Is Web crawling Legal

Is Web crawling Legal?

There may not be a clear distinction of whether web crawling is legal or illegal based on the existing laws in different jurisdictions. But court rulings have offered guidance, which is pegged on the fact that web crawling involves public data. By definition, public data is any information that is not bound by any law …

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How to reset Xfinity Password

How to reset Xfinity Password

Xfinity is into almost all kinds of tech business. Yes, it put forth its best foot in the world of Entertainment, Mobile phones, Internet, Home management and Voice. It serves a very dedicated customer base of its services. Xfinity is no less than a revolution in the space of connectivity and entertainment. In this article …

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ps4 error su-42118-6

How To Fix ps4 error su-42118-6

Updates are always done for the upgradation of the features to the next level but sometimes it gives birth to non-software and software glitches also. Coming to ps4 error su-42118-6, it can occur due to any below listed reasons. PS4 hardware is suffering from serious malware.  Because of bad BD-ROM ribbon connection, console is not …

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Hp Printer Error 59.f0

How To Fix Hp Printer Error 59.f0

Hp is one of the leading global printer companies in the world which enjoys a massive customer base worldwide. And it’s all possible because of the flabbergasting services that the Hp printer offers. But that doesn’t not mean that it’s devoid of bugs. lets discuss why this Hp Printer Error 59.f0 occur and what are the …

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hulu error 95

How To Fix Hulu Error Code 95

Hulu is one of the evergreen platforms launched by none other than The Walt Disney Company. This is employed for subscription-based services – movies, free trial, TV shows. It is one of the undefeated streaming libraries containing whooping 2500 movies and beyond 40,000 episodes. Hulu has a global audience of more than 40 million Hulu …

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Fix Amazon cs11 error code

Fix Amazon CS11 error in the app

A person who loves to do digital shopping must know how reputed and popular Amazon is. According to reports, Amazon occupies a position in the top 10 online shopping players. Be it any item ,from electronic to clothes to what not. This user-friendly platform is one stop coolest platform for shopping from home. Understand Amazon …

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spectrum router red light

Fix Spectrum Router Red Light

In this digitally growing world, this goes without saying that the internet is of prime importance. There are plenty of companies in the field trying to satisfy our internet requirements. And one such company Charter Spectrum running over Us, it stands 2nd in the race of largest residential cable provider. It enjoys a great customer …

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Printer Is In Error State

Fix When Your printer in error state

Stuck with a message – “printer is in an error state” while printing some important documents? It’s not just you, almost every person who employs printers in a consistent manner must be aware of this message. Well, there can be literally many reasons behind it, sometimes you might be encountering a single problem or combination …

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How Do I Setup My Hp Printer

You can always call a technical person for this but what if you don’t find one. Everyone requires a thorough guide or setup guide from installing the essential printer driver from to setting up the printer on its own. Though a non-technical person can get tangled with all the steps and procedures of setting …

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Pirate Bay Proxy

List Of Pirate Bay Proxy Site

Over the course of the past few decades, Pirate Bay has emerged as one of the leading alternatives available within the spectrum of the internet. Making its own niche for enabling masses to get hold of knowledge that for way long has been either reserved for a restricted category or banned within specified geographical or geo-political spheres; the 2003 …

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