The methods along with the Sun Country ticket change fee as mentioned in its policy will be illustrated in detail.

What is the Sun Country change flight policy:

Every Airline for the well being of its passengers and also for its own company establishes a set of rules which is termed as the Flight Change Policy. The same is followed by Sun Country Airlines. Depending on all sectors of the Airlines some terms and conditions are needed to be fulfilled.

The Sun Country flight change policy states that:

  • For any emergency circumstances if flyers wish to make Sun Country changes on their reservations, then the airlines might charge its passengers with the Sun Country flight change fee according to the policy of flight change.
  • In Sun Country Airlines one gets three changing periods for free.
  • The change fee of the Airlines will be solely as per the itinerary of the passenger.
  • No change fee is charged i.e changes are free only when the day of departure and the date on which reservations are made has a gap of at least seven days or more than that between the two.
  • On Sun Country same-day reservations flight changes, no change fee is charged from the passengers by the Airlines.
  • According to the Sun Country flight change policy, the change fee may be quite high on the tickets that are of a non-refundable type.

How to do Sun Country change reservation:

The methods on Sun country change flight can be executed by both Online and Offline mode.

One must thoroughly go through the steps whether online or offline.

  • Sun country ticket change via Online.
  • Sun country airlines ticket change via Offline Method.

How to change flight Sun Country through Online:

There are two options that can be performed in the Sun country change flight online method:

  1. Through the Sun Country Airlines website::- The steps that are to be followed for making the Sun Country airlines changes are discussed below:
  2. Visit the official website:- In the first step, one needs to visit the Sun Country official website from your preferred device
  3. Go to ‘Sign In’ page:- Next, fill in the required credentials such as the Username and the account Password to login into the account on Sun Country Airlines.
  4. Tap on ‘My Trip’ section:- Then, tap on the section on ‘My Trip’.
  5. Type the reservation code and the passenger name:- Now, one must type the code on the reservation which was given at the time of booking and the passenger’s name to look into the respective itinerary.
  6. Choose the trip on which you wish to make changes:- In this step, we need to choose the respective trip where we desire to make the changes.
  7. Hit the option on ‘Change Flight’:- Then, directly hit the option of ‘Change Flight’.
  8. Look for the desirable changes:- Here, look for the changes as per desirable and needed such as Sun Country seating changes, Sun Country name change etc.
  9. Click on the ‘Continue’ button:- Next, click the button on ‘Continue’ to proceed further.
  10. Make payment on the change fee:- In this step, we must look on if there is any Sun Country change flight fee applied to the changes made according to the policy.
  11. A Confirmation mail will be forwarded to the given ID that was registered:- Lastly, a mail on confirmation which will contain the new tickets, forwarded by the Airlines to your email ID or phone number that was registered at the time of booking.

Cange Flight Via the Sun Country Mobile App:

  • Step1: Download the app on your device:- At first, the official application of Sun Country Airlines should be downloaded either on the iTunes from App Store or on Android device from Google Play Store on the mobile device.
  • Step2: ‘Sign- In’ with the details required:- Next, fill the sign-in credentials to ‘Log In’ to the account.
  • Step3: Go to ‘Manage My Trip’ section:- Then, we must directly go to the section on ‘Manage My Trip’.
  • Step4: Enter the details of the passenger like the name and the booking code:- Now, to get into the respective bookings and reservations one needs to enter the passenger name and the code of booking.
  • Step5: Hit on ‘Change Flight’ option:- Next, hit the option on ‘Change Flight’ to proceed further.
  • Step6: Click on the section on ‘Sun Country Change Flight’:
  • In this step, click on ‘Sun Country Change Flight’ to make the desired modification and any changes as the flight terms and policy.
  • Step7: Tap on ‘Continue’ button:- Now, tap the button with ‘Continue’.
  • Step8: Pay the ‘Change Fee’ if applied:- In the next step, look into if there is any flight change fee and make the payment by the same mode as used at the time of booking. 
  • Step9: A confirmation mail will be received by you:- Lastly, the new e-ticket will be sent to you by the Airlines to your registered phone number or email address.

How to Sun country airlines change flight via Offline method:

The options available for the flight changes in Sun Country via Offline method has been described as follows:

a. Change Sun Country flight Using phone number:

The steps to obey for the flight change over the phone are as follows:

  1. Call the Sun Country Airlines toll-free phone number:- Firstly, directly call the phone number of Sun Country flight change to talk to the agent about the changes on the flight itinerary.
  2. Submit the booking details:- Next, submit all the details associated with the bookings so that the agent could find your bookings.
  3. Ask to make the desired changes:- Then, ask the agent to make the changes required on your planned trip keeping in mind on the Flight Change Policy.
  4. Make payment for the changes as the Sun Country flight change fee:- The agent may ask you to pay for the changes that are asked by you, on which you must make the payment to confirm.
  5. Ensure to get the confirmation code:– At last, you must ensure to get the new booking and reservation code by the Airlines as a sign of confirmation.

b. Through the Airlines ticket counter:

Visit the nearby airport:– One should visit to the nearby Airport and go to the Sun Country Airlines ticket counter.

Provide the faculty with the booking ticket and the Passport or ID:- Now, provide your booking pass and Passport to the team at the counter.

Make a request to bring about the changes in the bookings:- Then, talk to the staff to bring the changes on the flight as desired on your reservation.

Pay the fee for change:- Next, pay the change fee if there is any when asked by the staff.

Get the new reservation pass through the mail or phone:– At last, make sure to get the new pass on booking through mail or on the phone.

c. On KIOSK tower:

Here are the steps to perform for making any flight changes on KIOSK tower:

  • Go to the KIOSK tower situated nearby you.
  • Type the passenger name or username and the booking number.
  • Next, go thoroughly through the instructions displayed on the screen to move directly to the ‘My Trip’ tab.
  • Choose and confirm the required changes on the booked flight.
  • Pay the Sun Country flight change fee for the changes made.
  • At last, the new e-ticket shall be displayed on the screen which will get printed out immediately and given to you.

Sun Country Airlines change fee:

While performing on Sun Country change my flight there the Airlines may charge as the Sun Country change fee example: Sun Country change seats etc. It is to be noted that the change fee is counted on the number of days.

  • Sun Country airlines flight change fee for changes made between 14 days-59 days from the departure date: 50 USD.
  • Sun Country ticket change fee 13 days before the date of departure: 100 USD.
  • Change fee on the same day on the date of departure: 100 USD or more.

Note: Sometimes the Sun Country price change on the change flight fee by decreasing or increasing.

Sun Country same day flight change:

When flyers make Sun Country change reservation on the same day of departure of the flight then it is termed as the Same-day flight changes.

Passengers are allowed to make changes on their bookings prior to 3 hours from the flight departure period.

Some points to be noted for the Same day change flight:

  1. The number of routes and stops on the new booking must be equal to the flight booked originally.
  2. Sun Country Airlines must itself operate the newly booked flight.
  3. Even the airport where the flight will take its departure must be the same as the initially booked flight.

Thus, for any Same-day flight changes, it is mostly preferred to directly talk to the Customer care team as the changes made will be dependent on the availability of the tickets at that moment.

Sun Country airlines change fee waiver:

It is that sometimes Sun Country Airlines also offers a fee waive for its passengers depending on some conditions.

The conditions for Sun Country change fee waiver are such as:

  • Death of relatives.
  • Sun Country changed flight due to climatic conditions.
  • Military command.
  • Any prevailing epidemic like the Covid-19 and so on.

Hence, we hope this article will be helpful to you on the question such as ‘Can I change my Sun Country flight?’ etc. For any further guidance, it is considered to contact the Sun Country Customer team for assistance and solution on doubts if any which is available 24*7.

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