How To Fix Hp Printer Error 59.f0

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Hp is one of the leading global printer companies in the world which enjoys a massive customer base worldwide. And it’s all possible because of the flabbergasting services that the Hp printer offers. But that doesn’t not mean that it’s devoid of bugs. lets discuss why this Hp Printer Error 59.f0 occur and what are the possible methods to fix in 2022.

What is Hp Printer Error Code 59.f0?

If any of the below listed conditions occurs, then your printer would be suffering from Hp Printer Error Code 59.f0

59.f0 error
  • Non-functioning SR9 sensor
  • Failure of the fuser drive assembly
  • Malfunctioning of the transfer alienation where ITB gets stuck and disorientation of the internal transfer rollers occurs.

How To Fix Hp Printer Error 59.f0

Put a full stop to all your wonderings on how to fix Hp Printer Error 59.f0!?. These are the best possible troubleshooting methods to Fix Hp Printer Error 59.f0:

Way 1: Reset Your Printer

Resetting your Hp printer is the easiest of all the methods. That is why it is kept at the first spot. Start the steps:

  1. Start by resetting the Hp printer settings.
  2. Dissociate the surge protector if connected.
  3. If these steps don’t work for you, then move to the complex troubleshooting methods. But don’t worry, we have framed this write up in the most simplified language possible.

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Way 2: Reset the ITB

The checklist that you need to be sure about before putting your hands into this technical process. To fix the HP printer M477 error 59.F0, 

  • Check all the physical connections
  • Make sure you check if the DC Controller PCA and ITB are connected properly.
  • Check the ITB’s internal connection

You may now proceed to follow the below-listed steps to reset the ITB:

  1. Open the door panel of your Hp printer.
  2. Take up the blue levers and bring the transfer belt assembly downwardly towards you.
  3. You need to pull out the belt assembly until a set of 2 large handles pops free.
  4. Now, hold the large handles on the transfer belt assembly and continue to pull the transfer belt until it is completely removed.
  5. Next, insert the new belt in a reverse manner. (Remember not to touch the transfer belt’s surface during installing it. 
  6. Launch the “Control Panel” and hit the “Home” button to reset the “New Transfer Kit Setting”,
  7. Tap the “Administration” option, and select the “Manage Supplies” option from the list.
  8. Pick the “Rest Supplies” option and go for the “New Transfer Kit”.
  9. Finally, Highlight the “Yes” word via arrow keys and snap “Ok”.

Once the transfer belt is successfully changed, you can for a full calibration. It helps in modulating the drums, colour plane and the colour tones.


Way 3: Test the ITB

Verify the ITB & flag via the rotation of the ITB gear manually to resolve the HP printer error 59.F0. Check if any oscillation is happening during the rotation of the white ITB gear. If the gear and flag are functioning bang-on, then determine the SR9 sensor. Disclaimer: Sensor is located inside the ITB Cavity.

All the stepwise instructions are listed as given below:

  1. Start by rotating the “ITB” gear.
  2. Now, during the rotation of white gear, Check for any oscillation in the flag.
  3. If the “ITB” is functioning to its best, then check the “Sensor SR9” (fitted inside ITB cavity in the control panel)
  4. Hit the “Home” button and navigate to the “Diagnostics” menu through the arrow keys.
  5. Snap the “Ok” button.
  6. Next, pick the “Manual Sensor Test” option and tap “Ok”.
  7. Check the internal setting of ITB cavity and free the SR9 flag. when you click the flag make sure that you keep an eye on the display to view the sensor response. 

Note: It’s mandatory for the sensor to toggle between 0 and 1. If the toggle is not happening properly, then you have no other option except to get the sensor changed with the new SR9. If you report any flag damage, you might need to swap with the new “ITB”.Hopefully your Error 59.f0 Hp Printer will be resolved.

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Way 4: ITB Contact/Alienation Test

This test is basically run to check the status of fuser-drive assembly (Condition – Fuser Motor should be functioning good). Now start following the given steps:

  • Open the right-side door and pull out the transfer belt assembly.
  • Pull out the toner access door.
  • Now comes the Cyan cartridge removal part. Remove it safely.
  • Inside the little slot, put in a flat blade screwdriver while running the test.
  • Navigate to the Menu bar.
  • Choose Diagnostics with the help of the down arrow key and hit OK.
  • Pick Component Test by using the down arrow and snap OK.
  • Highlight ITB Contact/Alienation by down arrow and click OK.
  • During the rotation of the alienation drive, monitor the white gear.
  • Just in case you hear a pop sound while running this test, then that indicates your Fuser Drive Assembly is damaged.

Now, you need to swap your current fuser-drive assembly with a new one.Go for  a test print to check the status of the Error 59.f0 Hp Printer.

Way 5: Resetting the Fuser Assembly

Resetting the Fuser Assembly is among the easy solutions list to get rid of this error – . You need to reset the toner assembly and fuser by switching off the HP printer. Make sure that the surge protector is disconnected before getting started with this procedure.

Follow all these step-by-step instructions to carry out this method successfully. Let’s go then: 

  • Switch off your HP printer and take a pause for a few minutes.
  • Turn your printer ON.
  • Reinstall the fuser assembly in order to reset it.
  • In the sensor monitor, run the K sensor test to make sure that the primary transfer disengagement is working according to the standards. 
  • Perform the alienation drive. 

Do make sure that you go for a test print to determine the print quality. If the bug lies in Fusor assembly, then this Hp Printer M477 Error 59.f0 will surely be resolved.

Way 6: Run the nest test

Nest test is basically a fuser motor (M2) Component Test. Perform this test only when you are fully sure that the SR9 is functioning well. Follow all these steps:

  • Pull out the fuser motor.
  • Defeat the right door safety switch from the upper left area by inserting a folded piece of sheet in the upper left area to ditch the door safety switch.
  • Use masking tape to keep the position of the switch on the downward side to ditch the right door logic switch. 
  • Launch the Control Panel and click the home button.
  • Highlight Diagnostics menu by pressing down arrow and hit OK
  • Next, pick Fuser Motor and snap OK
  • While running the test, carefully monitor the fuser motor gear.
  • If the nest test fails, then it’s time to install a new motor.
  • Press OK to discontinue the diagnostic and then choose Exit diagnostic followed by clicking OK.

Way 7: Go for the HP Technical support

If all the above-mentioned ways don’t work in your favour and you are still not able to manage to print your document, then do as follows. This is the official HP contact page where multiple helpline numbers and email IDs are given. You can contact them to seek professional technical support to fix your irritating Error 59.f0 Hp Printer.

Reading this article will assuredly assist you in fixing the Hp Printer M477 Error 59.f0 error. Try to figure out the root cause using all the tests mentioned here and then start working on the solution. Hope you unlock the problem with the best solution that suits you and you once again start printing your documents again!

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